My Bra Depression Cure: Ewa Michalak’s S Colette

Lately I’ve been very disenchanted with bras. When I get dressed for the day, I try on multiple bras, looking for one that feels right. But for the past few weeks or so, that’s none of them 😦 They have just been feeling so big, bulky, and in my armpits. For someone bra obsessed like me, it’s actually really depressing. Usually boobs and bras are happy thoughts for me! Right now, not so much. It seems like lately I’ve been cursed by the dreaded ‘perfect when you try it on, not so great when you actually try to wear it’.

When Ewa Michalak gave us the chance to preview their new line, I was jumping up and down doing a little dance of excitement! Literally. But as I looked through the photos and fell in love (with just about every single one by the way 😉 ), a serious sadness came over me. Why am I even bothering?! Every bra I own is causing me problems. Plus college and applying to nursing schools (finally!) has really diminished my bra budget… its pretty much non-existent o.O   Even more depressing thoughts, am I right fellow bra freaks?!

After much consideration and lots and lots of bra envy, the little devil on my shoulder won 😉 I knew I had to jump on this opportunity! I had already stared at all the soon to be released bras for… um, hours… Yes I am incredibly obsessed I know. But because of my bra crazy (that’s the good kind of crazy right? :p ), I already knew exactly what I HAD to have. From the moment I saw her, S Colette had been crying out, “Gogobee, we belong together!” I couldn’t agree more 🙂 There are lilies on the fabric! My absolute favorite flowers! The name of one of my fur babies! I even have them tattooed on me! One is even orange! I decided that was more than enough justification and I no longer needed any convincing to not feel bad 😉 We were destined to be together!


I placed my order for my usual 65J. I had tried a 60JJ Ewa not long ago and the band was perfect for me, but I find the straps to fit wider. So I decided to stick to 65s. If need be, a little needle work can save the day. I don’t have a boyfriend that sews like a champ for nothing right? 😉 I even decided if I was going for it, I better go all out… I ordered the set! That is so unlike me but Colette is special. So I impatiently started counting down the days until my package would arrive. Got a little jealous when the other lovely ladies of AEE started getting shipping notifications :p But not long after, it was headed my way! I think this may have been my fastest shipping experience ever. Customs and USPS must have been working at hyperspeed! The day after it departed Warsaw, my bra cleared through every Polish-obsessed ladies favorite scan, ISC New York baby!

The day it arrived I almost missed the post lady. There would have definitely been some tears then! She looked it over quite confused trying to figure out where it came from. Inside I was screaming, ‘give me my bras damnit!’ I ran inside and instantly ripped the package open. Apparently I forgot all about my earlier bra depression because I didn’t even mentally prepare myself for the possible letdown I was about to face… that’s okay though because I absolutely 100% did NOT need to! She was everything I had hoped for! This time it wasn’t just a trick of the first try on either! S Colette has proved to be nearly perfect in every way even after hours of wear. Hours! That’s something I never do. If I have to wear it for more than 5 hours or so, I lean more towards sports bras or nothing. At this point, I did another little happy dance 🙂

S Colette 2

So let’s talk about her. When I look at this bra, I think of afternoon tea time with my grandma. Is that weird? By that, I certainly do not mean it’s a granny bra though! It gives off a demure and sophisticated vibe with its blend of a gorgeous neutral floral and a pop of coral to really set it all off. I’ll be honest – I usually hate brown. I would probably never, ever buy a brown bra. The way these colors and the fabric go together though just makes Colette so visually appealing. Plus it is absolutely perfect for Fall! It’s like a beautiful October nature scene, for your boobies! 😀 I know some ladies get tired of floral bra patterns, but I think this one is floral done right! Best of all, it’s unique and stands out from the crowd in a sea of bright, overwhelming, and sometimes truly granny style flower prints.

S Colette 1

Ewa Michalak’s use of lace also really adds to Colette’s sexy, feminine factor. There is a lot of lace! Who doesn’t love lace?! The panties are incredible! Just look at them!

Collage 2

To accent the bra even more, there is a rich orange-y coral ribbon along the top edge of the bra, at the wings, and along the top front edge of the panties as well. Typically ribbon edged cups don’t work too well for me. It often closes off the top of the cup where I have tons of projection that cannot be encroached upon! But like I said, Colette is special! I get no smushing effect and my boobs don’t need to run up and away in search of room to breathe. That’s definitely a good thing because they are already up there on their own.

Colette collage 4

The straps are white with the same coral-y ribbon placed on top with a zig zag stitch. It adds a nice little touch to the straps! However, while I love the look of multi-colored straps, this set up is not very functional for me. Partially adjustable straps are the bane of my ‘short body, high set boobs’ existence 😦 They are definitely too loose but I know that can be easily fixed!

S Colette 4

The band on this one feels very firm for a 65. I was pleasantly surprised. I am happy on the first set of hooks and because there are 4 rows of 3 hooks, I know it should last awhile! Since I typically prefer a 60 in most brands (though not always EM), that might be something to think about before ordering. Definitely don’t size down on this one. Keep your regular band or maybe size up if you are in between. The perfect band along with the typical super firm Ewa wires leaves me feeling extremely supported and contained all throughout the day!

I do think that this bra runs small in the cup though. In comparison to my 65J S Prezeplantanki, it is definitely a bit tighter and maybe a little shorter as well. Shorter is perfect for me as far as comfort goes, but if it isn’t for you, that’s definitely something to consider when ordering Colette! I have to wear S Prezeplantanki with the pads in, but Colette is definitely too small with the pads in! When worn with the pads out, it feels like a very supportive fit. It is definitely close to being too small, but not quite. Hopefully my boobs won’t be growing any time soon! For now, I love the nice, firm fit! 🙂

S Colette 6

The funny thing is, the panties seem to run the opposite! I haven’t ordered a set in quite some time so I am probably not the best authority on this. The last set I ordered was a size 36 and they cut in at the hips a bit. I chose a 36 again and they are actually a bit loose at the hips. Now they aren’t falling down or anything but I am curious.  Did the design change? I’d much prefer this over cutting in anyways so I am quite happy! Plus let me remind you again how gorgeous they are! *drool*

Colette collage 3

So S Colette… Are you all running off to place your order yet?! This is definitely my favorite bra I own right now. No pain and discomfort like my others. Sheer boobie bliss! Best of all, no more bra depression! 😀 Make sure to grab one quick! Those EM’s always sell like hot cakes!

*DISCLAIMER*: I think it is important for me to add that when it comes to bra fitting with implants, sometimes you have to make a few adjustments to the ‘standard’ fitting advice to find what works for you. Yes, there are some fitting points that are key to a true, proper fit. You do want to achieve them if it is at all possible for you. If you do not, your fit might be compromised. However, there are occasionally anatomical constraints or certain implant related issues that might make it tough. So I will tell you right here and now: along with quite a few other issues I have due to my XL implants, short frame, and ribcage deformity, I will NEVER have a hard tacking gore. I achieve a soft tack and I am okay with that. I know there are some ladies out there who will automatically think this makes what I am wearing wrong. However, that is just not true. It is right for me. I have had these boobs for quite some time now and I have experimented with many different sizes. This is MY fit. I am sorry if you do not agree with that, but it is just what my body allows. However, I urge all women, implants or not, to try and meet all the key fitting points. They are important 🙂

S Colette 7

50 Shades of You Know… (Ewa Michalak SM Ty wiesz… Review)

Ewa Michalak’s SM Ty wiesz.  It needs no introduction.   The name translates from Polish to English as You Know… but for once I was pretty much at a loss for words!  Pictures from the website are below.


I tried mine on and deferred to my husband for his opinion.  He looked up from his morning newspaper, momentarily speechless, then stammered, “is that b-b-b-bondage?” while looking around somewhat anxiously for signs of whips and handcuffs. (Stars have been added to the pictures below for modesty.)

007 008

As you can see, on my somewhat warm toned skin, the nude mesh fabric of the cups disappears and the effect truly is that I am wearing only bondage straps.  The jewelled circles on the straps at the cleavage are actually adjustable sliders, allowing for a custom fit.  The straps on which the sliders sit  are  elasticated and so it stays put very nicely.

The matching panties are of course elaborately crafted, with no attention to detail spared, as expected.

From top to bottom below, you can see the front and back of the panties.  They feature the same elasticized straps with the same adjustable jewelled sliders.  These are beautiful and very sexy panties.  I love matching sets and the effect of this set together is a good one.



I always say that my Ewa Michalak beauties all go into regular rotation despite looking as though they should be kept for special occasions.  I feel that this set is no exception.  Every day has the potential to turn into a special occasion, especially when you are wearing this! 😉

While you may think that Ty wiesz  looks like a ‘bedroom only’ bra, it is completely functional.

The elastic cleavage straps do come up quite high and could show in a lower cut top but below I am wearing it under a crew neck sweater without issues.



Under a thinner top, you may notice the seams slightly but honestly, how can you nitpick about a bra this special?  If you are looking for an SM style bra which offers a very smooth appearance, I suggest Wanilla (review HERE) or Czarna Mgielka if you are looking for a black (review HERE).

I did wonder though, with those straps being so pretty, perhaps they could also be shown off as another option.  I tried the bra with my Urkye tuba top with good success (review on that one HERE).


I purchased this bra in my usual size 65G.  There is no stretch to the cup fabric on this bra so you do need to have your size nailed down for it to fit perfectly.  The unstretched band measures approximately  24.5 inches.  Stretched, it measures 30 inches before some good wire distortion starts happening.  With my 27″ rib cage it feels comfortable; not too tight nor too loose.  I purchased the matching panties in my usual size 36 and they fit well.


Dear readers, I am happy to report that you need not be a whip-wielding Dominatrix to own this beautiful set.  You may think it to be a little over the top but why not inject a little spice into your life?  Don’t let this one get away.  This bra is currently available on the Ewa Michalak website but why wait when you can also pick this set up very quickly by ordering through   Bra Obsessed. Check to see if your size is in stock.  Our readers can enjoy a special 10% discount at Bra Obsessed with the code bra10 which is good up until and including this Thursday, October 22nd.  Remember, prices shown are in Canadian dollars so you can snag yourself a good deal with the discount.

…and Ms. Michalak?  I am curious as to how you will top this one?!

Ewa Michalak CHP Klaudyna aka Snow White

When my fellow bloggers and I got a special sneak peek of the Fall line from Ewa Michalak including the CHP Klaudyna and we didn’t yet know the name, one of the girls (Gogobee I believe) immediately nicknamed it “Snow White” and the name, being so fitting, stuck. This bra truly seems to be fit for a princess! The bra is in a beautiful royal blue with wide pale pink lace lining the tops of the cups and thinner vertical matching lace cascading down. The straps are in a matching pale pink and it’s topped off with two cute pink pom-poms at the gore. For several of us who are in love with the CHP style, it was love at first sight!

image2 (11)

As I had mentioned in my review of the Comexim Brigitte (review here), I have been struggling with the decision to go down in band size and figured that this was a perfect opportunity to do so, so I placed this order (which also included the matching stringi for Klaudyna as well as the just released S Colette) with 60 bands rather than my usual 65. Since the CHP style is a half cup and has very open cups on top (and my breasts being more FOB rather than FOT) I chose to size down my cup in order to get the right fit, so for Klaudyna I ordered a 60GG.

image1 (19)

Klaudyna (like all the bras I have purchased from Ewa) is even more beautiful in real life than in the pictures, and when I wear it and the matching stringi I feel like a princess indeed! The 60 band is a perfect fit on the loosest hooks. Even the pom-poms (which I wasn’t sure I’d like) are a perfect and unique match for the look of this bra. The only concern I have is that since I have gone down in band size, even though I went up a cup to keep the same size/depth, the cups are just a hair lower than my other CHPs that are in 65G. This causes  my boobs to threaten a potential nip-slip over the tops of the cups! Luckily when I wore it (and checked throughout the day) I only saw a tiny part of the top of my areola peek out. Not a big enough concern to place a reorder in a different size and I will just be careful to not wear this bra with ultra-low-cut or open tops!

image1 (20)  image2 (12)

Though our reviews are typically very bra-centric, I’ve gotta send out a shout out to the matching Klaudyna stringi, which is just as beautiful in its detail, and looks very similar in design to the Paris Paris stringi . I love them both and they are some of the most comfortable undies I own! If any of you have not yet treated yourself to a matching set, I’d strongly recommend making Klaudyna your first 🙂

image3 (5)  image4 (5)

Baby purchased the full bottoms. These bottoms are not the higher rise or the super low rise, they are a mid-rise. They fit true to size, with the same gorgeous details of the thong. They are very comfortable for a full day of wear, no creeping higher 😉

 IMG_2882  IMG_2883

As I mentioned, several of us Polish bra addicts went gaga over Klaudyna and purchased it immediately.  And as you can see below (Gogobee, Tanzilove, Yoomee & Baby), it looks gorgeous on all different bodies and breasts!


Overall, I am extremely happy with the CHP Klaudyna. It lives up to the high standards of quality and craftsmanship that Ewa is known for, and makes the perfect addition to my ever-growing collection of gorgeous Polish bras!  I hope you enjoyed this review and please stay tuned for more reviews of Ewa Michalak’s Fall line coming real soon 🙂


I’m going to start with giving you the goods right here, right now because I’m sure some of you have noticed the amount of gorgeous brand new stock in at Bra Obsessed  (all of the new Comexims are in – Sonia, Victoria and Beauty as well as a bounty of just-released Ewa Michalak goodies, and even some luxurious Anna Pardal) so that you can click on that buy button before your size is gone so here we go:

Use promo code bra10 effective immediately and running for one week to receive 10% off of your purchase at Bra Obsessed.  This code applies to all items in stock and also can be used for all special orders (there will be a wait time of course for special orders).  You can contact Jaimie at for special order requests.   Shipping is a flat rate of $15.00 CAD so be sure to have a browse and grab yourself some deals.

On to my review!

I go dotty for dots and so earlier this year when Comexim showed a sneak peek preview picture of their Dottie bra, I knew I needed it.  ASAP.  This colour combination is irresistible and there is just something fun about knowing that you have pretty Polish eye candy on underneath your clothes.  Its like having your own little feel good secret.


Luckily for me before Dottie had even hit Comexim’s web site, my trusty Polish bra dealer Jaimie at Bra Obsessed already had an order going in to Comexim which included a run of Dottie.   You can read more about Bra Obsessed right here.  My Dottie was ordered in size 70H in Comexim’s sizing which is a 32FF in UK sizing.  Comexim sold through retailers have UK sizing tags.


Although with my 27″ ribcage I can wear 65HH (UK 30G) and have been trying to order more in 65 (UK 30) and less in 70 (UK 32) bands lately, I do find those 70 bands to be very comfortable.  What can I say.  All those years of wearing 34 and even 36 bands make change tough.

I always say that the ‘C’ in Comexim stands for Comfort and I do find this particular bra to be extremely comfortable.


Lets talk about the little details that make this bra stand out.  Those hot pink straps!  I love them.  And look at the metal strap adjusters. They are in teal to coordinate with the bra’s main cup colour.  How adorable is that?  Notice the little hot pink frill that runs along the bottom of the band?  I’m giddy.


Check out the tiny dottie bows.  Love.


Because I live such an exciting life here in The Great White North, I actually took the time to investigate why it is that I particularly prefer Dottie. Lo and behold, look at that!  The cups on my Dottie are about 1/4″ taller than on my Comexim Pantera as you can see in the picture below.  The cups on Dottie are also firmer than my other Comexims and I’m sure this helps to give me a great shape, since I am somewhat soft.  What all of this means is that Dottie is not only a pretty piece of perky, pleasingly playful Polish eye candy; it is also a palatial, powerful Polish work horse and it makes me feel positively pulchritudinous!  Try saying that 10 times fast.


Clothed, Dottie gives a wonderful rounded and uplifted appearance and the seams are smooth and flat and not noticeable at all.


Of course, here at AEE when one of us  shares pix of  a beautiful bra purchase, it often starts a trend.  Below you can see my fellow bloggers from top left:  Tanzilove in a half cup variation, Gogo in a plunge,  MissDizz in a half cup and Yoomee in a plunge.  All of the below bras except for Tanzilove’s have also had some custom modifications.

AEE.Dottie.1  AEE.Dottie.3


If you are interested in getting your very own adorable Dottie bra, I did notice that Bra Obsessed has quite a few in stock at the moment, which means  that you too could have have your own fabulous and fun Dottie bra super quickly, thanks to Jaimie’s very prompt shipping.



Ewa Michalak’s New Autumn Collection- Letnia Noc


I think it goes without saying that when my fellow AEE bloggers and I were given the opportunity to receive Ewa Michalak’s latest collection early, we were beyond ecstatic and grateful. I chose 4 of their new styles: Letnia Noc, Colette, Pantera (all S styles), and Klaudyna (CHP). I am in love with all of them, and am reviewing Letnia Noc first.


As usual, this bra is so much prettier in person. The floral print is a nice contrast of bright and deep, with pinks, whites, greys and greens on a navy base. The lace trim along the tops of the cups is a bright royal blue, and the straps have brillant blue ribbon stitched onto the navy base. There are pink bows at the straps and on the gore. It is a 3 hook and eye closure, and the cups are nice and smooth. The floral print extends around to the bands. The inside of the cups are white cotton with inserts for removable pads. I love that Ewa Michalak offers this option. Some days, you may want that extra bit of oomph, and others, you may want to play it down a bit. The removable pads also help with minor asymmetry that you may have, or during hormonal fluctuations.

20151012_191804 20151012_191735 20151012_191657

The band is true to size for me: not too stretchy, and not too firm. In other words, it is perfection. The band curves upwards a bit at the gore allowing for extra comfort. The wires are comfortable, and do not dig in under the armpits, on my ribs, or at the top of the gore.


Before being introduced to Polish brands, my bras consisted of solid colors. No prints, no patterns. No adorable, gorgeous, decadent decorations at the gore; no little ribbons, bows or other extra pretty things. Now, I couldn’t imagine not having those things. With every new Polish bra I receive, there is always something to discover that you cannot see in the stock photos. This is not a bash on the stock photos at all. They give you a great idea of what the bra looks like, obviously. However, once you actually have it in your hot little hands, there is always something there that you couldn’t see in the stock photos. The attention to detail is never forgotten here. The way that the royal blue ribbon is stitched onto the straps, in a rippled/wavy way, is a wonderful example of this.


The new releases will go fast, so make sure that you order your favorites now 😉 We will have reviews of all of the new bras and sets coming out soon, so stay tuned 🙂


Until the next time


Review of Comexim Brigitte

What can I say about a bra that in just looking at it speaks so highly for itself? The Comexim Brigitte is in one word…STUNNING! It is truly one of the most beautiful bras I have ever laid eyes upon. For someone that is a self-proclaimed “girly girl”, this bra checks all the boxes when it comes to aesthetics.  The material covering the cups and band is black paisley over a soft powder pink background, a matching pink ribbon lines the tops of the cups, and (my favorite part) a lacy pink frill with black edging surrounds the bottom of the band. Like I said before, it is absolutely stunning.

image3 (4)

This is my second attempt at Brigitte and I am so happy I didn’t give up on it after the first one I received didn’t fit just right. The first Brigitte I ordered was in my usual size for Comexim, which is a 65J. Though it wasn’t a horrible fit by any means, I found that the cups and gore were just slightly higher (about 1/4 inch) than my other Comexims in 65J. I’m sure I could have kept it and it would have been fine, but I have become a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to how my bras fit, so I ended up reordering it with custom alterations of reduced (lowered) cups and gore. NOTE: When you reduce the cups in a bra, it can cause the cups to become shallower, so if you are on the edge of sizing up in cups and decide to alter by reducing them you may want to go up in cup size as well. I also decided to do something I have been thinking about for a while now, which is to go down in band size. My underbust measurement is 26 inches and I have known for a while that I really should be wearing a 28 band, (and not the 30 that I have been ordering). So I decided to take the plunge and order this bra in a 60K (as a rule of thumb – if you go down in band size but want to keep the same sized cup, you should go up in cup size). NOTE: Keep in mind that when you go down in band size, even if you go up in cup size to compensate, the overall cup is often times scaled down. So a 60K cup will be lower than a 65J, even though they are sister sizes.

image1 (18)

Admittedly, I was a bit nervous as I waited for my bra to be remade. Changing band and cup sizes is enough of a change for me, but to add alterations for the first time too…it was stressful! When my second attempt at Brigitte came in the mail, I was as nervous as I was when I received a Polish bra for the first time! But let me tell you, my gamble paid off and I am ecstatic with the results 🙂 The 60 band fit perfectly on the loosest hooks and the cups and gore were just the right height.

image4 (4)

My only concern with the fit of Brigitte is that the ribbon that lines the top of the cups doesn’t allow for as much give as a bra with lace or no edging, which makes the cups (where the seam toward the top of the cups are) comes in a little sharply. This resulted in the cups being a bit pointier than I’m used to in a Comexim bra. Luckily, after I wore it for a day the cups seemed to mold to my breasts and the pointiness subsided. Something to keep in mind about any bra with ribbon lining is that it’s important to get just the right fit, since ribbon is less forgiving and can cause for a muffin top look if it is even slightly too small. TIP: Depending on how much muffin top you get, you may want to go a cup size larger with ribbon lined bras or you can try to stretch the ribbon gently to add some forgiveness.

image2 (10)
The area that was pointy is shown here.

Overall I’d give Brigitte 9.5 out of 10, as it checks all of the boxes for fit, beauty and comfort! Also, to complete the look, when I ordered my original Brigitte I had ordered the matching stringi to make it a matching set…I thank some of my fellow bloggers for getting me hooked on sets 😉 NOTE: The stringi does not show up as an option for Brigitte on the Comexim site, but you can email them after you place your order and request that any of the undies they have be made in the style you want (stringi, figi or szorty) and they will happily accommodate!

image5 (1)

I hope you enjoyed this review, and if you did please stay tuned for my next review which will be of the spectacular Ewa Michalak CHP Klaudyna!

Bra Fitting- 5 fit points

Previously we chatted about measuring for a bra with implants. Next is walking through the process of trying on a bra and assessing the fit. This will be a simple guide; not all inclusive, but it will give you a starting point for checking your fit as you purchase your new bras.

Your first fit point, and a very important one is the band of your bra. When you try on your bra you will hook it on the first set of hooks. Don’t put your breasts into the cups yet! I had to for this picture, Internet modesty. Once you have your brand hooked you will put two fingers between your back and the band, now pull away from your body. The recommendation for a firm fitting and supportive band is the 2’s, 2 fingers pulling away 2 inches. This will give enough breathing room for the average person.

Now, bodies are different, so you may need more room or less room. Women with more soft tissue over the ribs may prefer a wider band with a more firm fit. Women with less soft tissue or a muscular body structure may prefer a less firm fit. Different shapes to your body can be a factor as well, scoliosis, pectus (sternum) deformities, placement of your floating ribs.

Why do you not put your breasts in the cup? The band fit can change with your cup fit. If your cups are too small or if your projection is too much for the cup you may find that your band pulls tighter around your body. More on this in our fit problems post (coming soon!).

Next you’ll place your breasts into the cup. First start by reading putting your bra on properly by Bras and Body Image. She is going to teach you how to properly swoop and scoop and what a difference you may see.

Our second fit point is the cups. You want the cup shape to fully encase your breast, with out bulging over the top. AKA muffin boob. There are a few parts of the cup you want to look at besides just the cup edge, which will be addressed in the post about fit problems.

Fitting point three is the wire. You want the underwire to fully encase your breast, all the way back behind your sideboob. Ladies with implants can have a firmer, rounder sideboob shape. This can be a problem if the wire is not wide enough, it will sit in your implant and breast tissue. With augmented breasts the wire being too wide isn’t as much of a fit issue as it is for ladies with more natural breast tissue. So how much extra wire width is ok will depend on you and your breast shape.

The center gore is our forth fit point. You’ll see reference to the center gore tacking. What on earth does this mean? A center gore tacking means it sits flat on your sternum. How you want this to feel will depend on your preferences and your breast shape. We will talk extensively about the center gore in a future post, the different types of tacking, as well as the ways your own anatomy can change how your gore sits on your body.

The important thing to consider with your early bra fitting is that you want the gore to fit comfortably against your body and feel supporting to your breasts. You do not want it to be painful, to sit on your breast tissue or implants, or to be away from your body so you can fit fingers between it and your body.

Last, your straps. The straps on the bra should not provide much actual suport. The band should provide most of your support from under your breasts. The cups provide support in the form of shaping, how much shaping will depend on you and how much tissue you have over your implants. The straps provide the last bit of support but also help the cups shape to you. Some cup fit issues can be addressed by adjusting your straps. But your straps should not dig into your shoulders. Women with heavier breasts often have grooves left in their shoulders from weight pulling on the straps of the bra. We want to avoid that by providing as much lift from below.

Last fit notes-

Marks are ok! Bra marks left on your body are like other pressure marks from your clothing. Any type of clothing can cause these marks. They should not be painful, they should fade quickly.

The math and the fit points are just a start! There is so much to bra fitting, we are just getting started! I hope you’ll stick around a learn more about fitting your implants, because once you have this knowledge fitting yourself becomes almost automatic.

Comfort. Nothing else has a higher priority. It does not matter if your bra “fits” if you want to murder it with a steak knife when you take it off.

Surgeon approval- you need to have healed enough and have surgeon approval before wearing an underwire bra. Trust me, listen to the one you paid the big $$$ to!

Changes- things change through the first year post op. The earlier you are the more fit problems you are likely to encounter. Be prepared to refit yourself several times as your implants soften. Women’s natural breast tissue changes through their life, so you’ll fit yourself as you go through life.

See other posts in our bra fitting series:

Measuring with breast implants