Bra Obsessed’s Exclusive Summer 2016 Comexim Bikinis – Harbour and Port

The weather man is calling for a long, hot summer where I live and so I needed no justification in ordering myself another new bikini.

This is the Comexim Harbour set.  It is available exclusively through Bra Obsessed.  I’m a sucker for anything nautical themed and so it, like so many other things, called my name.


I purchased the top in  30G and the bottoms in Medium.  I requested that the bottoms have the waist line raised one inch higher than is the standard for Comexim bikini bottoms.  I did this because I felt that my two other Comexim bikinis (Jamaica and Pin Up Girl) were a tad low cut.  Actually, that isn’t really the whole truth.  What happened was this.  This past March I was strolling along a gorgeous white sand beach in the Caribbean with my teen daughter when she asked if we could go for a ride on one of those fun-looking little sail boats that resort workers will take guests out on.  “Sure!”  I said, although frankly it was a bit windy that day, the surf was kicking up pretty good and I thought we might possibly even die.  Anyway, off we went and sure enough a big wave came up, soaked me right down and just about dragged my pants out to sea too.  So now I’m nervous of losing my pants and feel a little safer with them up a bit higher.

My bikini top is in the classic plunge style, with no modifications.


This bikini top features all silver-toned hardware and a jaunty little knotted bow at the gore which brings to mind a sailor’s rope.


In designing this set, special attention has been paid to what Jaimie’s customers have been looking for in a bikini. The bikini bottoms are fully lined.  The band of the bikini top is extra firm and strong, due to the addition of a supportive fabric liner built into the backside of the bikini’s band.


The shoulder straps are double layered and have reinforced zigzag stitching so that, for women with heavier busts, they will offer extra support, will not fold and will be much more comfortable.     There is a firm locking clip at the back.  I did note that the shoulder straps are only partially adjustable due to the extra silver ring on the back of the shoulder straps.  If you require the straps to be fully adjustable, you should request to have your bikini top made without that additional ring.  Personally, I have no need to adjust the straps that high and I feel  that the extra bit of hardware adds to the whole nautical / bikini vibe.


While I was at the Bra Obsessed shop a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take a look at and try on Jaimie’s other exclusive bikini for 2016, the Comexim Port.  This is a sophisticated and sleek little black number with gold hardware made of high quality Lycra.   I noticed this bikini top showed quite a lot of cleavage.  The Port model actually owes its extra sexy appearance to having reduced cups and gore, which also helps it to have a less bra-like appearance.


This suit features the same special details as the Harbour, with the extra fabric liner in the band and the re-engineered shoulder straps.  The band definitely felt snug and secure and the gold locking clip felt strong enough that you wouldn’t have to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions on the beach.


Both the Port and Harbour bikinis can be ordered in your choice of regular cup style, half cup style, etc. (and you can even have the bottoms made higher if you are worried about losing them at sea!).


Full Busted – or just Busted?


My co-bloggers and I recently had a lively discussion over what each of our definitions of full busted was and whether or not we considered our own selves to be full busted.

Personally, being in the 30G / GG UK range, I just don’t consider myself to be full busted.  I wear ‘full busted’ bras and swimwear,  but I feel that is only in the sense of the bra cups being larger in contrast with the bands being smaller.  That plus (in my area) anything below a 32 band is available only in a specialty shop.   Sure, G for Ginormous and all that, but on a 30 band? Its not all that and a bag of chips if you ask me.

According to this article from Medical Daily, the average American woman wears a bra size of 34DD.    If you sister sized me into a 34 band (I realize that wouldn’t fit, but just for argument’s sake…), I’d be not much over that average size.

According to Wikepedia, the definition of a full bust is having a cup size of at least C.  I have a question for Wikepedia.  C what?  C28?  C48?   There is a difference and the difference is real.  Real big.

So if we go with 34DD as the average size, then are most women full busted?

To me, I equate being truly full busted with having difficulty in finding clothing that fits properly, with having back pain, with struggling to find a bra that offers adequate support, coverage and comfort, having shoulder straps that dig in painfully due to breast weight.   My issues are limited  to occasionally struggling to find fitted dresses that fit properly.  The small band / larger cup bras and swimsuits are out there and easy enough to obtain so I don’t count bra / sport bra / swimsuit issues.  Back pain?  Never.   My issues sounds pretty petty, don’t they?

I’ve asked a few of my co-bloggers to tell us their thoughts…


I view full busted as more along the lines of proportion. The bust being fuller in size compared to hips and shoulders, not necessarily just the ribcage/band measurement. I fit the definition of full busted but I actually feel I am in proportion with my hips and shoulders.
That said, I do have some problems finding clothing but nothing extreme that I can’t get around by ordering online.


I more look at the “big picture” when I think about bust size and if I would consider someone (including myself) full busted.  Purely looking at the numbers (proportion and cup size), I would be considered full busted. My bust is wider than my waist and hips and I wear a GG to H cup, though my band is 28-30.  However, I personally don’t think I look like I have humongous boobs at all. I also think there is a difference in the appearance of “big boobs” if you look at most natural breasts compared to enhanced.  In comparison, I think my boobs look very comparable to natural DDs. So am I full busted?  Yes. Do I perceive myself as full busted?  Not really. 



I agree that breast size is relative to the body they belong to.  I am 5’9 and almost 200 lbs, I’ve been called ‘statuesque’, ‘amazonian’, and ‘big boned’ but the reality is I’m a big girl 🙂 I was a 36B prior to my surgery, and received 800cc implants.  On a smaller woman, 800ccs can look huge, but in my opinion I just look well proportioned.  I now wear a 36Gish UK, which most would consider full busted, and I suppose I am, but I don’t have any problems finding clothes or bras.  I think a lot of that is due to the fact that, unlike many of my fellow bloggers here at AEE, I don’t wear a small band.  I also wore a larger clothing size prior to my augmentation, so all my clothes still fit fine…better even!  

This photo shows how angles play a big part in how big they look.
In proportion to my whole body, I think my boobs look very average sized.











The terms “full busted” and “projection” seem to get thrown around quite loosely. I agree with my fellow bloggers and their opinions on being full busted. I am a 36I US. I am what most women would consider to be full busted. Do I have problems finding clothes that fit properly? No. Are my breasts constantly exposed because my tops are too tight or too small? No. Don’t get me wrong. There are some things that just wont work. Some things will not fit well and won’t look good but these things are easily replaced with other styles. Like my fellow blogger Treschic, I am not a smaller band size. I wear an average band size. My bust size is pretty consistent with the rest of me. I do have a smaller waist, but I have hips and booty. Definitely curvy.

Let’s look at the other end of the spectrum. My daughter measures at a UK 28FF. Is she full busted? My opinion, and hers: absolutely not. She is tall and thin. That still doesn’t put her in the “full busted” category as far as we are concerned. She can wear whatever she wants; string bikinis, bralettes, etc. She doesn’t experience back pain or limitations because of her bust size. She is comfortable with her natural size and doesn’t feel the need to exaggerate it, or play up the fact that she is a 28 FF. She considers herself normal. No one stares at her, no one asks her about her “huge boobs”.


We’d love to know what you think?  What is your definition of full busted?  What do you think the definition should be?

Until next time,

Jelz and the AEE team


Ewa Michalak Saint-Tropez Swimsuit Review

Ever since I first became acquainted with the Ewa Michalak brand, I had been hoping that a swimsuit would be released for sale.  I had even written and asked (pleaded!), to no avail.  So, when Spring 2016 rolled  around and I saw the first Facebook hints that some sort of swimwear would be released, I was super excited.  However, when I first saw the photos of the Saint-Tropez swimsuit I actually felt a bit disappointed.  I didn’t think that the retro style would suit me.  I had never tried high waisted bottoms and I just couldn’t see myself pulling off that look.  Still, I had waited soooo long for EM swimwear that I  couldn’t miss the chance to own my very own set, regardless of my initial reservations.    Anyway, its good to try new things.   Change is good!

I asked the lovely Jaimie of Bra Obsessed to please order a set for me right away.  Truth be told, I asked Jaimie to please order two sets for me to try because my size has fluctuated a bit as of late.  I’ve heard other adult  women say that their breast size has increased because of a ‘hormonal growth spurt’or  simply that their ‘breasts grew’ (and I can only assume that they mean ONLY their breasts).  Maybe that is true. Regardless, the truth of my own situation is that my breasts grew.  So did my gut.  What can I say?  I ate a lot of snacks over the winter and didn’t go to the gym as often as I had intended.  I confess!  That, my friends, is the reality of my situation.  It is what it is.

I purchased this set with the top in size 65GG (one cup up from my pre-winter indulgence size 65G) and the bottoms in size 36.  The band measures approximately 22.5″ unstretched and I actually couldn’t stretch it past 29″.   This is good news because it means it will stay put when it is wet.  It felt comfortable on my 27″ ribcage. The swim top is in my favourite S bra style.  It gives that wonderful up front and centre, lifted appearance that has made the S style so popular with so many women.


The suit is made of Lycra so that it is appropriate for pools and oceans (if you’re so lucky).  The inside of the cups are lined with nylon instead of the usual cotton  of EM bras and the swimsuit does have the removal ‘cookies’ for correcting asymmetry or boosting cleavage.


An interesting feature of the swim top is the removable cleavage strap detail.  The cleavage straps are elastic, with metal hooks and eyes for easy on / off and they feature adjustable sliders so that you can custom set the length yourself.  The straps attach to a metal ring on the shoulder straps and to a fabric loop at the centre of the gore.


Adding or removing these straps allows the wearer to choose from two quite different looks, as shown below.


The back (in size 65GG) has a regular 3 x 3 bra hook and eye closure, but these are disguised by a simple fabric tie that you do up over top of the bra closure.


Its almost like Ewa knew I’d been stuffing my face all winter because the bottoms actually have a sort of tummy control lining and they smooth any lumpiness that might have otherwise shown, which is nice.  Because of this lining, the bottoms feel snug and firm without much stretch, similar to how any type of tummy control underpants might feel.


I doubt I’ll get to wear my suit in Saint Tropez, but watch out Puerto Backyarda, the weather is getting warmer and I’ll be ready!







Bra Obsessed’s Exclusive Comexim Jade

I am lucky to live just about an hour and a half’s drive from Bra Obsessed and I recently made the trek out to visit owner Jaimie, to see all of her wonderful stock of goodies and to have a marathon try on.  First off, if you haven’t heard of  Bra Obsessed  yet, please check out my post here.

Of course I loved everything, lots of things took my eye and I left with two swimsuits, three bras and another two bras on order.  One  beautiful bra that particularly caught my eye in Jaimie’s shop was the newly released gorgeous Comexim Jade  which is an exclusive to Bra Obsessed.  We’re talking about a vivid, luxe emerald shade of jade here:


I was so excited when Jaimie generously gifted me a Jade set for review, and I couldn’t wait to share this gem with our readers!


The fabric is truly a rich emerald green with a satin sheen.  The black lace overlay on the cups conceals  the  seam work while giving the bra a sophisticated, sexy vibe.


When I first put this bra on, I immediately noticed that it had that  ‘Anna Pardal quality’ feel to it.  Firm band lovers will rejoice because, like the Anna Pardal bras, Jade has the addition of a supportive fabric liner built into the back side of the bra band, giving the band added firmness and strength.


Under clothing, Jade is very smooth.  The lace work on the cups helps to conceal the appearance of the bra’s seams through clothing.  Pictured below, I’m in a very thin t-shirt and you can barely see any outline of the bra.


I always like to have matching sets.  It makes me feel ‘put together’ somehow.  The man in my life appreciates it too.   And the matching Jade panties are so sexy and pretty!

The panties for Jade are available in three options:

The tap pants are gorgeous with their lace backs:


The panties are also available in thong version:


On a personal note, I’m turning 49 this year (yikes),  and I’m pretty sure  I lost my bum cheeks somewhere back in around 1992, so these days I find I really prefer a full bottom panty with leg elastic the whole way around to keep them from riding up.  Thankfully this style is available upon request, and mine are on order.  I don’t have a picture of them at this time, so you’ll have to use your imagination.

 Since Jade is exclusive to Bra Obsessed and was in fact designed by Bra Obsessed, I asked owner Jaimie about the design process, and her inspiration for Jade:
I’m actually also quite obsessed with home decor.  Of course, home decor and fashion seem to go hand in hand.  I’ve been really inspired by the pops of Emerald and Jade in home decor, as seen in this shameless plug showcasing my insanely talented sister’s artwork for sale on Etsy (you can check out her shop HERE)  😉
I also try to listen to my customers requests.  I have had a lot of customers asking for more rich colours.

So since I am in Canada, and Comexim is in Poland, I expressed all of my ideas to Anna and months later she told me that she found the fabric I had been wanting.  I knew I wanted it overlaid with a wide black lace, and when Anna showed me a couple of options, I immediately fell in love with the lace that we used.  Anna added her talented touch by laying it gracefully in the style of the Comexim Poison Ivy bra.
After speaking to many different customers and store owners, I tried to listen to what everyone is really looking for in a bra.  By far, the most common response was a good strong band that will stand the test of time.  I had also noticed that this was the main reason that Anna Pardal bras felt so solid, so I made sure that this bra was made just as solid.
Of course, I can offer any modifications regularly offered on Comexim bras (higher gore, lower gore, straps moved in, cookie pockets etc.).  There will be no charge on customizations except for when modifying it into a Longline, which would be an additional $10CAD.  It can also be made into a Halfcup, I just don’t have a picture yet of how this would look (although I will in about a week).
 At time of writing, I had worn Jade for one full day before remembering to measure the band.  This 30 band measures approximately 22.5″ unstretched.  At 30″ I could see some cup distortion happening and so I didn’t force it further.  As noted above, the band does have an added liner for strength and support and it does indeed feel firm.
If you’re feeling green with envy over my beautiful Jade, you can order your own either directly through the updated website at Bra Obsessed or by emailing Jaimie directly at
* This item was graciously provided for review by Bra Obsessed. All opinions are my own.

Panache Sports Vest review

Hello lovely readers!  I have a new review for you today, but I wanted to start with a bit of chit chat.

I’m sure that everyone seen the latest Spring offerings from Ewa Michalak.   Personally, I’ve placed an order for the gorgeous Ewa Michalak Opium set in S cut.  I think it will be the perfect Spring bra.  I’m so in love with the poppy printed fabric and the pink trim.  It is a rare thing when Ewa Michalak releases swimwear and so I’ve also ordered the new  Saint Tropez bikini, although to be honest, I’m really on the fence with how I feel about those high waisted bottoms.  I wish there had been options, but I still went ahead and ordered, so we shall see!   Speaking of swimwear, if you are subscribed to her email updates you will have seen that Bra Obsessed will be releasing two Comexim bikinis which are exclusive to Bra Obsessed and I’ve chosen the nautical bikini.  Can’t wait!  When my order comes in, I’m going to drive out to Bra Obsessed to collect my goodies in person, so stay tuned for that as a future post.  I’ve also recently returned from a Caribbean holiday where I put my last season’s Comexim bikinis to the test and I will report on that in another post.  So lots to look forward to.

But before I have to  review  bikinis for you, I’ve been at least trying to make an effort to get to the gym more often.  And that means sports bras.  I don’t have a huge inventory of sports bras but I thought it would be good to review what I do have, starting with my most recent purchase, the Panache Sports Vest.  I saw this one for a steal of a deal on eBay and grabbed it up in 30G.  The link to the  seller I used can be found HERE  in case you are interested in scooping one up for yourself.  I have used this seller, NatureFigures, in the past and have had no issues at all. Here is a stock picture of the item:

This item also is available in a bright coral/pink colourway but I felt that the black would go better with my selection of black yoga pants 😉

I liked the idea of the bra being built right into the tank top because I often struggle with finding the right match of gym top / bra so that I don’t get bra straps etc. showing out in the open.  I’m kind of fussy about that and I prefer to have my bra hidden, so this seemed like a great solution.  You can see in the picture below that it has a regular hook and eye bra closure.


The hook and eye bra closure is completely hidden by the back of the top that sits on top of it.


I had thought that the built-in bra was the exact same as the very popular 5021 Panache seamed model, which I own and I know it fits well, so this purchase seemed like a no-brainer.   You can see how my 5021 fits me in the photo below.


However, I was surprised to see, on closer examination, that the bra is actually a seamless bra as you can see in the photo below where I’ve put the vest on and then pulled up the vest to reveal the  built-in bra.


The thing I find unusual about the construction of this bra is that the cups continue long after the centre gore construction ends.  In the photo below, you can see the bra inside out.


In the picture below, my finger is touching the point at which the wires end.


While the cups seem to fit me properly and snugly everywhere else, I do have a bit of emptiness right in that upper inner boob part, above where those wires end, which you can hopefully see back in that first picture where I am showing the bra on me.  I would think most women would experience this same issue.  Although this gap must mean a compromise of support in that exact area, at least it is a small area and you can’t see this issue with the vest pulled down over top of the bra.  I’ll add a few shots of other angles of the bra on me.  First is a side view, followed by a bottoms up.  You can see in the side view that the bra gives a somewhat natural shape as opposed to a very rounded shape as I would have expected in  a seamless cup:

 256 257

The shoulder straps contain a hook at the back, enabling you to wear the vest as a racer back, which will give some extra support and stability.


It was a slight struggle to put this sport vest on and I had to do it up with the closure at the front and then carefully wiggle it around to the back.  I did think that the act of putting it on constituted a workout in itself, however, in pursuit of a fair review, I continued on to the gym.


Once at the gym, I joined into a rather intense Cardio Kick-Box class, for which I lasted approximately a third of the class before I thought I was actually going to throw up or pass out or possibly both, and so, in the interests of safety and preserving what little dignity I had left, I sat out in the hall and waited for the beginner Zumba class to start.    I did survive the entire 40 minute Zumba class and so I can safely tell you that the bra did its job quite well.  I felt as secure and bounce-free in it as I do in my Panache 5021, which is my favourite work horse gym bra.

As for the outer appearance of it as a work out top, it is a clingy spandex fabric.  It can accentuate tummy trouble.  I felt that it had a bit of a swimsuit look to it.  In fact, I’m sure it could do double duty as a tankini top if you are interested in using it for that purpose.    I felt that the colourful side panels drew attention to my chest, and made me look extra boobalicious which made me feel a bit self-conscious.  Because the fabric is a clingy synthetic, it did get sweat soaked quite quickly.


All in all though, I thought it worked pretty well, looked fairly decent and has made a good addition to my sport bra collection.  What do you think of the Panache Sports Vest?  And I’d love to know what your favourite sports bra is!

Romance is in the Air – with Comexim’s Rita

I’m sure you don’t need me to remind you that Valentine’s Day is almost upon us.


Whether you are looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day with your love, or Singles Awareness Day with your cat, I wanted to take this opportunity to review for you the beautiful Comexim Rita set, which is perfect for either a romantic evening, or an evening spent watching re-runs of Friends with the cat.


The version of Rita as shown on the Comexim site (as pictured below) is a deep plunge, similar to Comexim’s Ginger.


Many months ago, I had an opportunity to try Ginger, courtesy of the lovely Jaimie at Bra Obsessed  (You can see Bra Obsessed’s stock of Ginger here).  I found Ginger to be too shallow for me, but I know that other ladies have had success with it.  In any event, I wanted my Rita to be in Comexim’s standard plunge style, which works best for me, and luckily this is what was/is in stock at Bra Obsessed.  I asked Jaimie to send me Rita in my usual size 30G with the matching panties in size medium.

Take a look at the close ups of the gorgeous details on this bra:

  288           287

That eyelash lace!  That adorable ‘C’ charm!  Those black velvet bows!  Swoon!

And now for the matching panties:

289            290

The matching Rita panties feature a front panel of the same gorgeous red fabric used on the bra, with the back of the panties being sexy sheer black.  I love that these panties are comfy enough for every day wear.  No wedgies with these babies.

The panties are also available in thong style if you choose and as a final sexy option to this set, you can add the matching garter belt as shown in the stock picture up towards the top of this post.  I really wanted that garter, but in the end practicality won over (I figured they’d probably look weird under my Old Navy track pants which are part of my winter uniform 😛  )

I’ve seen other bras with eyelash lace but not with it right against the skin.  I think that the effect this gives is very sexy but I did wonder if it might be itchy or feel ticklish.  I don’t feel it at all.  This bra gets an A+ for comfort.


Whenever I first purchase a vibrantly coloured bra, I always worry that the colour might bleed.  I can confirm that this one is completely colour stable.

This is a 30 (65) band.  I’ve owned it since early December.  It currently measures approximately 22.5″ unstretched and approximately 30″ stretched hard.


You can order your own gorgeous Comexim Rita set in plunge style, just like mine, through Bra Obsessed because even if you don’t get what you hoped for Valentine’s Day, the good news is that you can always just buy it yourself.

Wishing you all a happy Valentine’s Day / Singles Awareness Day!!!

Cousins Abreast

I don’t have a bra review for you today, but rather I wanted to share a personal story – and it actually relates to my next bra purchase.

Family.  Apart from the family that I created for myself (my own hubby and kids), I don’t have much family.  I came to Canada as an immigrant only child of an only child.  I have a few cousins, in England, and only one girl cousin.  She is the closest thing I have to a sister.  Though we grew up an ocean apart, we’ve maintained a special relationship.  I’ve crashed her English seaside holidays.  She’s come to see me in Ontario.  We’ve been lost in Paris together.  We watched her brother be married in an Irish castle together (I lucked out with that invite didn’t I?!).  We’ve sailed down the River Thames together and we’ve giggled our way through London more than once, and yet long expanses of time can go without us even contacting each other.

And so it was up until that fateful day about six months ago when I noticed her Facebook status.  Something about being frightened of a hospital procedure she needed to have done.  I messaged her right away.  She’d noticed a lump on her breast some time ago.  She’d had it biopsied, was in pain and the hospital had called wanting a further biopsy.   I was scared for her but I was still confident that this would be all right.  Of course it would.  She’s my cousin.  She’s seven years younger than me.  She always gets sick too, but it is always minor really.  Like the time we had gone to Madame Toussaud’s famous wax museum and she had been unwell.  She had sat down to recover on a bench beside a wax figure, all pale and waxy herself and a man had walked up and touched her, not realizing she was a real live person!  We laughed about it for hours after.   I wouldn’t allow myself to think of it any more seriously than this.  This would be dealt with quickly and efficiently and we could all move right along.  Easy peasy.

The results of the second biopsy showed that she had the dreaded Big C.  Cancer.  Specifically Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of the Breast.  An uncommon cancer in the UK.  3500 miles apart, we cried together into our keyboards.  A third operation was scheduled to remove more tissue as well as her lymph nodes.   I wanted answers.  She didn’t have answers.  In retrospect I’m pretty sure she wanted answers too and I probably wasn’t actually following the What Not to Say to People with Cancer stuff.  But she is my family so I think (I hope) I was forgiven.

The third surgery was completed and we waited to hear the results.  By now I wasn’t feeling confident any longer, and neither was she.  Just as well too, because more cancer had been found.  A fourth surgery was scheduled.

The fourth surgery was completed and the eventual result was that unbelievably they had found a different type of cancer in her breast. What are the cruel odds of that?!  A fifth surgery was booked.  She would have a full bilateral mastectomy.

The fifth surgery was completed.  It took in excess of six hours and left my cousin in extreme pain but at last the cancer was completely removed.  Fillable implants with expanders had been placed inside her so that her breasts could be reconstructed.  She joked that now she could finally become like Dolly Parton.  I joked that now we’d both be made of plastic / wasn’t that fantastic.  We both think we’re comedians.  It runs in the family 😉

Unbelievably, my poor cousin got an infection in one of the incisions and had to have a sixth procedure to clean the infection out.  She’s just now, AT LAST, had the ‘all clear’ from the surgeon.  The cancer is gone.  The infection is gone.  She’s healing well (fingers crossed) and, although she will still have to have three weeks of daily radiotherapy, she can start having her new boobs filled.

While family and friends sent flowers and chocolate, I had a different idea of a celebration gift.  Once her breasts have been filled and have settled and she has been cleared by her surgeon to wear a wired bra, I plan on buying my brave and beautiful cousin her first ever Polish bra (and matching panties too of course).  A strange gift perhaps but I hope (literally) that it will be a fitting one.  One that will support her new breasts and help her to again feel confident, beautiful, feminine . . . all that good stuff.   I think she deserves that, and so much more.








Until next time,


Ewa Michalak S Bezus – a Bradrobe Staple

Although brightly coloured, fun printed bras are great to have and work well under many outfits, I think that there is still an important place for simple, beige  bras in all of our bradrobes.

Ewa Michalak’s S Bezus is one of those bras that I had overlooked previously, possibly in my haste to focus on those fun, bright bras instead, but also because I find it more difficult to imagine how a bra will look on me unless I see it on a model who is a similar size to me.  While this bra looks very nice on the model, I had difficulty in visualizing it on myself.   Maybe I just don’t have the best imagination but maybe other readers are guilty of this also?

Stock picture from the Ewa Michalak site:


I recently had an opportunity to purchase  the S Bezus when it came up for sale from another implanted lady who had purchased it in a size too small for herself.  This bra, in size 65GG, is one cup size larger than I normally wear, however, my 65G bras do fit quite snug and I’m unable to wear the ‘cookies’ in them, so I thought it was worth a shot.  I was pleased to see that it does indeed fit, with the cookies in, making it a good ‘oomph’ bra for me.  Band measurement on this one is approximately 23″ unstretched and approximately 31″ stretched hard.  I have a 27″ ribcage and the band felt snug but not uncomfortable and did not ride up, however, if you prefer your bands very firm, you may wish to sister size down with this one.


Lets take a look at the lavish little details which always set Ewa Michalak bras apart from the crowd.


The cups are covered in a shiny beige knit.  The benefit to this is a smooth appearance under clothes; the flip side of that is that the fabric could snag if you don’t treat it with care.  Washing it carefully and keeping grubby man hands away from the goods should take care of those issues 😉   The lace at the gore and sides of the cups is gorgeous and elevates this otherwise quite basic bra to a thing of subtle beauty.  A small satin bow and ‘diamond’ drop detail at the gore gives a pretty, feminine touch.

A close up of that lovely lace:


This insides of the cups are lined with cotton for comfort.


The bra comes with removable ‘cookies’ which can be used to even out asymmetry or to give an extra cleavage boost.


Four rows of three hooks offer extra stability.


Interestingly, I did notice that although moving to the GG cup gave more depth, there was very little difference in cup height as compared to the G.  I checked this out by laying my 65G S Kicia Szalowa  bra over top of the 65GG S Bezus to see what the actual difference was and found it to be very minimal:


Below, I am wearing my S Kicia in size 65G in the top picture and my S Bezus in size 65GG in the bottom picture.  My cleavage is less mashed together in the GG, but the cups are not noticeably higher.


It would appear from this little experiment that when keeping the same band size but going up by a cup size, although the larger sized cups will be deeper, the cup height will be scaled down.

Clothed appearance is predictably smooth.  As the bra is quite close to my own skin tone, this will work well under light coloured / thinner tops as well.


If you are looking to add a beige bra to your own bradrobe, it may be time to give the S Bezus a second look.


50 Shades of You Know… (Ewa Michalak SM Ty wiesz… Review)

Ewa Michalak’s SM Ty wiesz.  It needs no introduction.   The name translates from Polish to English as You Know… but for once I was pretty much at a loss for words!  Pictures from the website are below.


I tried mine on and deferred to my husband for his opinion.  He looked up from his morning newspaper, momentarily speechless, then stammered, “is that b-b-b-bondage?” while looking around somewhat anxiously for signs of whips and handcuffs. (Stars have been added to the pictures below for modesty.)

007 008

As you can see, on my somewhat warm toned skin, the nude mesh fabric of the cups disappears and the effect truly is that I am wearing only bondage straps.  The jewelled circles on the straps at the cleavage are actually adjustable sliders, allowing for a custom fit.  The straps on which the sliders sit  are  elasticated and so it stays put very nicely.

The matching panties are of course elaborately crafted, with no attention to detail spared, as expected.

From top to bottom below, you can see the front and back of the panties.  They feature the same elasticized straps with the same adjustable jewelled sliders.  These are beautiful and very sexy panties.  I love matching sets and the effect of this set together is a good one.



I always say that my Ewa Michalak beauties all go into regular rotation despite looking as though they should be kept for special occasions.  I feel that this set is no exception.  Every day has the potential to turn into a special occasion, especially when you are wearing this! 😉

While you may think that Ty wiesz  looks like a ‘bedroom only’ bra, it is completely functional.

The elastic cleavage straps do come up quite high and could show in a lower cut top but below I am wearing it under a crew neck sweater without issues.



Under a thinner top, you may notice the seams slightly but honestly, how can you nitpick about a bra this special?  If you are looking for an SM style bra which offers a very smooth appearance, I suggest Wanilla (review HERE) or Czarna Mgielka if you are looking for a black (review HERE).

I did wonder though, with those straps being so pretty, perhaps they could also be shown off as another option.  I tried the bra with my Urkye tuba top with good success (review on that one HERE).


I purchased this bra in my usual size 65G.  There is no stretch to the cup fabric on this bra so you do need to have your size nailed down for it to fit perfectly.  The unstretched band measures approximately  24.5 inches.  Stretched, it measures 30 inches before some good wire distortion starts happening.  With my 27″ rib cage it feels comfortable; not too tight nor too loose.  I purchased the matching panties in my usual size 36 and they fit well.


Dear readers, I am happy to report that you need not be a whip-wielding Dominatrix to own this beautiful set.  You may think it to be a little over the top but why not inject a little spice into your life?  Don’t let this one get away.  This bra is currently available on the Ewa Michalak website but why wait when you can also pick this set up very quickly by ordering through   Bra Obsessed. Check to see if your size is in stock.  Our readers can enjoy a special 10% discount at Bra Obsessed with the code bra10 which is good up until and including this Thursday, October 22nd.  Remember, prices shown are in Canadian dollars so you can snag yourself a good deal with the discount.

…and Ms. Michalak?  I am curious as to how you will top this one?!


I’m going to start with giving you the goods right here, right now because I’m sure some of you have noticed the amount of gorgeous brand new stock in at Bra Obsessed  (all of the new Comexims are in – Sonia, Victoria and Beauty as well as a bounty of just-released Ewa Michalak goodies, and even some luxurious Anna Pardal) so that you can click on that buy button before your size is gone so here we go:

Use promo code bra10 effective immediately and running for one week to receive 10% off of your purchase at Bra Obsessed.  This code applies to all items in stock and also can be used for all special orders (there will be a wait time of course for special orders).  You can contact Jaimie at for special order requests.   Shipping is a flat rate of $15.00 CAD so be sure to have a browse and grab yourself some deals.

On to my review!

I go dotty for dots and so earlier this year when Comexim showed a sneak peek preview picture of their Dottie bra, I knew I needed it.  ASAP.  This colour combination is irresistible and there is just something fun about knowing that you have pretty Polish eye candy on underneath your clothes.  Its like having your own little feel good secret.


Luckily for me before Dottie had even hit Comexim’s web site, my trusty Polish bra dealer Jaimie at Bra Obsessed already had an order going in to Comexim which included a run of Dottie.   You can read more about Bra Obsessed right here.  My Dottie was ordered in size 70H in Comexim’s sizing which is a 32FF in UK sizing.  Comexim sold through retailers have UK sizing tags.


Although with my 27″ ribcage I can wear 65HH (UK 30G) and have been trying to order more in 65 (UK 30) and less in 70 (UK 32) bands lately, I do find those 70 bands to be very comfortable.  What can I say.  All those years of wearing 34 and even 36 bands make change tough.

I always say that the ‘C’ in Comexim stands for Comfort and I do find this particular bra to be extremely comfortable.


Lets talk about the little details that make this bra stand out.  Those hot pink straps!  I love them.  And look at the metal strap adjusters. They are in teal to coordinate with the bra’s main cup colour.  How adorable is that?  Notice the little hot pink frill that runs along the bottom of the band?  I’m giddy.


Check out the tiny dottie bows.  Love.


Because I live such an exciting life here in The Great White North, I actually took the time to investigate why it is that I particularly prefer Dottie. Lo and behold, look at that!  The cups on my Dottie are about 1/4″ taller than on my Comexim Pantera as you can see in the picture below.  The cups on Dottie are also firmer than my other Comexims and I’m sure this helps to give me a great shape, since I am somewhat soft.  What all of this means is that Dottie is not only a pretty piece of perky, pleasingly playful Polish eye candy; it is also a palatial, powerful Polish work horse and it makes me feel positively pulchritudinous!  Try saying that 10 times fast.


Clothed, Dottie gives a wonderful rounded and uplifted appearance and the seams are smooth and flat and not noticeable at all.


Of course, here at AEE when one of us  shares pix of  a beautiful bra purchase, it often starts a trend.  Below you can see my fellow bloggers from top left:  Tanzilove in a half cup variation, Gogo in a plunge,  MissDizz in a half cup and Yoomee in a plunge.  All of the below bras except for Tanzilove’s have also had some custom modifications.

AEE.Dottie.1  AEE.Dottie.3


If you are interested in getting your very own adorable Dottie bra, I did notice that Bra Obsessed has quite a few in stock at the moment, which means  that you too could have have your own fabulous and fun Dottie bra super quickly, thanks to Jaimie’s very prompt shipping.