Where to begin? First, some may recognize my boobs. These boobs were behind Bybabysrules. Life has changed, bringing 7 wonderful ladies into my life. I’m so glad to be on a team with them!

A little about me. I have had implants for 6 years. My first augmentation was in 2009. I was active duty military at the time. Years later and a complication brought my second surgery. I have passed through several of life’s big events with my implants. They have been through heavy weight lifting, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weaning, weight loss, and weight gain.

I am about to become a full time student, for the second time. I also work from home part time. I have been married for almost 11 years, he has seen me completely flat chested to fuller nursing boobs. We have one beautiful daughter together. We also have three furchildren, two beagles (Tommy Lee & Nikki Sixx) and a boxer (Ozzy). 

My stats to come. I need to break out the tape measure!

  • Implants- 700cc uhp silicone
  • Height- 5’1.5″

Bra size- 

  • 65GG in Ewa Michalak (I’m a cheater!). 
  • 60L with alterations in Comexim. 
  • UK brands- 28HH

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