Review: Ewa Michalak CHP Fiołkowy Koktajl

In my journey into the wonderful (and sometimes confusing) world of Polish bras, I really want to try all of the styles available so that I can assess which style work best with my boobs.  I also figure that if I can wear every style out there, I will have that many more options to choose from!  But there is one style that has scared me…the CHP (Ewa Michalak‘s version of the half cup).  Through reviews and speaking with other implanted ladies, the CHP can tend to have more shallow cups than the S style that I am used to and it can cause the gore not to tack properly on women with more projected boobs.  Given that it typically takes several weeks to get my bras anyway,  for the longest time the thought of waiting that long for a bra that most likely wouldn’t work anyway was just too much of a gamble for me to take, so I wrote off the CHP as a style that I just wasn’t going to try.  Then one day I was looking at used bras on one of my go-to sites and I saw a CHP Fiołkowy Koktajl for sale in a 65G.  I was feeling lucky…well who am I kidding, I was jonesing for a Polish bra fix (total addict) and figured “what the heck!”.  It wasn’t full price and I wouldn’t have to wait weeks to get it.  So in a New York minute I contacted the seller and made the purchase.  Unfortunately, not 5 minutes later did I realize that the seller was in the U.K. and the joke was on me, I still had to wait!  To make matters worse, it seemed to get lost in Customs and ended up taking almost 6 WEEKS to arrive!  As any Polish bra addict knows, Customs can be a fickle you-know-what sometimes 😉


After 6 weeks, I actually almost forgot that I had purchased the bra, but boy was it a nice surprise when it finally arrived!  Koktajl is a blueish grape color (sometimes looking blue, and other times looking purple) with a sexy black lace overlay that covers the three-part cups.  It has black straps, a black mesh band and is topped off with a large black bow at the gore.  With the 65G it comes with 2 hooks, but starting at 65GG it comes with (the preferred) 3 hooks.  I was a little nervous about size since I’m typically a 65GG in Ewa Michalak, but when you are buying second-hand, you sometimes need to go a size up or down if you want the bra bad enough!

I slipped the bra on and to my amazement and delight it fit like a glove!  Well, to be honest it fit like a slightly tight glove 😉  In a perfect world it would have been a 65G and a half.  But it still fits well enough, with the gore tacking perfectly and I don’t get any quadboob action going on so I count it as a success!  The CHP fits very differently than the S style in the presentation of my boobs.  As the Ewa site describes, the CHP give my boobs a very “apples in a basket” look with them very front and center but not as much cleavage as the S.  The cups are also much lower and I do notice that my areolas threaten to pop out at any moment, though they never have; but I will say that if you have high set areolas/nipples this may be a difficult style for you to wear. Because the cups are low, they show off much more of your boob…which is probably why this happens to be my fiance’s all time favorite bra on me 😉  I also love that even with the lace, this bra wears seamlessly under shirts and is one that I wear at least once a week.  I would give this bra a 9 out of 10, and the only reason I wouldn’t give it a 10 out of 10 is because I’m a huge fan of cleavage and it doesn’t give quite as much as I prefer.  Overall Koktajl has made me a believer in the CHP and I am so glad I can add it to the options to fuel this Polish bra junkie’s habit!

On a side note, I recently purchased the Ewa Michalak CHP Owoce Leśne and decided to get it in my usual 65GG (since the Koktajl in 65G is a hair on the snug side).  Sadly when it arrived I found that it was too big, with gaping at the top of the cups.  Since the CHP is very open at the top (unlike the S style that tapers in) I found that I don’t have enough upper pole to fill it out all the way.  Luckily I was able to get another Lesne on order in the 65G and it fits beautifully!  Depending on your boobs, how much upper pole you have as well as how much natural tissue you have, some women (including myself) find that they have to size down a cup in the CHP to get a proper fit.  This is all part of what I love about the Polish bra journey, trial and error, taking chances, and learning more and more about my body…what works and what doesn’t!

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