Breast Enhancement Terms

Since there are so many terms that are thrown around when discussing breast augmentation, we have collected a list of commonly used terms and acronyms to help our readers out.  If a blogger uses a term that is not listed or you don’t understand, please feel free to ask in the comments section or send them an email 🙂

Anatomical Implants – Tear-drop shaped implants that create a more “natural” look by providing lower pole fullness with a natural slope and less visual fullness from your upper pole

Areola Incision – Incision made right below the areola (pigmented skin surrounding the nipple) to insert implant

Asymmetry – Lack of proportion of shape, size, and/or position between the two breasts

BA – Breast Augmentation

BL – Breast Lift

Bottoming Out – When the pocket made by the plastic surgeon fails, causing the implant to migrate lower on the chestwall. May require an additional surgery to correct.

Breast Reconstruction – A surgical procedure that rebuilds a breast that has been completely removed (ie. after a mastectomy)

BWD – Breast Width Dimension is a chest measurement that most plastic surgeons will take in order to help decide which size and dimension/projection of implant will work best for your body. Though you can find out how to take this measurement on your own, it can be difficult without calipers and it is recommended that you leave it to an expert.

cc – Cubic Centimeters, how breast implants are measured (i.e. 300 cc implants), the higher the cc = bigger implants

Capsular Contracture (aka CC) – A tightening of the scar tissue surrounding an implant. May require an additional surgery to correct.

Deflation – Leakage of saline solution from the implant often due to a valve leak or cut in the implant shell with partial or complete collapse of the implant.

Diameter – The width of the base of the implant

Drop & Fluff (aka D&F) – A term commonly used to describe when your muscles and skin will relax a bit causing your implant to “drop” into it’s final position, and because your muscles and skin aren’t so tight anymore, your shape looks more relaxed, less flat and more round (hence the “fluff”).

Gummy Bear Implants – A highly cohesive, form stable silicone gel. Sientra’s Silimed implants, Allergan’s Natrelle 410 breast implant and Mentor’s MemoryShape™ Breast Implants, formerly known as the contour profile gel (CPG).

High & Tight (aka High Riding Breasts) – A term used when the muscles and skin are still very tight, causing the implants to sit high on the chest and the implant to seem hard

Inframammary (aka Crease) Incision – Incision made in the breast fold to insert implant

Keller Funnel – Device that allows for a no-touch placement technique of silicone implants; provides less chance of contamination and possibly a shorter incision as well.

Lower Pole – The fullness on the bottom part of your breast

Projection – Forward distance of the breast from the chest wall (how far your breasts stick out)

Profile – The type of implant that creates projection.  There are several implant profiles (may be called different things depending on the brand): low (least projection), moderate, moderate plus, high, and ultra high (most projection).

PS – Plastic Surgeon

Rupture – A split that occurs in the implant’s casing, causing the contents of the implant to leak into the body

Saline Implants – A silicone shell filled with sterile saline solution

Side Boob – The part of your breast that is wider than your body

Silicone Implants – A silicone shell filled with viscous silicone gel

Subglandular (aka Overs) – Placement of implant under the breast tissue but over the pectoral muscle

Submuscular, Complete (aka Full Unders or Complete Unders) – Placement of implant under the pectoral muscles, serratus anterior muscles, and fascia (connective tissue) for nearly complete coverage

Submuscular, Partial (aka Unders or Partial Unders) – Placement of implant so the upper 2/3rds is under the pectoralis major and the lower 1/3rd is only under the breast tissue

Transaxillary (aka Transax or Armpit) Incision – Incision made through the armpit to insert implant, typically performed using an endoscope (easiest with saline, can sometimes be performed with silicone depending on the size)

Transumbilical (TUBA or Belly Button) Incision – Incision made through the belly button to insert implant, performed using an endoscope (this type of incision can only be used if you are using saline implants)

Upper Pole – The fullness at the top part of your breast; more upper pole fullness can create a more “fake” or “enhanced” look, where less upper pole with a natural slope to a fuller lower pole can give you a more “natural” look

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