Policy Page

We at An Enhanced Experience believe in a boob revolution!  This revolution starts with supporting and encouraging women to love their boobs, bodies and themselves.  We hope you will join along 🙂

1. The women of An Enhanced Experience feel that all women are beautiful, no matter their size, shape, age, sexuality, ethnicity, or whether they are natural or enhanced. What we love about Polish lingerie is how it makes us feel, regardless of our own body image issues.

2. Any words used by an author to describe her body are only directed towards said author’s own feelings.  An author’s words directed at her own body should not be taken as words directed towards other women, regardless of whether they are positive or negative in nature.

3. Please understand that our intention is not to make anyone feel negatively about their body.  Our purpose and goal is to provide informative and helpful reviews of the products and brands that we love.  Any of our bloggers that choose to discuss their personal journeys do so to help other women to know that they are not alone in whatever body issues they may have, and to share that there is a solution with the products and brands that we review.

4. Comments will be moderated. Constructive feedback is appreciated but comments sexual in nature, negative toward the author’s body, or judgements against breast implants will be removed and the poster banned.

5. All product reviews are purchased with our own money unless otherwise stated. Products will be accepted for review with the understanding that the author will write a thorough and truthful review.

6. Guest posters are welcome, but only within the scope of the blog.  Having breast implants is not a requirement to guest post!  Please contact one of our authors if you are interested in guest posting.

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