Comexim: Tropical Garden


Comexim. Comexim and Tropical Garden. What a perfect combination! I love Comexim for several reasons, and one of them is their willingness to alter your bra so that you have the perfect fit. The owner, Anna is a joy to work with, and she will customize a bra to fit you perfectly.

Something for those new to this brand: When you scroll through the size drop down menu, don’t worry if you do not see your size. They have limited sizes on the website, however you can email them with your order if your size happens to not be listed.  With that said, if the piece you are looking at is on clearance,  chances are that what is listed on the website is all there is. I have found that using a language translator to email Anna is the best way to communicate with her. I write my order and any special instructions in Polish at the top of the email, and then in English below that. I highly suggest that you keep your correspondence to the point, for lack of a better phrase. Unfortunately, Google Translator has proven to be somewhat of a joke at times. One word in English could be several different words with different meanings in Polish, and can cause quite a bit of confusion. Luckily, Anna sees a lot of the same alterations being requested, so between the Polish version and the English version, things tend to turn out pretty well. 🙂

Tropical Garden came in my second order with the following alterations: reduced cups, and a fix for some gaping material at both sides of the gore. This gaping was not noticeable under clothes but I knew it was there, and I didn’t like it. In order to explain what I was talking about, I sent some pictures to Anna, and she knew right away how to fix it. I have no idea what she did, so I call it the “Magic Trick”. 🙂 I ordered this bunch (5 bras in this order, and yes, they are all lovely) in an 80K, after my first order of an 80K and an 80L, both in standard cuts, to determine size.

This bra runs very firm in the band. I have noticed this with my Geisha as well. I think it has to do with the black material used for the band. I have read several blogs and comments under reviews that reflect the same thinking. I did have to wear an extender the first couple of times I wore this one, but it has stretched to fit firmly, yet comfortably on the loosest set of hooks. I have several  (ok, 26) Polish bras in my rotation currently, so this band will stay firm for awhile. The band currently measures 35 in. stretched, and 24.5 in. un-stretched.

The floral pattern is a wonderful, bright contrast to the black base of the cups. This is a plunge style, and gives a nice, rounded shape. These are considered to be “padded”, however, I think of them more as lined than padded. 


The top of the cup is made of a black satin, which accentuates the black material and colorful floral print. I love bras that have more than one texture to them. I love bras that have all of the same fabric throughout. I love bras, who am I kidding? 😉 The inside of the cups is made of a black cotton lining. 



Tropical Garden is currently listed at 120,00 PLN on Comexim, which roughly converts to $31.84 USD, depending on the exchange range, and not including the PayPal increase for the currency exchange.

Shortly after I received this order, Comexim went on vacation. I took that time to carefully plot my next purchase, and the alterations to the cup styles that I wanted. Also during this time, I noticed that my size has changed a bit. My latest order is in an 80J for the plunge styles, and 80K for the half cup styles. I will let you know how they work out once they get here 🙂

Until then, stay tuned for the other amazing reviews and posts that we have planned in the near future. 😉


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