All hope is not lost!

Have you ever had a moment where you read something and your heart catches, your eyes start to build tears, and your inner Polish bra diva dies a little bit inside?  Like three days ago when luxury designer Anna Pardal announced that she would be shutting down. Well all hope is not lost!

Lady Grey.jpg
Lady Grey, a personal favorite

Jaimie, the lovely lady behind Bra Obsessed has a solution for you. I’ll cut to the chase with the details because I know you are all good Polish bra divas and already subscribe to her newsletter. Here’s the nitty gritty:

  1. Existing AP designs can be ordered through Bra Obsessed. The current price is 90CAD (check your current exchange rates). Price on matching bottoms is pending.
  2. Fabrics will run out, so don’t dilly dally! Some fabrics are reorder-able, no word on which at this time. But that means some AP bras may be around for a while still.
  3. You can order through Jaimie in the sizing that works best for you. If you know that you take the Classic fit with certain specific alterations, order that way. If you know you want the AP Sophisticate cut, order that way. Bra Obsessed works in UK sizing, so Jaimie can do any conversions to Comexim sizing for you.
  4. Any customizations you could order before are still available now.

Now my dear Polish Bra Gang, it is up to you to decide. You had these bras taken from you. Some will sell out, others will continue to be available. What will your order be? Do you take the chance on missing out on these limited Anna Pardal designs?

Personally, I’m going for Caramel Latte.


One thought on “All hope is not lost!

  1. Erica, of Sophisticated Pair, told me she has this ability too. She’s still got orders being filled and fabric still available for AP. It’s my understanding she is going to continue with Comexim as well. I think she is just on ordering hold waiting for some outstanding shipments to come in.


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