Romance is in the Air – with Comexim’s Rita

I’m sure you don’t need me to remind you that Valentine’s Day is almost upon us.


Whether you are looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day with your love, or Singles Awareness Day with your cat, I wanted to take this opportunity to review for you the beautiful Comexim Rita set, which is perfect for either a romantic evening, or an evening spent watching re-runs of Friends with the cat.


The version of Rita as shown on the Comexim site (as pictured below) is a deep plunge, similar to Comexim’s Ginger.


Many months ago, I had an opportunity to try Ginger, courtesy of the lovely Jaimie at Bra Obsessed  (You can see Bra Obsessed’s stock of Ginger here).  I found Ginger to be too shallow for me, but I know that other ladies have had success with it.  In any event, I wanted my Rita to be in Comexim’s standard plunge style, which works best for me, and luckily this is what was/is in stock at Bra Obsessed.  I asked Jaimie to send me Rita in my usual size 30G with the matching panties in size medium.

Take a look at the close ups of the gorgeous details on this bra:

  288           287

That eyelash lace!  That adorable ‘C’ charm!  Those black velvet bows!  Swoon!

And now for the matching panties:

289            290

The matching Rita panties feature a front panel of the same gorgeous red fabric used on the bra, with the back of the panties being sexy sheer black.  I love that these panties are comfy enough for every day wear.  No wedgies with these babies.

The panties are also available in thong style if you choose and as a final sexy option to this set, you can add the matching garter belt as shown in the stock picture up towards the top of this post.  I really wanted that garter, but in the end practicality won over (I figured they’d probably look weird under my Old Navy track pants which are part of my winter uniform 😛  )

I’ve seen other bras with eyelash lace but not with it right against the skin.  I think that the effect this gives is very sexy but I did wonder if it might be itchy or feel ticklish.  I don’t feel it at all.  This bra gets an A+ for comfort.


Whenever I first purchase a vibrantly coloured bra, I always worry that the colour might bleed.  I can confirm that this one is completely colour stable.

This is a 30 (65) band.  I’ve owned it since early December.  It currently measures approximately 22.5″ unstretched and approximately 30″ stretched hard.


You can order your own gorgeous Comexim Rita set in plunge style, just like mine, through Bra Obsessed because even if you don’t get what you hoped for Valentine’s Day, the good news is that you can always just buy it yourself.

Wishing you all a happy Valentine’s Day / Singles Awareness Day!!!