A little about me. I am engaged to a wonderful, supportive (and might I add sexy) man, have 2 of the most amazing and handsome boys, and have 2 crazy pups. Aside from spending time with my family and working,  I love baking and doing anything that involves Polish bras!

I’ve had two breast augmentations, the first in 2000 (365 cc moderate profile salines) and then an upgrade in early 2015 (650L and 700R high profile silicone).  After I got my second breast augmentation done, as much as I loved my new (larger) boobs, I became very discouraged when I started looking for new bras. Being petite with larger breasts I quickly realized that I had sized out of my usual go-to bra shop and feared I would be stuck wearing uncomfortable, ill-fitting bras for the rest of my life…until I met the amazing ladies on this blog and was introduced to the fabulous world of Polish bras! Now I’m a bit of an addict!  I used to look at bras as just something I had to wear to make my boobs look bigger.  Now I look at each and every bra I own as a work of art!  No matter if I’m dressing for work, a night on the town (as rare as those are), or just lounging around the house…I always feel beautiful and sexy with one of these beauties on 🙂

Height: 5′ 3″
Underbust: 26″ snug
Bust: 36″
Bust Depth: 10.75″(L) & 11″(R)
Ewa Michalak Bra Size: 65GG/65H
Comexim Bra Size: 65K

Should you have questions about any of my reviews, breast augmentation or would like me to review any of your products please feel to contact me at yoomee.anenhancedexperience@gmail.com.  You can also find me on Instagram.

***Please note that any inappropriate comments and emails of a sexual nature will be immediately deleted and ignored and you will be blocked***

Thank you for reading and supporting our blog and I hope you enjoy!

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