Ewa Michalak S Style Bras

As previously mentioned by my fellow blogger, B3lla (read post HERE) Ewa Michalak offers possibly the widest variety of bra styles (and sizes for that matter) around, enabling them to meet the needs of all types of breasts from small to large, soft to firm, close to wide-set and all of those in between. In the relatively short time that I have been a Polish bra addict, I have really tried to experiment with as many bra styles as I can (as my motto is “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it”).  Though there are several styles I love, the one that I always seem to come back to is the classic S.

image1 (16)
S Szafirek

It is no wonder that the S is their most popular style, as it has a little something for everyone: light padding (including removable ‘cookies’ for those who have asymmetry or want a little extra oomph), a moderate cup and gore height, tons of support, and comes in a large variety of designs and fabrics. What this means for the consumer is that for the majority of women out there, the S style will probably work for you, and is generally (but not always) the style that I recommend that women start with if they are new to Ewa Michalak. In my (quickly growing) collection of Ewa bras, about 80% of them are the S style.

S Kamea

As I had mentioned, this style works for a variety of women for many different reasons. For me, I love its versatility. It gives me amazing support without feeling like I’m wearing anything too full coverage, and has very deep cups that fit my high profile augmented boobs perfectly. It comes in designs and patterns that are youthful, elegant, fun and sexy. The S is also designed to give a great amount of cleavage, but is still extremely comfortable and doesn’t feel like my boobs are being pushed together uncomfortably.  And though the Ewa site states that this bra works best for a medium neckline, I can still wear fairly low cut and plunging tops without the tops of the cups poking out.

S Narcyz

There are two basic issues that I have heard women speak of with the S style that I (thankfully) have not run into, but I think are worth mentioning anyway. The first is for those women with close-set breasts who find that the moderate height of the gore can pinch or push on their breast tissue near their center cleavage. Though I am closer set, upon examination I believe that I am able to wear a moderately high gore because my breasts don’t come together till the middle/upper part of my boobs rather than the lower part where the gore lays. However, if you are close-set and your breasts come together on the lower half, this could be (but isn’t always) problematic. For these women, we typically recommend that they try the PL (plunge) style that offers a lower gore. Below is comparison picture of a PL and an S style for reference.

PL Orange vs S Turkusowe Kwiaty
PL Orange vs S Turkusowe Kwiaty

The other issue that I have heard about is for women with more shallow breasts and/or wider roots. The S style has a very projected (deep) cup with narrow wires. If your breasts are shallow and/or you have wider roots, this could be a difficult style as you may not fully fill out the cup and/or the wires could sit on your sideboob because they are not wide enough to encase all your breast tissue. Luckily, Ewa offers the CHP (half cup) style that is designed with a shallower cup and wider wires, which is what I would recommend in this situation. Though I have a fair amount of projection, the CHP is actually my second favorite bra style as it creates the most beautiful rounded look I have ever seen! Pictured below is a comparison of me in a CHP and in an S style. As you will notice, the CHP gives a very round “apples in a basket” look, where the S offers more cleavage and a slight peak to the cup at the apex.

Top: CHP Owoce Lesne Bottom: S Paris Paris
Top: CHP Owoce Lesne
               Bottom: S Paris Paris

Overall, there really aren’t enough great things I can say about the Ewa Michalak S style. It’s everything I love about Polish bras all rolled into one spectacularly elegant package!  And to add to the versatility of the S, Ewa also offers a few multiway bras in their collection.  Don’t miss out on a review of the gorgeous S Grace multiway by our lovely blogger B3lla coming soon! What’s your favorite Ewa style?

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