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NOTE: Inappropriate comments and any emails of a sexual nature will be immediately deleted and ignored. All of the women taking part in this blog do so because of their love of bras, boobs, lingerie, and their desire to help women look and feel their best. We strive to provide informative material about the products we review, the advice we give, and the topics that we choose to talk about. This in no way should be construed as a sexual or pornographic site. Bashing any of the bloggers, guests, brands that we choose to discuss or our subscribers will not be tolerated. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, it is expected to be given with respect.  We do not claim to be experts and if you do not like what we have to say, we respectfully request that you go elsewhere.

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2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. You guys are fantastic! Such an informative blog I can’t wait to try out some polish bras in the future 🙂
    I do however have a request could you please do a feature on sports bras please 🙂 I’ve seen some on bras and body image but implants aren’t quite the same as natural breast tissue
    Thanks ladies keep up the GREAT work!


    • We have sports bras in the works!! But it’s hard to get a great fit and the right type of bra for the activity. There is one Panache Sport review and when I get home I can link you to a few older reviews (from my other blog). We are looking at reviews in Freya Active and Enell, so watch for those.


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