Ewa Michalak S Bezus – a Bradrobe Staple

Although brightly coloured, fun printed bras are great to have and work well under many outfits, I think that there is still an important place for simple, beige  bras in all of our bradrobes.

Ewa Michalak’s S Bezus is one of those bras that I had overlooked previously, possibly in my haste to focus on those fun, bright bras instead, but also because I find it more difficult to imagine how a bra will look on me unless I see it on a model who is a similar size to me.  While this bra looks very nice on the model, I had difficulty in visualizing it on myself.   Maybe I just don’t have the best imagination but maybe other readers are guilty of this also?

Stock picture from the Ewa Michalak site:


I recently had an opportunity to purchase  the S Bezus when it came up for sale from another implanted lady who had purchased it in a size too small for herself.  This bra, in size 65GG, is one cup size larger than I normally wear, however, my 65G bras do fit quite snug and I’m unable to wear the ‘cookies’ in them, so I thought it was worth a shot.  I was pleased to see that it does indeed fit, with the cookies in, making it a good ‘oomph’ bra for me.  Band measurement on this one is approximately 23″ unstretched and approximately 31″ stretched hard.  I have a 27″ ribcage and the band felt snug but not uncomfortable and did not ride up, however, if you prefer your bands very firm, you may wish to sister size down with this one.


Lets take a look at the lavish little details which always set Ewa Michalak bras apart from the crowd.


The cups are covered in a shiny beige knit.  The benefit to this is a smooth appearance under clothes; the flip side of that is that the fabric could snag if you don’t treat it with care.  Washing it carefully and keeping grubby man hands away from the goods should take care of those issues 😉   The lace at the gore and sides of the cups is gorgeous and elevates this otherwise quite basic bra to a thing of subtle beauty.  A small satin bow and ‘diamond’ drop detail at the gore gives a pretty, feminine touch.

A close up of that lovely lace:


This insides of the cups are lined with cotton for comfort.


The bra comes with removable ‘cookies’ which can be used to even out asymmetry or to give an extra cleavage boost.


Four rows of three hooks offer extra stability.


Interestingly, I did notice that although moving to the GG cup gave more depth, there was very little difference in cup height as compared to the G.  I checked this out by laying my 65G S Kicia Szalowa  bra over top of the 65GG S Bezus to see what the actual difference was and found it to be very minimal:


Below, I am wearing my S Kicia in size 65G in the top picture and my S Bezus in size 65GG in the bottom picture.  My cleavage is less mashed together in the GG, but the cups are not noticeably higher.


It would appear from this little experiment that when keeping the same band size but going up by a cup size, although the larger sized cups will be deeper, the cup height will be scaled down.

Clothed appearance is predictably smooth.  As the bra is quite close to my own skin tone, this will work well under light coloured / thinner tops as well.


If you are looking to add a beige bra to your own bradrobe, it may be time to give the S Bezus a second look.


7 thoughts on “Ewa Michalak S Bezus – a Bradrobe Staple

  1. It’s indeed a gorgeous basic bra! It looks awesome on you! I’m in need of a nude bra as well, but I think I’ll go for Comexim’s Elena! 🙂 I’m always running my bras with my nails and Bezus fabric will suffer a lot of pain under my hands hahaha

    kiss kiss
    My Fashion Insider


    • Thank you Nadia! I don’t have Elena but I’ve seen it on other ladies and it looks like a good nude. I do have the new Comexim Sonia in plunge style and it actually disappears as a nude under clothing. Its a very beautiful bra too. Yes, the Bezus fabric needs to be treated a bit more carefully than the others so that it doesn’t get snagged.


  2. I’ve picked Bezus by chance, because Marcepanowa Magnolia is custom-made, and I wanted to try my first EM quickly: now I love it!
    As you told it’s smooth under clothes and it disappears even in my own skintone.
    I own a Chp Klaudyna too, both in 65F, but on me Bezus is less stretchier than yours! I think it fits like a true 28 band rather than a 30, I feel it nearly uncomfortable in my 28″ ribcage!


    • I’m glad to hear you love yours Marta. Funny that your Bezus is not as stretchy as mine. I suppose that when an item is hand made, there can be slight variations even in the same size. I guess you’d have to actually measure it to be sure. I have heard that CHP styles tend to be more stretchy than S styles. I only own one CHP myself, the Lesne, which IS very stretchy.


  3. What a beautiful everyday neutral bra 🙂 I’d have a hell of a time keeping the grubby man hands off of it lol
    Love the shimmering beige material though gives it some interest instead of being a boring nude bra


    • It IS pretty. I don’t think Ewa Michalak is capable of putting out anything truly boring! If grubby man hands are likely to be a problem, then you might have to skip this one lol.


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