An Enhanced Experience – from us to you

We are a group of eight diverse women representing three countries (and many States), namely America, Canada and Australia. We represent a wide variety of shapes and sizes; wearing band sizes 26 through 38 and cup sizes F through N. We range in age from early 20s through late 40s. We all have different needs, wants and expectations in our bra and lingerie wardrobes, which brings our individual wealth of unique experiences to share, and that is what sets us apart from other lingerie blogs.

A little bit about us:
We met on an online breast augmentation forum, sharing our post-augmentation bra purchasing successes and failures. That’s right, we are all enhanced. Our reasons for having breast surgery are just as diverse as we are. We were a support group for each other, offering an encouraging word, advice and insight for one another through our bra ups and downs. Whether you are enhanced or not, considering implants or not, we hope you will find our blog to be an excellent resource for information on bra fitting, bra purchasing, bust friendly clothing and so much more. Thank you for taking the time to visit our blog! Please come back often and see what we are up to and working on. We will be doing reviews, features, interviews and more!

~ The Enhanced Experience Team

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