50 Shades of You Know… (Ewa Michalak SM Ty wiesz… Review)

Ewa Michalak’s SM Ty wiesz.  It needs no introduction.   The name translates from Polish to English as You Know… but for once I was pretty much at a loss for words!  Pictures from the website are below.


I tried mine on and deferred to my husband for his opinion.  He looked up from his morning newspaper, momentarily speechless, then stammered, “is that b-b-b-bondage?” while looking around somewhat anxiously for signs of whips and handcuffs. (Stars have been added to the pictures below for modesty.)

007 008

As you can see, on my somewhat warm toned skin, the nude mesh fabric of the cups disappears and the effect truly is that I am wearing only bondage straps.  The jewelled circles on the straps at the cleavage are actually adjustable sliders, allowing for a custom fit.  The straps on which the sliders sit  are  elasticated and so it stays put very nicely.

The matching panties are of course elaborately crafted, with no attention to detail spared, as expected.

From top to bottom below, you can see the front and back of the panties.  They feature the same elasticized straps with the same adjustable jewelled sliders.  These are beautiful and very sexy panties.  I love matching sets and the effect of this set together is a good one.



I always say that my Ewa Michalak beauties all go into regular rotation despite looking as though they should be kept for special occasions.  I feel that this set is no exception.  Every day has the potential to turn into a special occasion, especially when you are wearing this! 😉

While you may think that Ty wiesz  looks like a ‘bedroom only’ bra, it is completely functional.

The elastic cleavage straps do come up quite high and could show in a lower cut top but below I am wearing it under a crew neck sweater without issues.



Under a thinner top, you may notice the seams slightly but honestly, how can you nitpick about a bra this special?  If you are looking for an SM style bra which offers a very smooth appearance, I suggest Wanilla (review HERE) or Czarna Mgielka if you are looking for a black (review HERE).

I did wonder though, with those straps being so pretty, perhaps they could also be shown off as another option.  I tried the bra with my Urkye tuba top with good success (review on that one HERE).


I purchased this bra in my usual size 65G.  There is no stretch to the cup fabric on this bra so you do need to have your size nailed down for it to fit perfectly.  The unstretched band measures approximately  24.5 inches.  Stretched, it measures 30 inches before some good wire distortion starts happening.  With my 27″ rib cage it feels comfortable; not too tight nor too loose.  I purchased the matching panties in my usual size 36 and they fit well.


Dear readers, I am happy to report that you need not be a whip-wielding Dominatrix to own this beautiful set.  You may think it to be a little over the top but why not inject a little spice into your life?  Don’t let this one get away.  This bra is currently available on the Ewa Michalak website but why wait when you can also pick this set up very quickly by ordering through   Bra Obsessed. Check to see if your size is in stock.  Our readers can enjoy a special 10% discount at Bra Obsessed with the code bra10 which is good up until and including this Thursday, October 22nd.  Remember, prices shown are in Canadian dollars so you can snag yourself a good deal with the discount.

…and Ms. Michalak?  I am curious as to how you will top this one?!

5 thoughts on “50 Shades of You Know… (Ewa Michalak SM Ty wiesz… Review)

  1. Your husbands reaction was priceless! I can see mine saying the same thing lol
    It’s beyond sexy on you I love how you can dress it up as well 🙂


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