Review – Biu Biu Full Bust Clothing Helen Wrap Dress

Being  a dress size 2 in Canadian stores and wearing a size 30FF UK bra can occasionally cause some challenges in finding fitted dresses off the rack.  Generally, I am able to find clothes without any trouble but dresses do sometimes cause an issue with being too tight across the chest.

I had heard of the Polish bust-friendly clothing brand Biu Biu and was curious about it.  I have always loved wrap dresses and, since I had an upcoming occasion which required a new dress, I thought I’d give Biu Biu’s Helen wrap dress a try.

Biu Biu uses what I assume must be Polish sizing, with the dresses starting at a size 34 and going up to size 46 with bust options in sizes B/BB or BB/BBB.  The website does offer measurements and sizing explanations but I cheated and asked my co-blogger Baby who has experience with this brand for a recommendation  on sizing and she suggested that the 34BB would likely fit me well.

I went ahead and placed my order on-line without issue.  The pricing shown on the site is in British Pounds Sterling.  The dress cost was 26.33 GBP.  The European VAT tax of 23% was added, making for a gross price of 32.39 GBP.  Delivery  to U.S. or Canada is 5.33 GBP, for a grand total of 37.72 GBP which converted to $77.15 Canadian or $58.93 US for my American readers.

Exactly 15 days after my initial order was placed I heard a beep beep from my driveway and there was the postman with a registered parcel from Biu Biu for me!

I was pleased that there was no customs duty monies owing which can be a concern when you order outside of Canada.  A Return Sheet was enclosed for ease in returning, if need be.


My package was wrapped like a gift with a pretty pink and gold raffia bow.  A very nice touch.



My first look at the dress:



The dress is a stretchy jersey material and would be a forgiving fit for bust sizes larger than mine.  Here is a super close up of the fabric:


Let’s see how it looks on me:


I have my  Ewa Michalak S Malibu bra in size 65G (review to come) underneath:


I was very pleased with both the service and the product received by Biu Biu.  So much so that I went back to the website to take a look at the sale dresses.  I was intrigued by the description of the Cassis dress  which says, “…whether it gets wrinkled in the suitcase, or you just indulge in more pizza than usual, it will still look good…”, INDULGE IN MORE PIZZA AND STILL LOOK GOOD?  Sold!  Stay tuned for Cassis dress review to come in the weeks ahead.

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