Bolero Beachwear DD+ Amour Maxi Dress.



As anyone with a larger bust knows, it’s a real challenge to find clothing that fits and flatters.  Dresses can be especially difficult if your bust to waist ratio is of the more hourglass variety.  To the rescue is Bolero Beachwear!  They make adorable clothing that is made to fit and flatter the DD+ woman.

Today I’m excited to share my review of the Amour Maxi.  I was generously sent this dress for review but all opinions are my own. We recently featured this wonderful company and it’s creator, Patricia McCaw in one of our retailer spotlights here and my fellow blogger Jelz reviewed the cute and flirty hanky dress here.


Lets get down to the details!  The Amour Maxi is described on the Bolero site:

“Cross-over top with the right coverage, no pins needed. V-neck, short sleeves at the right length to cover under arms, lined back top, very flowing skirt to free your hips and the belt will accentuate your hourglass figure.  The soft mix of 90% Poly-10% Spandex makes this a must-have dress for your travels. Easy-care, wrinkle-resistant and sturdy material, no thin, t-shirt material here.”img_0183


I love the cross over top that fits like a glove.  It gives a very flattering neckline without being too revealing.  I could move freely, bend over, etc. and there were no worries of anything falling open.  The red belt, which also comes in royal blue is completely separate and ties to adjust for size.  I tied mine in the back, but the Bolero site pictures it tied on the side.  bolero3


The material is stretchy but of a very nice weight, not too thin or sheer.  The wrinkle free feature is great, and I can definitely attest to it!

I wear a size 14 in almost everything, and the dress in Large fit perfect.  The length is very nice on my 5″9 frame as well, perfect for flats or wedges like I paired it with here.  Note that dress length can be customized upon request by emailing Bolero.



This dress would be perfect for work but the stretchy fabric certainly makes it comfortable enough to wear casually.  I personally live in dresses in the warm weather seasons, and this will surely be a wardrobe staple.

I can highly recommend this dress and Bolero as a whole.  Patricia is a gem and is very willing to help with sizing or any other questions.  She is clearly passionate about what she does, and it shows!  Go check out the Bolero site and when you find something you have to have use code ENHANCED15 when you place an order to enjoy 15% off!   Bolero Beachwear dresses can be purchased online through the Bolero website HERE or at select retailers.  Don’t forget to like Bolero’s Facebook page as well so you can keep abreast 🙂 of new styles and info!


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Lilly & Lime – A DD+ Bikini Dream

Screenshot 2016-07-04 at 4.37.07 PM

Anyone who knows me, knows I do NOT wear bikinis.  After my first baby turned my stomach into a soggy roadmap 12 years ago, it was one pieces; or for a short stint, the dreaded “Mom Tankini” from then on out.  I even blogged about my penchant for sexy one piece suits here.  So when Aussie bikini makers Lilly & Lime contacted us about reviewing their suits, my first reaction was “You girls can take this one, I’ll pass.”  However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that there are many women out there that don’t love they way they look in a bikini, and maybe they might want to see what these suits look like on a soggy road map!  Ok, probably not, but they might want to know how it works on someone with a few flaws.  With that in mind, I give you a review of this beautiful and functional bikini designed with the D+ cup size woman in mind.

As stated earlier, Lilly & Lime is based in Australia but they ship worldwide.  The bikinis come in 3 different cup sizes:  Full cup, Halter and Balconette.  The bottoms come in Full Brief, Basic Brief and Hipster tie.  The set that was chosen for me included a Balconette top and Full Brief bottom in black.

2 3

These suits are very well constructed out of high quality fabric.  They are not cheap, but in my opinion, the price reflects the quality very well.  This is a suit I can imagine I will be able to wear year after year.  The styles are classic and the construction certainly seems like it will hold up well.  They are sent in an adorable fabric tote bag that my daughter loves to use, and I have to chuckle at her carrying around a bag that proudly states “Swimwear for D-Cup and Up.” 1

For size comparison, I wear an 80GG in Ewa Michalak, and a 36FF in Freya.  I was originally sent a 36G and it was very small in the cup, so they very generously exchanged it for a 36GG, which fit great.

I will say I think the band runs a bit big, and after wearing it all day, I thought I probably should’ve gotten a 34, especially since I prefer to wear the balconette top strapless. I typically wear a US pant size 14, so they sent me the bottoms in a AU 18 (gotta love that size conversion 😦 )  The bottoms fit perfect and the Full Brief style has a waistband that can be folded down.  The waistband is great, because it doesn’t dig into my bread dough…I mean stomach.  and I like having the flexibility in ways to wear it.  I also think the little LL emblems on the suit are a really cute accent.


For some less “plus sized” reviews of other Lilly & Lime styles, check out my beautiful fellow AEE bloggers MsDizz, Jelz and Yoomee’s reviews.


All in all, I have to say Lilly & Lime knocked it out of the park.  These suits are beautiful and functional and I would purchase one without hesitation.


Ewa Michalak BM Tajemniczy Ogród – Romance in the ‘Secret Garden’

Photo from the Ewa Michalak website.
Photo from the Ewa Michalak website.

My love affair with Ewa Michalak began as soon as I was cleared to wear wired bras after my surgery and it was  the stuff of well fitting bra dreams!  As a true Polish bra junkie, I don’t just check her site, but also follow her Instagram.  When I saw teaser pictures of her new collection that included this floral beauty, I quickly alerted the rest of the AEE team and we all started plotting our future orders.  The BM style was one I hadn’t tried and to be honest, it didn’t tempt me as much as the other styles.  The BM Tajemniczy Ogród however, is a whole different story.

Translated to mean ‘Secret Garden,’ this style is a beautiful floral print accented with soft pink lace and tulle.  It has such a fairytale romance feel to it, reminding me of the classic novel by the same name.  I always loved that whimsical story and I knew this was the one BM style I needed in my life.  The unlined cups are constructed of a satiny floral fabric printed with flowers in dusty pinks and purples.  The tops of the cups feature a soft pink stretch tulle that is forgiving to asymmetrical breasts. IMG_7788

A note on fit:  The BM style is known to run on the bigger side, and although I ordered this one in an 80GG, a full cup size smaller than my usual 80H, it’s sadly still too big in the cups.  So, I would order this in at least 1 cup down, depending on how you run in Ewa bra sizes.  I am what I would consider an 80GG1/2.  In the Padded styles, the H is best, but even my 80H SM styles are a tad roomy.  Personally, I’d rather have that bit of roominess instead of potentially having the wires digging in, so I will stick with them, but If I order another BM I will probably size down 2 cups.  I imagine the stretch fabric at the top of all BM bras will accommodate that nicely.  For another opinion on the BM style, check out my fellow blogger Yoomee’s review of the BM Naomi hereIMG_7787


As always, I ordered the matching thong in a size 42 and it is just exquisite.  The sides and back are made of a double layer of that pink stretch tulle with cute pink bows accenting the front and back.  As with all of my Ewa Michalak thongs, it is so well constructed and comfortable.


At the moment, this beautiful romantic bra is on sale for 30 PLN off the original price.  I don’t know how long that will last, so I’d suggest you snag yours fast!

Swimwear That’s Not Minus Sized?

I fall into a size category that I find incredibly frustrating at times.  At 5’9, pants are flood ready, sleeves are closer to 3/4 length and tops can easily show off my navel.  Sometimes I get lucky finding things that are long enough, and sometimes brands will carry a sliver of a ‘tall’ selection.

My biggest frustration lately is swimwear.  One piece suits are almost always too short, making them so high cut, I look like I’m auditioning for a Whitesnake video.tawny

Before I had augmentation surgery, I could usually just hike and tug a suit to land somewhere between Tawny Kitaen and JLO at the 2000 Grammys.  JLONowadays, I have boobs that can and will fall out of something too low cut.   “Just wear a bikini!” you say.  Well, although I’m tall enough to be a runway model, I wear a US size 14 and I’ve had 3 children.  So, I haven’t felt comfortable in a 2 piece since 2003.  There are, of course lots of stores that carry ‘Plus sized’ swimwear, but I’m on the very low end of that spectrum, and I don’t think I should have to wear something that my Nana would think was “precious.”

While recently preparing for a beach trip with my husband, I made it my mission to find a few options that I would feel comfortable AND sexy in.  I bought and returned several suits from various online retailers, but I did manage to find a few very cute options!

First up is the Scarf City Push Up One Piece from Kenneth Cole.  It’s not available from the retailer I bought it from, but I did find one here.  It is a bit low cut and won’t work for everyone, but I love this style and find it sexy without being too revealing.  The fabric is just firm enough to feel supported and will give some tummy control without feeling constricting.  It ties behind the neck in a halter style and has what I would consider pretty full bum coverage. I ordered this in an XL.KC

Another option I found is, gasp! a 2 piece!  I recently ordered the St. Tropez bikini from Ewa Michalak reviewed in detail by our own Jelz here.  Sadly the bottoms just weren’t for me, but the top in 85G fits great and looks very cute in my opinion with the bottoms that I got as part of a set at Unique Vintage.  The top in the Monroe bikini set was too small, but the bottoms are great, as they don’t cut into my waist at all.  I got these in XL also and the fit is exactly right. They have ruching all along the front which hides a multitude of sins, and also a full coverage bum.  I highly recommend Unique Vintage if you like the retro style and are an easier fit in the bust.


Last but not least is an option that not everyone would  be comfortable with, and if I were anywhere but on vacation with my husband, I wouldn’t either.  It’s the Color block Plunge One Piece from Victoria’s Secret.  It’s not currently available, but it has been sold out and back on the site a couple of times, so if you love it, keep checking the availability.  I ordered a large, which is usually perfect from VS but this suit runs much smaller than any other suit I’ve owned from them.  I think it’s because the fabric has very little stretch.  It’s a bit revealing and racy, but I love it.  The front has a very deep plunge, partly because it’s actually a bit short for my torso and on me, it shows quite a bit of sideboob.  The back is a low plunge with very cheeky bum coverage.



Three new suits that I actually like is a huge score for me, and it gives me hope that I can find more options for my seemingly impossible proportions!  If you have any recommendations for your favorite brands, styles or retailers, share them!  Us Amazons need all the help we can get!

xo Treschic

Sugar and Spice

Today’s review is of an Ewa Michalak SM style bra that will be available tomorrow! The SM Ja Wiem.

I ordered this sheer beauty in September of 2015 when we were very generously given a preview and a chance to order before the the new collection launched.  At that time, they released the SM Ty wiesz, as reviewed by my fellow AEE blogger, Jelzzz.  This beautiful pink version never hit the site for sale, but according to Ewa Michalak it will be available tomorrow, and my advice to you is in the words of Tom and Donna from Parks and Rec…Treat yourself!



The mesh is a beautiful blush pink, that is an alternative nude to the Ty wiesz for someone as fair as I am.

While, nowhere near the range, having the two colors reminds me of the new Christian Louboutin Nudes campaign.  I love that more brands are expanding their definition of “nude.”


Sigh.  Can we just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of these shoes?…OK, back to the topic at hand!






The black seams and trim give it a retro, old Hollywood feel that’s just the right balance of naughty and nice.  It has a pretty black bow and the decorative, jewelled straps above the tops of the cups are adjustable, but do not detach.

IMG_6483 It can easily be hidden under a higher neck top, or shown off in a scoop or deep V-neck.  In true Ewa Michalak fashion, this bra is beautifully made and fits like a dream.


I own it in 85G.  I am currently having a bit of a shift in my bra size due to losing a bit of weight and probably also to my implants settling more.  I was previously wearing all of my Ewa Michalak bras in 85G, but I’m finding that I need a tighter band and a bit more room in the cup.  That being said, this bra fits beautifully at the moment…that was clear as mud sizing advice, huh? 🙂

Here it is with a Freya Deco behind it for shape.  Notice the color looks different in these pictures because of the Deco’s color peeking through.  IMG_6485IMG_6484






The SM style is a particular favorite of mine because an unlined bra was never possible for me before my surgery.  For those not familiar with my surgery story, you can read about it here.  I waited my whole life to be able to wear a beautiful lace or mesh bra and now that I can, the SM style is a dream come true!  To my surprise, this is one of my most comfortable bras!  I held off wearing it for a long time because I assumed I wouldn’t want to wear it for long.  I was wrong! Now, don’t get me wrong, you might have a hard time keeping it on, but it won’t be for lack of comfort 😉

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Ugly Betties

Before my surgery, you would never hear me talking about bras, or at least not with happiness or excitement.  If I did mention them to anyone, it was to moan and complain about how much I hated them, and my boobs.  Nothing ever fit.  I always had empty, gaping cups, or an awful (to me) pointy shape if the bra wasn’t padded.  Even while breastfeeding my daughter, the only one of three children I could successfully breastfeed, my boobs were ugly pointy reminders that I was deformed.

I always knew I looked different from everyone else.  I didn’t look like my Mom or my sister, or any of my friends that changed in front of me, completely free of inhibitions because they looked ‘normal.’  It wasn’t until I tried to breastfeed my first baby that I came to learn that not only were they ugly, but they were also useless.  They couldn’t even do what boobs are designed for.  I had nightmares about what I would do in a zombie apocalypse if I couldn’t get formula and feed my baby.  One night, at about 2 a.m. in a sleep deprived stupor, I realized that the can of formula I had just bought that day was expired.  I immediately drove to the grocery store where I bought it and pounded on the door until a poor unsuspecting night stocker opened the door and took the brunt of my wrath.  Fearing for his life, he exchanged the can and backed away slowly before calling the police, I’m sure.  I cried like a baby when I got back into my car because I shouldn’t have to buy formula!  I read all the books, I made sure every nurse on the floor where I delivered knew not to give him a pacifier.  I fed all day and all night.  I fed him until I was bleeding, but he still screamed.  When I realized that despite all my efforts, I was  essentially starving my baby, I was devastated.  My body had betrayed me, and there was nothing I could do about it.  One day I was watching a show about plastic surgery and a woman was having a consultation for a breast augmentation.  I noticed right away that her boobs looked like mine!  When the doctor told her she had tuberous breasts, and that it was a congenital defect,  I immediately looked it up online.  What I found were dozens of other women with stories just like mine.  It was comforting but it also made me hate my breasts even more.  I always wanted surgery to make them look more normal, but now that I knew they were actually deformed?  The idea of slicing and dicing them appealed to me even more.  For years I pled with my husband to have the surgery.  He hated the idea and didn’t want to talk about it.  Money was always tight anyway, so it just wasn’t in the cards.  I had my 2nd baby, and I didn’t even try to breastfeed.  My mom urged me to just try, but I couldn’t even talk about it.  I had a form of post traumatic stress over it.  I could not go through it again.  Then of course, PPD kicked in and I felt like a criminal for not trying.  When we started talking about having a third baby, I decided I would try everything I could to breastfeed, even if it only met some of the baby’s needs.  Through a lot of research, lactation consultants, herbs and tears, I was able to have a successful breastfeeding relationship with my 3rd and last baby.  When she was done nursing at almost 2 years old, I decided I was going to finally have surgery to correct my ugly Betties.  By this time my husband was on board, and we had the money to do it.  It was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.  Someday, if there’s interest, I’ll write a post in detail about the surgery process.

Fast forward to 3 months after surgery.  I met a group of women online that had an almost cult-like love of Polish bras.  Polish?!  Why?  I’ll tell you why.  If you size out of Victoria’s Secret which seems like the only place to buy bras (it’s not!) and you don’t want to wear something that looks like your ancestors who came through Ellis Island wore, you need a Polish bra.  They are a thing of beauty…and support!  They are beautiful, fit wonderfully (usually after some trial and error) and give amazing shape.  For some reason, a lot of bra makers think that if you’re larger than a D cup, you want to wear something called a “Minimizer.”  Um, nope!  I bought these bad boys, I want them on display!  I want cleavage and lift, and I want pretty colors, and fabrics!  Polish brands just get it.  They get that even women in a ‘N’ cup (yup, we’ve got one of those!) want a pretty bra, and they want it to fit without the cups coming up to their neck, or without wires wrapping around to their back.  If you’ve never heard of Polish bras, please do yourself and your boobs a favor and have a good look around here.  If you have heard of them, stay tuned for reviews of specific bras and brands and leave a comment about your favorites!


xo Treschic

Anna Pardal. Lux Lingerie For All Women.


As you may know by now, in my quest to find the perfect fitting bra, I was thrilled to find Polish made brands like Ewa Michalak and Comexim.  I love them both equally, for different reasons.  It’s like my kids.  I could never choose one over the other.  Well, apparently my bras imitate life, and I have a 3rd Polish bra child to cherish and adore.


Anna Pardal is a luxury line of Polish lingerie that has teamed up with Comexim to bring high quality bras and panties to women of all sizes.  They use only the finest Spanish and Italian fabrics and lace to produce some of the most beautiful undergarments I’ve ever seen.  The marriage of the Comexim fit to Anna Pardal’s beautiful fabrics and designs are an absolutely perfect union!

I recently interviewed Anna Wroblewska at Anna Pardal to get more insight on this wonderful collaboration.  I learned so much about her (we share a love of Sophia Loren!) and her business.  Put on your sexiest bra and read on!




  1.  What influenced you to get into the lingerie business?
    It all started hunched over a friend’s laptop in her apartment. She walked past me and said, “Anna, your bra is way too big.” I was totally confused, and that was when she opened the door for me into the magical world of bra-fitting. It was an instant passion. Discovering the perfectly-fitting bra was like a magic cape for me, something that made me feel like the most fearsome, sexy, and self-assured version of myself, someone who knows who she is, how valuable she is, and what she wants. I thought, “There is no way that so many women out there don’t have this.”
  2. How did the brand, Anna Pardal, come to be?
    I came to a moment professionally when I knew I wanted to build something of value, and as I started sifting through the things I loved and what my mission and goals in life were, lingerie presented itself as the obvious answer. As the concept took shape, it became apparent that what I had on my hands was a global boutique with far-reaching positive consequences for both myself and others, a place to where one can find gorgeous lingerie and discover the beauty, sophistication, and sense of luxury that comes from perfect fit (and staggeringly beautiful Southern European fabrics!).
  3. How long have you been designing bras?
    I started in 2012! It’s just a few years, but I feel like it’s been a lifetime. It’s impossible to express how much you learn when you just dive into your dream and learn how to swim.
  4. Where do you find inspiration for your designs?
    I am a huge quote collector (you’ve probably noticed this on the website and newsletter!) so I am very often inspired by the wonderful things that other people have said — especially people who have made it their business to craft beauty from the world. For this collection, I kept coming back to this particular photo of Sophia Loren. She is the picture of elegance, sophistication, and good humor. sophia
    I also take a great deal of inspiration from the people around me and the people who I work with, namely my family, customers, and colleagues. Individual customers email me with wonderful wish lists and colors they love, and retail partners like Erica Windle of A Sophisticated Pair provide a sharp eye and the kind of good humor and partnership that makes you excited to get to work every day.
  5. What makes you stand out from other lingerie designers?
    We listen. There are no preconceived notions at Anna Pardal, and I seek out as much feedback as I possibly can from our customers, working constantly to adjust our designs, our fit, and our styles to meet those needs.
    We’re also unique in terms of style and fit. Our patterns are very unique compared to everything else on the market, in terms of the luxuriousness of our Italian and Spanish fabrics, the sophisticated and yet approachable styling of our collections, and the immense sense of comfort that I want people to feel when wearing our designs. This is all about tireless efforts to improve fit for every customer. I think too much of lingerie is focusing on “fixing” or patently ignoring the immense and wonderful variety of human forms — it is my mission as a person and as a designer to bring an unshakable appreciation of oneself to every Anna Pardal customer.
  6. How often does your company come out with new designs? Between our first and second collection we waited TWO YEARS! This was actually intentional. It’s very important to me to grow a sustainable and wonderful business that represents the ideals I care most about, and to get to the point where we could release the second collection — in a way that felt right — took some time. But from here on out we want to do two per year minimum 🙂
  7. Are you the sole designer in your company, or do you have other designers in your company that help with creating new styles as well?
    I work closely with Anna Matczak of Comexim, who manufactures our bras. She is an absolute wonder woman when it comes to fit, styling, and tailoring, and she has an amazing eye for beauty and detail — all of which make her an inspiring and wonderful colleague! I also lean heavily on my partner in love, life, and business, Ronald Oliver. He’s a menswear designer and the force behind the brand Oliver West, and we influence each other’s work quite a bit.
  8. How many people work for Anna Pardal?
    Aside from our suppliers, agents, etc., we are officially two Annas, not including Anna Matczak of Comexim! (Anna is a very common name in Poland 🙂 ) The “other” Anna is the person who makes it possible for me to focus on nurturing the business. There is also a huge sphere of unofficial partners and collaborators — from fabric manufacturers to agents, customers, and advisors, there are many minds involved in the making of a beautiful product.
  9. Where do you find the materials and fabrics that you use to make your bras and lingerie?
    All of our fabrics are Spanish and Italian. Being in Poland is wonderful on this front, as it’s so close (I was based in South Africa before)! We are actually going to a big textiles trade show in Milan next month — I can’t wait to see what we come back with.
  10. What is your favorite thing about your job?
    I absolutely love it, LOVE IT, when women say to me that they’ve never felt more comfortable, more beautiful, and more sophisticated in a bra. I always think back to one of my very first customers, a wonderful young woman who I fitted in person. She felt so self-conscious about her full-busted figure and was struggling with back pain, and when she put on the perfect sized Anna Pardal Milk & Honey she actually started crying with happiness and relief. I get chills just thinking about it! It was so incredible to see her stand a little straighter , walk a little taller, and really take ownership of herself as a woman. I always tell people: “If something doesn’t fit, it’s not your fault. It’s the garment’s fault.” And yet it’s so easy to think that it’s us, not them. We must never believe that we need to tailor ourselves to fit our clothing in order to be beautiful. No. Our clothing must be tailored to us so that we can truly relish in and express our individual beauty and light.
  11. What is your favorite thing about the lingerie industry?
    I have a very romantic notion of lingerie. It’s not just underwear and it’s not just about being sexy or providing a structural foundation for your outfit. It’s a metaphor for so many ideals that I think are wonderful and important — self-care, confidence and self-assurance, mastery and knowing thyself. The idea of relishing in yourself and seeing yourself as the work of art that you are.
  12. What is the most common question that your customers ask regarding bra fitting? The most common questions I see typically revolve around the cup. Determining whether a cup fits or not can be a complicated task, as you have not only the shape of the wire to take into account but the shape and size of the cup and how it relates to the size of the band. A bra is a subtle piece of engineering! It’s important to remember that you should essentially breathe a sigh of relief when you’re wearing the perfect fit. No tugging in the band, no weird pressure points, no difficulty breathing and nothing smushed or gapping. The band should be smooth and straight, the breast tissue fully encased but not trapped. And it’s always a good sign when you see yourself in the mirror and say, “Wow!” 🙂
  13. What is the most common problem that you see when you are trying to fit someone for a  bra?
    It’s a bra-fitting proverb at this point that most people wear too-large bands and too-small cups, and it is indeed common. This is not the customer’s fault of course — historically speaking, options have been very limited! But the bigger problem is the effect that those limited options have had on us as people: we tend to walk into lingerie purchases with this horrible sense that there is something wrong with us, that finding something beautiful and perfect and comfortable is an impossible task. Not true! It is so important to me that women experience the opposite feelings when buying Anna Pardal — empowerment, delight, and true self-appreciation. Like I say again and again: If it doesn’t fit, it’s not your fault. It’s the garment’s fault. And we’ve built our business on the belief that garments can and should be tailored to the customer.
  14. Where can our readers purchase your products?
    We sell our collections online through our website,, and through third-party retailers. You can see a full listing on our site!
  15. How do you find the majority of your customers?Most of our customers come to us by way of lingerie blogs, our retailers, and bra-fitting forums. We have been fortunate to develop wonderful relationships in the industry that make it possible for us to always meet new people and get more and more perfectly-fitting bras into the world.
  16. What is the best way for potential new customers to find or contact you with any questions they may have regarding your products?
    I can be reached directly via email on I get a lot of emails so it can take a few days reply, but it’s very important to me to help each individual customer find that perfect bra.
  17. What is your favorite thing about the bras that you design?
    I love that they are beautiful and unique without being overwhelming. When I think of our designs I think of a subtle, sophisticated aesthetic. I design to highlight and underscore the beauty of the wearer, and I think the restraint and subtlety of our styles provide the perfect supporting act to each individual customer’s light.
  18. What is your personal favorite design that you have created?
    Oh that’s a tough one. For styling, I am totally mad for Hibiscus and every time I see Florence I go into a tizzy. But what I’m most proud of is our cup styling. It took a lot of hard work to get an understanding of fit throughout our formidable size range (work that continues every day!) and developing that knowledge into the Nuance, Sophisticate, and Doyenne cup styles was a labor of love and devotion. I am so proud and excited to be offering them.
  19. How many bras do you have in your personal collection? (Are they all your own line?)Oh dear, that’s a hard one to answer. I usually wear a pretty edited number of bras day to day, but I keep many on-hand. I had a baby last year which completely sent my sizing into a whirlwind, so I learned to keep the “perfect fits — for now” in the drawer and the backups nearby. Our bodies are living and breathing, and we must accommodate their shifting tides! Everything, however, is Anna Pardal.
  20. Do you have any hot, up and coming tips or advice for our readers regarding the Polish Bra/Lingerie industry?
    It might be because I live under a mountain made of bras, but the most exciting thing for me right now is our new cup styles. By incorporating common size and fit requirements at different points in the size range, I’m hopeful that we can make perfectly-fitted bras more accessible and easier to buy. Can you imagine? A few clicks, and the perfect fit being made to order just for you! This is my dream.

Is there anything else that you would like our readers to know about you and your company that we have not already covered? [please feel free to add any additional information that you would like to be included in your feature]
As I mentioned, for me lingerie is a metaphor for all of the ways in which we can truly relish in and care for ourselves. One thing I’m doing on that front is our new weekly newsletter, where I’m sharing interviews, stories, and experiments in how we can build beauty, nourishing rituals, and a timeless sense of glamour and presence into each and every day. I’d love it if you would join us! You can sign up here — and get 10% off your first order!


As Anna said, what makes them different is that they listen to what their customer wants and needs.  In answer, they recently launched a new collection of fits and fabrics that have all of us at AEE so excited!  Some of the changes include:  G+ cups see a narrower-set strap and reduced cups; 26-32 bands feature a lower gore; and 38+ bands a higher gore.  Check out all the new styles here and order some immediately.  You won’t regret it, but you will be hooked!

xo Treschic

Ewa Michalak S Siódme Niebo

I saw this beauty on the Ewa Michalak site the first time I went there to see what all the fuss was about.  Siódme Niebo translates to Seventh Heaven, which is totally appropriate in my opinion



I loved it immediately.  I’m a big fan of almost any shade of blue and this icy shade is no exception!  When I placed my first EM order, I narrowed it down to bras that were available to ship immediately, and sadly the Siódme was knocked out of the running.  I frequently perused my fellow blogger Youmee’s forum album of polish bras, and when I saw it on her, I had to have it no matter how long it would take to get here!  Fortunately, because she already owned it, she could give me some pointers to get the right size.  This one in particular has a very stretchy band so I ordered a 75H instead of my usual 80GG, and it fits perfectly.  I love this bra on me as much as I did on Youmee (other than being jealous of her killer tan!) and I’m so glad I was able to get it.  It has all the components of the S style, giving a lifted and round appearance with a moderate height gore.

Here is is on one of my follow bloggers, Tanzilove who is my official boob twin, being almost identical in size and shape.IMG_3653


Baby also owns it, and although it is a in a cup size that is a bit small, she looks amazing in it too!










I also ordered the matching stringi (thong) and I love it as well!  it is seriously one of the most comfortable thongs I own.  The material is so soft and stretchy, and I never have the urge to ‘adjust’ it.  It does come up a bit higher in the front than I’m used to, but I really love the retro style and details.  The back has lace that lays very nicely over your booty and makes it look kind of like a cheeky style, which I love.

Stringi front view
Stringi back view









All in all this set is a 10 out of 10 for me.  If you’d like to get your hands on it, click here before it’s gone!

xo Treschic