Polish Lingerie Terms

For most of us entering the world of Polish Lingerie, it can be a bit nerve racking, confusing and even scary! First of all, you are dealing with a different language. Add to that the different sizing methods, styles, and all of the gorgeous colors, patterns, and fabrics, and you could potentially leave a Polish lingerie website more confused than when you went in! We have gathered some terms that will help you navigate through the magnificent Polish waters. These by no means encompass every aspect of Polish lingerie, but are meant to help you get a better understanding of some of the terms, styles, and what they could mean for you in your journey to find the perfect Polish bra.

Ewa Michalak:


PL: Padded plunge, pulls the breasts front and center, creates more cleavage; lowest gore
S:  Padded, creating a more lifted, round appearance, considered to be a balconette style; moderate gore height
HP: Padded half cup; this style is a bit more open at the top of the cup, exposing the tops of your breasts, creating a gentle round appearance; moderate gore height
CH: Padded half cup; more open at the at top of the cup, exposing the tops of your breasts, creates a more defined round appearance; moderate gore height
CHP: CH + HP = CHP, padded half cup, more open at the at top of the cup, exposing the tops of your breasts, creates a very round, full appearance; higher gore height
HM: Unlined/non-padded half cup; moderate gore height
SM: Unlined/non-padded,  material of the cups is not considered to be “stretchy”, lifts your breasts front and center, considered to be a balconette style;  higher gore height
BM: Unlined/non padded, stretchier material than its’ counterpart, the SM, with the material of the cups molding to your breasts to help hide asymmetry, considered to be a balconette style; higher gore height
3DM: Unlined/non-padded, meant for smaller to medium sized bust; lower gore
3D: Padded, meant for smaller to medium sized bust; lower gore
KM: Nursing bras

Ewa Michalak will create custom band and cup sizes not readily offered on the site, if needed. They charge a small fee for this, but it is completely worth it to ensure a proper fit.


Figi: These are a brief style, with full coverage of your assets 😉 there are several different styles of the Figi within this category. Some very full coverage, some with less, but still considered to be a brief. Some have higher waists, or lace backs. If you prefer a full brief, there is definitely a style here for you.
Stringi: These are a thong style. There are also different styles within the category. Some cover more at the hip area, some cover the upper part of your booty. Some have higher waists, are made of elegant lace, or fabulous soft materials.



Plunge: Comexim’s classic shape, delicately lined, provides amazing support and lovely rounded shape to your breasts. This style has a lower gore.
Half Cup: This style tends to run a bit shallow compared to the plunge, but offers an uplifted, full round shape for your breasts. The tops of your breasts are more exposed in the style. The gore is moderately higher.
Balconette / Balcony: Balconette is a ‘shelf bra’ style with a moderate gore. Balcony is a plunge-y balconette with a lower gore.

Comexim will make pretty much any alteration you need to get your perfect fit! Here are some examples of common alterations:

  • Move straps in (standard = 2 cm, but can be specific if needed)
  • Reduce the cup height
  • Raise or lower the gore
  • Add more hook and eye closures to the band
  • Narrow or widen the wing
  • Add lace or trim to the top edge of the cups
  • Nursing clasps
  • Any bra into a longline ($)

They currently do not charge for these alterations, except where specified. However, we have been told that they may start charging a nominal fee. (Totally worth it to get the perfect fit!)


Figi:  Bikini style brief with elastic around the leg.
Szorty:  Similar to a boyshort style. Some styles have elastic around the leg, ruffle edge styles however, do not.
Stringi:  Different variations of a thong depending on the style.

If the model you want is not available in the style you prefer, don’t worry! As long as they have the fabric available, Comexim will make panties in any of the styles for you.

Anna Pardal:


Classic Plunge: The original AP cut! If you have tried an Anna Pardal bra before, this is it. It is suggested to keep with this style if you know your alterations by heart and have already found the perfect fit!
Nuance Plunge: AP’s answer to customer feedback on the Classic Plunge. Certain pattern changes were made across the size range in hopes that less ladies will find the need for customization! For G+ cup sizes, cup height is reduced, hook and eye closures are added, and straps are moved in. Bands 26 to 32 will have a slightly lowered gore, and bands 38+ will have a slightly raised gore.
Sophisticate Balconette: Another model born from customer feedback! The Sophisticate is said to have a silhouette somewhere between the fuller coverage plunge and the more open half cup options. Compared to the Classic Plunge, this style has closer straps, a lower gore, and reduced cups in the balconette shape. The size appropriate pattern adjustments mentioned in the Nuance Plunge description are automatically done for this model as well.
Doyenne Half Cup: An open top design great for wider necklines! And showing off the cleavage 😉 The Doyenne Half Cup is a fabulous choice for a more shallow or teardrop shaped bust, due to the wider wires and lower profile cups. This style also makes size appropriate pattern adjustments. For example, the straps are moved in for G+ cups and the gore is lowered for bands 26 to 32 and raised for bands 38+.
Longline: Any of the above styles can be made into a longline for an additional $12!

Anna Pardal provides their customers the ability to choose their preferred panty style, no matter the fabric!

Bikini: The full coverage option with elastic around the legline
Tap Pant: A more cheeky version of the bikini which skims the legline
Thong: A slightly higher waisted thong

Anna Pardal will make pretty much any alteration you need to get your perfect fit! Here are some examples:

  • Complimentary:
    • Add a pocket for cookies (does not come with cookies, however)
    • Nursing clasps
  • Additional fee of $10 per bra:
    • Move straps in 2 cm
    • Reduce the cup height
    • Raise or lower the gore
    • Make the gore more narrow (great for close set ladies!)
    • Make the wings wider or more narrow
    • Add more hook and eye closures
  • Panties may also be customized as you please for a $10 fee

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