I’m going to start with giving you the goods right here, right now because I’m sure some of you have noticed the amount of gorgeous brand new stock in at Bra Obsessed  (all of the new Comexims are in – Sonia, Victoria and Beauty as well as a bounty of just-released Ewa Michalak goodies, and even some luxurious Anna Pardal) so that you can click on that buy button before your size is gone so here we go:

Use promo code bra10 effective immediately and running for one week to receive 10% off of your purchase at Bra Obsessed.  This code applies to all items in stock and also can be used for all special orders (there will be a wait time of course for special orders).  You can contact Jaimie at for special order requests.   Shipping is a flat rate of $15.00 CAD so be sure to have a browse and grab yourself some deals.

On to my review!

I go dotty for dots and so earlier this year when Comexim showed a sneak peek preview picture of their Dottie bra, I knew I needed it.  ASAP.  This colour combination is irresistible and there is just something fun about knowing that you have pretty Polish eye candy on underneath your clothes.  Its like having your own little feel good secret.


Luckily for me before Dottie had even hit Comexim’s web site, my trusty Polish bra dealer Jaimie at Bra Obsessed already had an order going in to Comexim which included a run of Dottie.   You can read more about Bra Obsessed right here.  My Dottie was ordered in size 70H in Comexim’s sizing which is a 32FF in UK sizing.  Comexim sold through retailers have UK sizing tags.


Although with my 27″ ribcage I can wear 65HH (UK 30G) and have been trying to order more in 65 (UK 30) and less in 70 (UK 32) bands lately, I do find those 70 bands to be very comfortable.  What can I say.  All those years of wearing 34 and even 36 bands make change tough.

I always say that the ‘C’ in Comexim stands for Comfort and I do find this particular bra to be extremely comfortable.


Lets talk about the little details that make this bra stand out.  Those hot pink straps!  I love them.  And look at the metal strap adjusters. They are in teal to coordinate with the bra’s main cup colour.  How adorable is that?  Notice the little hot pink frill that runs along the bottom of the band?  I’m giddy.


Check out the tiny dottie bows.  Love.


Because I live such an exciting life here in The Great White North, I actually took the time to investigate why it is that I particularly prefer Dottie. Lo and behold, look at that!  The cups on my Dottie are about 1/4″ taller than on my Comexim Pantera as you can see in the picture below.  The cups on Dottie are also firmer than my other Comexims and I’m sure this helps to give me a great shape, since I am somewhat soft.  What all of this means is that Dottie is not only a pretty piece of perky, pleasingly playful Polish eye candy; it is also a palatial, powerful Polish work horse and it makes me feel positively pulchritudinous!  Try saying that 10 times fast.


Clothed, Dottie gives a wonderful rounded and uplifted appearance and the seams are smooth and flat and not noticeable at all.


Of course, here at AEE when one of us  shares pix of  a beautiful bra purchase, it often starts a trend.  Below you can see my fellow bloggers from top left:  Tanzilove in a half cup variation, Gogo in a plunge,  MissDizz in a half cup and Yoomee in a plunge.  All of the below bras except for Tanzilove’s have also had some custom modifications.

AEE.Dottie.1  AEE.Dottie.3


If you are interested in getting your very own adorable Dottie bra, I did notice that Bra Obsessed has quite a few in stock at the moment, which means  that you too could have have your own fabulous and fun Dottie bra super quickly, thanks to Jaimie’s very prompt shipping.




  1. Oh you lucky girl! I’m a UK 30GG and I don’t know how to find my comexim size. I know it will take a long time from Poland to Canada to receive my parcel and to return it if I need to… But their styles are so cute… 😦


    • Hi Comicsgirl! I think a 65J in Comexim would be just right for you – and a 65GG in Ewa Michalak. Keep in mind if you order from a retailer as opposed to direct from Poland, then your Comexim size changes to your UK size – so back to 30GG for you. Since you are in Canada, you can order your Polish goodies through Bra Obsessed. Way easier to return also. I just got a newsletter from Bra Obsessed and it says all of the new released stock is an extra 10% off just til November 12 if you wanted to take a look. Once you go Polish, you’ll never go back. 😉 Let me know how you do!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ooohw Thank you for the help! It would be definitely more simple if I could buy my bras on a US or CA website. Hihihi I can’t wait to try all these amazing bras!


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