Ewa Michalak SM Różowa Mgiełka Babydoll 

Hi everyone! I am super excited to bring you a review of the Ewa Michalak SM Różowa Mgiełka Babydoll and matching full bottom brief. I originally ordered this through Bra Obsessed as a special order. At the time it was not available and there were not plans for production. Well now this beautiful fabric has the entire line ready for purchase! Babydoll, SM bra, 3DM bra, full briefs, and thong. 

It does not get any more girly than this babydoll. To be honest, when I first took it out of the box I thought it was just too much. It has ruffles and poof to spare! But once on, my thoughts changed. It works for me, but I know it will be just too much for some.

Like I said, this is made with a very feminine look in mind. Ruffles on the top of the cups (these are not on the bra), the ruffled bottom that is made in proportion to bandsize, embroidered straps, and little pink bows. It has a set of four hooks and eyes, a nice and firm band. The ribbon is two sections, connected at the seams at the back, and runs the length of the front to the babydoll when tied.  

I found the fit to be standard for an SM in the cups. Obviously the volume was fine for me in a 60H but there is no way for my implants to settle into the lower portion of my  cups. The band is great on me, a nice 60 but not too tight. The bottom starts to flair immediately, good for my currently growing and pregnant belly. This wasn’t what I was looking for when I first purchased it, I thought the flair accentuated the slight belly round I had. Something to consider for you and your body shape.

I was concerned about the ruffled edges on the top of the cups. Looking at how ruffled the bottom was I was expecting so much more ruffle power. The fullness of the top is not nearly to the level of the ruffles on the bottom hem, something I was very happy to see. 

Matching bottoms are very sheer, with the section below the ruffles being a tulle that is more sheer than the remaining fabric of the panties. The same detailing used on the babydoll is continued to the bottoms. The lace used on the waist band is the lace used to line the top edge of the SM and 3DM bra. There is a small section of ruffles on the back of the bottom, with more found on the thong. It’s important to note that the bra does not have the ruffles, so keep that in mind when choosing the style of your bottoms. And of course the little pink bows continue to both bottoms. 

A note on color, I have yellow undertones to my skin. It’s more apparent in the photos than in person, the pink actually goes very well with the yellow tones. I have to be careful with pinks, some pink tones just do not work well for me. 

Ewa Michalak S Pink Marzipan – the mystery bra

When I ordered this originally I thought I was getting the CHP Marcepanowa Magnolia. As soon as it arrived it became apparent it was not that bra at all! This caused considerable confusion as I couldn’t find the bra I had received anywhere else – not on the Ewa Michalak website or even on Bratabase. I ordered it through Brava Lingerie Australia and it seems it was released as an exclusive S style only to them. So I feel kind of lucky to have gotten it at all, although I’m still a little sad I didn’t get to try the CHP version. This cost AUD $79.95 plus $8.95 shipping, with the option of free return or exchange (love that about Brava!) The initial size I tried was a 65HH and far too big all over. So I was able to switch it easily for a 60H. It came wrapped up in pretty pink tissue paper tied off with black ribbon – a signature of all my Brava purchases.image


As with all my Ewa bras so far the quality and detail is outstanding. The pretty pale pink is so delicate and feminine, and the stunning lace running the length of the band is such an elegant touch. I love the smooth cups on this, and with my skin tone it works surprisingly well as a nude under light coloured tops. I wore it the other day under a thin white tee with no problems (should’ve taken a photo – oops!) One thing I will mention is that while the material is soft, I find the cups kind of rigid. My other S styles seem to mould around my boobs, whereas this is more structured so my boobs just sit in it. Which isn’t really a problem, as it might be a factor in why I get such excellent shape – smooth, round and uplifted. Gotta love that 🙂




The fit is good. The 65HH I tried on initially was huge all over so I figured sizing down in both band and cup would be my best option. The 60 band is perfectly snug on the looset hook, and reaffirms my decision to avoid 65 bands in the future. I like my bands tight! The H cups are actually a tad too small, but not uncomfortably so, and if anything work to give me some seriously good boobage. I do get minor gaping, and am still undecided if going a 6HH would’ve made this better or worse. As always, if it wasn’t for my mild tenting, the gore would tack properly and things would be sweet. But this is something I’m learning to live with, and in no way the bra’s fault – just an anatomy issue. All things considered, this is a really lovely bra. It wasn’t what I had expected, but it’s certainly been a pleasant surprise!

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