Why every woman should own a Polish bra

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One day, as I was perusing bra albums of other members on the BA forum (secretly feeling very jealous that they seemed to be able to find bras that fit them when I couldn’t) I came across the album of Baby, one of my fellow bloggers.  My heart skipped a beat as I gazed at bra after gorgeous bra, each seemingly more beautiful than the last.  These were not like any bra that I had ever seen in that bra shop that I was used to going to, and then and there I was in love!  Each bra was so unique and delicate; with beautiful colors, fabrics and lace…I just knew I must have one…or two…or three!  As soon as I could tear my eyes away from Baby’s album, I quickly went online to look up where I could purchase one of these masterpieces.  Let me tell you, the first time you go onto a Polish lingerie site, it might be the single most intimidating thing you ever do!  Even the English sites have a lot of wording that is still in Polish; the names of the styles are completely confusing (what is an S style…PL…CHP…?), and not to mention that all of the prices are in Polish Zloty.  Had I not been so desperate to find a proper fitting bra, I probably would have stopped right then and there!  But I was a woman on a mission!  I went back to the forum and started reading every thread I could about these mystical Polish beauties.  I reached out to Baby and other members who seemed to have a handle on Polish bra fitting and purchasing, and studied up on the differences between Polish and UK bras and why they seem to work so well for girls with augmented boobs.  The main reasons why Polish bras are such a great fit for enhanced girls are their narrow wires that end perfectly at the end of your breast (rather than in your armpit), their deep cups that are perfect for projection, and their wide range of sizes which include small bands and large cups.

Once I felt I had a decent handle on this Polish bra thing, I was ready to place my first order.  Many girls order their bras through the select few lingerie retailers that carry Polish lingerie, but I was feeling brave and went directly to the source, the Ewa Michalak site.  After chatting with some of the girls on the forum about sizing, I found my best bet was to order size 70FF (I have fluffed more since then and about a cup size bigger now).  A 70 band is the same as a 32, which is still bigger than I need but after years of wearing a 34 band, I was taking “baby steps” to get used to the feel of a band that fit more snugly.  I paid 195 PLN total (139 PLN for the bra and 56 PLN for fees and S&H), which seems like a lot until you convert it to US which is roughly $52, the same (or less) than the price of those thick padded bras I used to buy!  Taking that into consideration, along with the fact that this bra was going to be handmade especially for me, I thought it was quite a reasonable price! My heart was pounding out of my chest and I prayed that I had ordered correctly as I clicked the submit button.  Then I waited…and waited…and waited!  If I thought that waiting a few days for those first bras to arrive took a long time, this seemed like an eternity!  This really is the hardest part about loving Polish bras; you typically need to wait about 3 weeks if the bra is not already made and about a week if it is (and that’s if you order direct, ordering from a retailer can take even longer).  But let me tell you, it was worth the wait!

When I finally got my bra I was beyond ecstatic!  I ordered the S Narcyz, a beautiful white bra with buttery yellow lace covering the cups and cute yellow bows at the gore and straps.  I slipped this work of art on and it fit like a glove!  It pulled my breasts in giving me amazing cleavage and the wires sat perfectly, encasing my boobs in all its Polish glory.  From that very moment I knew that these were the only bras for me.  Since then I have gotten rid of all my non-Polish bras and have ordered many more bras from both Ewa Michalak (current size 65G/65GG) and also Comexim (current size 65J), which has even more reasonable prices (typically I order two at a time and I pay around $75 total) and I have never once been disappointed with the fit, comfort or sheer beauty of any of them.  I have found that certain styles just don’t work for me, but that I will leave for another post!  I’ve even gotten (somewhat) used to the wait, telling myself that across the ocean, thousands of miles away there is a cute little Polish lady lovingly making a bra just for me…well, at least that’s how I imagine it in my head!  Every time I put one on I immediately feel beautiful and sexy, no matter what I’ve got on over it.  After over 30 years from when I was that little girl fantasizing about the day when I would have the most beautiful bras of my own, my dream has finally come true!

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