Hi there and welcome to my first blog!  I am very excited to share my journey into breast augmentation and dressing my new body in the hopes of helping others.  It’s been an amazing learning experience for me…measuring, new terms, proper fit.  I am no expert by any means but I love to share so here it goes….

About me….I am a stay at home mom of 4 so I am extremely busy…yes I am a cook, landscape specialist, dry cleaner, nurse, chauffeur,  basically a manager of all things domestic.  My kids are a handful and the loves of my life,  2 just starting college and 2 still in elementary school,  a big gap but they’ve kept me young and hip 🙂  I married my high school crush over 21 years ago!

I had my breast augmentation one year time has flown by so quickly.  I chose a very modest size and they are pretty amazing but I must admit they could be bigger 😉   I feel so fortunate to have had the surgery after breast-feeding 4 kids, each for a year and being left with basically nothing!  It has helped me to feel much more feminine now and I have a new-found confidence in myself.  I did this surgery for me, nobody else, my husband tried to talk me out of it…surgery is dangerous he said…I don’t want to lose you he said.  So I might have been a little selfish but I am so happy I did it and now he is perfectly fine with it too!

After many failed bra purchases I found some amazing friends, my fellow bloggers, that encouraged me to try polish bras and once I found that perfect fit I was hooked!  They somehow make the perfect fitting bras for all sizes and I have found they work especially well for augmented women…very projected cups with narrow wires.  Let alone the fact that they are stunning and exquisitely detailed down to tiny bows and sometimes jeweled accents.  There’s just something so special and amazing about placing an order for a bra and then it being sewn just for me by some wonderfully talented seamstresses across the world.  Sometimes it can be a long wait but in the end there’s nothing better than signing for that beat up little cardboard box that is holding a work of art just for me.

Underbust 26.5
Overbust 34 standing 35 leaning
Perimeter right 9.4 left 9.3
Ewa Michalak 65f
Comexim 65h/ 60hh
Anna Pardal 30g reduced cups straps moved in 2cm

Should you have questions about any of my reviews or about breast augmentations please feel to contact me at  Many thanks for reading and supporting our blog and I hope you have fun along the way!

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