Ewa Michalak S Paris Paris Set ~ Romance in a bra

When you are part of a group of 8 bra-crazed women, new bras are never a secret for long.  Just one new bra posted on  Ewa MichalakComexim or Anna Pardal‘s site incites a flurry of excitement that I can only liken to a group of 13 year old girls getting tickets to a One Direction concert!  And so on that beautiful Saturday morning, as I was taking a drive with my family and was informed by one of the girls that new bras showed up on the Ewa Michalak site, our excitement spread like wild fire.

Quickly scrolling through each page of bras, I feverishly searched for this new gem.  Oddly enough, the “new” bra we found was in the Outlet section where discontinued bras with limited sizes are placed (I believe it came out last year sometime but then sold out and they must have just had enough material for a few more).  And there she was…Paris Paris, this gorgeous dusty rose S style that was just begging me to scoop her up and make her mine!  To add to my justification that she must have been meant for me, there were only a few sizes left…one of which was a 65GG.  Being one who is horrible under pressure, I immediately threw her in my cart and proceeded to checkout before anyone else tried to steal her away!  I didn’t even look around for other bras to add to my purchase, which I usually do since the shipping cost doesn’t change and I find it a better “deal” to spread shipping & handling between multiple bras to be shipped together.  As if my luck couldn’t get any better, my beautiful Paris was also on sale for only 109 PLN (about $28 USD) with the grand total being 163 PLN (around $42.50 USD).  To top it all off, Paris was already made and just waiting to be placed in that little brown box and shipped to me, which it was first thing Monday morning.

image2 (3)

A (relatively) short week later, my beautiful Paris Paris arrived!  As with all of my Polish bras, she is even more beautiful in real life than in the pictures.  My first impressions: Paris isn’t at all an overly fancy bra, a dusty rose/pale purple with a slightly shimmery fabric, pale pinkish/purple lace lining the tops of the cups, matching straps and bow on the gore.  The bow is actually placed in an odd spot, more in the middle rather than at the top, which I didn’t really like it at first, but then when I put it on I realized it was kind of nice since the bow doesn’t get lost in my cleavage!  This bra is what I would call “romantic”, so I can see why she was named Paris 🙂

image3 (1)

Upon putting it on for the first time, the band seemed to be a little on the looser side for a 65 as I had to use the third row of hooks to get a snug fit (there are four rows).  I have been really struggling with if I need to size down to a 60 band lately and I think I could have easily used a 60 in this case.  The cups (though padded) are pretty soft and mold to my boobs really well.  Like all the Ewa Michalak S style bras, Paris came with removable pads for asymmetry.  I always remove my pads since I feel like they push the cups away from my chest creating gapping at the top.  I attribute this to the fact that my boobs are firm because I am all implant with very little natural breast tissue, so my boobs don’t mold around the padding like they would with natural breasts.  The gore tacks perfectly, though some women with close set boobs have difficulties with the S style tacking properly since the gore is a medium height.   Overall, Paris is a near perfect fit!

image1 (1)

One of the things I love most about Paris is that with my dark skin tone, it makes a very good “nude” or “neutral” bra for me.  And with it’s smooth fabric, I can wear it under any top and not worry that it looks “bumpy” at all.  Because of this and the fact that it is just super comfortable, it has quickly become one of the most worn bras in my collection.

image1 (4)

Now on to my dirty little secret…Though I am gaga over gorgeous bras, I am one of the cheapest women alive when it comes to what I wear below the waist!  Unless I am going somewhere fancy, I rarely care what my panties look like and about 99% of the time, they nowhere near match my bra!  But after months of watching Jelz and some of our other bloggers purchase matching bra and undies sets, I decided that Paris needed to be my first.  And being that Paris happens to be my lucky bra, it was no surprise that the matching stringi was on sale when I decided to add it to my next Ewa order (review of S Eden coming soon)!  At 29 PLN (approximately $7.50 USD) it would have been a crime not to buy them!

image1 (5)

Being that Ewa makes such breathtaking bras, it came as no surprise that my Paris undies were just as gorgeous.  I ordered a size 36 (the smallest available) and was a little concerned if they would be too big, but luckily they fit fine.  I could have gone down a size, but these are definitely wearable which is awesome because they are so darn cute!  The band is covered in the same lace as the tops of the cups of my Paris bra and there are stripes of pinkish ribbon on each side that match the little bows.  They really are quite beautiful!  And if I thought that wearing a beautiful bra made me feel beautiful and confident, wearing a gorgeous set amplified that feeling ten-fold!  It looks like this may just be the beginning of many sets to come!

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