I am a Thirtysomething mother of 3.  I love food, cooking, traveling and more recently, bras!  I had surgery for a genetic abnormality in February of 2015.  It included a breast lift and silicone implants.  Before my surgery, I hated bras and bra shopping.  Nothing fit or even looked nice on my “deformed boobs.”  Part of my surgery journey led me to meet these other 7 women from several different parts of the world.  Through them I was introduced to the miracle that is a Polish made bra.  They are beautiful, comfortable and give a beautiful shape.  These bra makers seem to be some of the few who understand that a larger breasted woman needs support and function, but also to look and feel beautiful. These are not your Grannie’s bras!

This blog is designed to entertain, inform, and hopefully help women of all shapes and sizes, surgically enhanced or all natural.  Follow along as we discuss and discover all things boob and bra related!

My stats:

  • 5’9
  • Underbust: 36
  • Over bust: 45
  • Ewa Michalak size: 80GG
  • Comexim size: 85HH (with alterations)

Feel free to contact me with any (legitimate, non sexual) questions

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