Suggested Retailers

This list of retailers are companies and brands that we have experience with and feel confident recommending to our readers.  It is dynamic and ever changing as we discover new brands and gain valued partnerships.  If you represent a company that you feel would be a good fit and would like to be featured, please visit the ‘Contact Us’ page and reach out to any one of us.  

Polish Lingerie

One of the hardest parts about purchasing Polish lingerie is figuring out where to go to buy it. Below is a list of suggested retailers as well as the information for ordering direct. This is by no means a complete list of every retailer out there, but ones that we have personally used and feel provide great service!


Retailers are great to order lingerie from when you need a little extra “hand-holding” and would like that personal touch! Though in most cases, you will pay a little more than ordering direct, they are wonderful if you need to add alterations to your order. The language barrier can be difficult when you are trying to explain what you want to someone who may not speak or understand English very well. Also, in most cases you can return items to a retailer, where returns back to Poland are usually not worth the time or money.

A Sophisticated Pair located in North Carolina, USA
Contact: Erica

Bra Obsessed located in Canada
Contact: Jaimie

Brava Lingerie located in Australia
Contact: Becky

Zathiya Lingerie located in Texas
Contact: Aisha

Direct Ordering for Polish Bras

Ordering direct is a great option for those ladies who know what they want! Though it can be daunting when you first start to navigate through their sites (Comexim and Ewa Michalak have English versions, but still use a lot of Polish terms), once you get the hang of it, it’s really quite simple and user-friendly.


Contact: Anna

Ewa Michalak
Contact: Kaśka


Post Operative Bras

Karlee Smith is a company which specializes in medical grade post-operative and sports bras for women who have undergone breast surgeries.  Check our blog for our Karlee Smith Retailer Spotlight as well as our reviews.



Sports Bras

Karlee Smith




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