Review – Ewa Michalak S Malibu


I am reviewing for you today the Ewa Michalak S Malibu bra in size 65G .  After my recent bra burning (story here), I was in need of a new nude bra so when this beauty appeared on the Ewa Michalak site, in my size AND it was on sale, I hit that buy button without a second’s hesitation because A) Obviously I needed a new nude bra and B) As every woman knows, it isn’t about how much you spend, its all about how much you SAVE.   I’m glad I did grab this up super quickly as it appears to be available in a limited supply with some sizes already sold out at time of writing.

Fortunately, as this bra was already in stock at time of ordering, it was only a couple of weeks before it was delivered to me.  As has been my experience thus far with Ewa Michalak, the bra in person looks even lovelier than it does on the website.  The S Malibu is actually part of Ewa Michalak’s bridal collection, and I can see why.  I even hesitated in putting it on, thinking that it warranted some sort of special occasion to wear.  Sadly though, special occasions for me are few and far between and so this little beauty has gone into my regular bra rotation.


Take a look at the gorgeous lace detailing, even up the straps.                                                      How pretty is this gore bow with faux diamonds and pearl drop?!


Malibu.lace                                malibu.charm



Here are a few views of me actually wearing the bra.  I do have the removable ‘cookies’ in in these photos and they add a bit of cleavage oomph.  The colour is described as ‘Ecru’.  I would describe it as a very pale cream, with the lace being just a shade darker.  The fit on this bra is fairly consistent with my other S style Ewa Michalak bras.   The fit is on the snug side, but I am not quadding out of the cups.  The cups are deeply projected and the wires are narrow, which suits my needs perfectly. The gore tacks firmly.  The photo below might make it appear that the gore is resting on my breast tissue, however, it isn’t;  I am fairly soft as I am a mixture of natural breast and implant and this causes my breasts to spill out over top of the gore slightly.   For fit reference, I wear a 30FF in Freya Deco and a 65HH generally in Comexim.

malibu.on                                    malibu.side


Below, you can see the shape the bra gives under clothing.

malibu.dressed.side                                malibu.dressed.front


The lace overlay lays flat to give a smoothed clothed appearance.  As you will note in my measurement chart below, the band is quite snug.  Although my ribcage measures approximately 28 inches, I prefer a bit of extra breathing room.  Thankfully, I had also ordered the ecru coloured extender with this bra.

In summary, this is a beautiful nude bra with gorgeous detailing, perfect for either your Big Day, or for any day!

Measurement cm
Search by measurements
Fits ribcage 28.8
Stretched Band 29.3
Band Length 22.6
Cup width 5.4
Cup depth 9.7
Wire length 9.5
Cup separation 0.6
Gore height 2.5
Wing height 4.1
Strap width 0.8
Hooks 2


2 thoughts on “Review – Ewa Michalak S Malibu

  1. Thanks for checking out our blog and I’m glad you enjoyed this review! If you do see your size in the drop down menu for this bra, I’d recommend snatching it up as it is available only in limited sizes already. You could also email Ewa Michalak and ask if they have enough fabric to make you one and you might get lucky that way.


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