Ewa Michalak CHP Klaudyna aka Snow White

When my fellow bloggers and I got a special sneak peek of the Fall line from Ewa Michalak including the CHP Klaudyna and we didn’t yet know the name, one of the girls (Gogobee I believe) immediately nicknamed it “Snow White” and the name, being so fitting, stuck. This bra truly seems to be fit for a princess! The bra is in a beautiful royal blue with wide pale pink lace lining the tops of the cups and thinner vertical matching lace cascading down. The straps are in a matching pale pink and it’s topped off with two cute pink pom-poms at the gore. For several of us who are in love with the CHP style, it was love at first sight!

image2 (11)

As I had mentioned in my review of the Comexim Brigitte (review here), I have been struggling with the decision to go down in band size and figured that this was a perfect opportunity to do so, so I placed this order (which also included the matching stringi for Klaudyna as well as the just released S Colette) with 60 bands rather than my usual 65. Since the CHP style is a half cup and has very open cups on top (and my breasts being more FOB rather than FOT) I chose to size down my cup in order to get the right fit, so for Klaudyna I ordered a 60GG.

image1 (19)

Klaudyna (like all the bras I have purchased from Ewa) is even more beautiful in real life than in the pictures, and when I wear it and the matching stringi I feel like a princess indeed! The 60 band is a perfect fit on the loosest hooks. Even the pom-poms (which I wasn’t sure I’d like) are a perfect and unique match for the look of this bra. The only concern I have is that since I have gone down in band size, even though I went up a cup to keep the same size/depth, the cups are just a hair lower than my other CHPs that are in 65G. This causes  my boobs to threaten a potential nip-slip over the tops of the cups! Luckily when I wore it (and checked throughout the day) I only saw a tiny part of the top of my areola peek out. Not a big enough concern to place a reorder in a different size and I will just be careful to not wear this bra with ultra-low-cut or open tops!

image1 (20)  image2 (12)

Though our reviews are typically very bra-centric, I’ve gotta send out a shout out to the matching Klaudyna stringi, which is just as beautiful in its detail, and looks very similar in design to the Paris Paris stringi . I love them both and they are some of the most comfortable undies I own! If any of you have not yet treated yourself to a matching set, I’d strongly recommend making Klaudyna your first 🙂

image3 (5)  image4 (5)

Baby purchased the full bottoms. These bottoms are not the higher rise or the super low rise, they are a mid-rise. They fit true to size, with the same gorgeous details of the thong. They are very comfortable for a full day of wear, no creeping higher 😉

 IMG_2882  IMG_2883

As I mentioned, several of us Polish bra addicts went gaga over Klaudyna and purchased it immediately.  And as you can see below (Gogobee, Tanzilove, Yoomee & Baby), it looks gorgeous on all different bodies and breasts!


Overall, I am extremely happy with the CHP Klaudyna. It lives up to the high standards of quality and craftsmanship that Ewa is known for, and makes the perfect addition to my ever-growing collection of gorgeous Polish bras!  I hope you enjoyed this review and please stay tuned for more reviews of Ewa Michalak’s Fall line coming real soon 🙂

6 thoughts on “Ewa Michalak CHP Klaudyna aka Snow White

  1. Oh this is another gorgeous one! I can’t wait for my order to come in (lol I’ll be waiting a while). The details look so much more lovely up close. Lately, I can’t resist CHP, so I knew I had to have it as soon as the preview was up! Great review Yoomee. It looks fabulous on all of you!


  2. When I saw the preview on your fb page I fell in love immediately with its pink details, and decided I want ASAP one Klaudyna for me! Unfortunately saturday evening my size were already on request, so I’m looking forward to put my hands on this princess stuff! Great review as usual!


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