Ewa Michalak sm Wanilla review (and how you can get one too!) (and a discount code!!!)

I am an addict.

A Polish bra addict.  And every serious addict likes to have a reputable dealer.  A dealer who knows her stuff, who knows what you want and knows how to get it for you, who knows what will fit you well and what will look good on you.  A dealer who instinctively knows when you will need your next hit.  My dealer is Jaimie at Bra Obsessed.  She is right here in Canada where I live and so she is able to get me the goods hassle-free.

Just as I was beginning to get that itch, that craving, that deep driving need for a new Polish bra, I received a cryptic email from Jaimie.  She said that she had an sm Wanilla on its way to her in my size.  With matching panties.  Was I interested?  WAS I INTERESTED?  Heck, I didn’t even know what a Wanilla was, but of course I was interested!  I NEEDED it!  Over the next few days, as I waited impatiently for my Wanilla set, I joked with my fellow junkies here at An Enhanced Experience.  What was this Wanilla?  Was it something so plain, like vanilla, that it was called Wanilla?  Ewa Michalak never disappoints.  My dealer never disappoints, so I knew I’d love it, whatever it was.

Just a few days later, and lo and behold, my package arrived and I was able to share some pictures of this very pretty set:

Wanilla.1                        Wanilla.2                              Wanilla.3

And the matching panties.  These are size 36 and fit me nicely.  They don’t ride up at all and are very comfortable.

Wanilla.4                            Wanilla.5


All of the extra detailing makes them so special and pretty.  My co-bloggers were all just about dying from jealousy.




Now, some pictures of me wearing the bra.  As this bra is super sheer, I opted to wear nipple covers for these photos, and since they still didn’t look right, my frontal shot has had a little rosette addition for your amusement.  This bra is in size 70FF.  I do prefer the feel of a 70 band in the unlined bras, though I can generally do a 65G in lined styles.  I have owned this bra for some months now and the present band measurements are approximately 24″ unstretched and approximately 33″ stretched hard.   Note the very rounded and lifted profile.  This is what amazes me about Ewa Michalak’s unlined bras and I love them for that.


flowers         047


Before I share a few photos of me in a plain t-shirt, I want to show you how the seam work on this bra has been done all  on the inside so that the exterior of the bra lays as flat and as smooth as possible under clothing.  Smart, isn’t it?



And finally, a few clothed pictures so that you can see that great, rounded, uplifted shape and with such minimal seam show as well.


051                                    050


So there you have it.  Ewa Michalak’s beautiful, simple, sexy sheer, useful-as-a-nude sm Wanilla set.  I love it.  It still isn’t available on Ewa Michalak’s website but I’m willing to share my dealer  contact info with you.  You can contact Jaimie by email at bras@braobsessed.com and ask for a set like mine in any size you’d like.  You can order a thong for the bottoms, if you prefer.  Anything that is not in stock can be ordered for you.  Shipping costs are noted on the web page.  Request a shipping quote if your are outside of Canada or the U.S.   You can also check out her web page at www.braobsessed.com and you can find her on Facebook at Bra Obsessed.    And finally, until August 21st, you can use the code enhanced10 to enjoy 10% off your purchase.

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