Ewa Michalak SM Malinowy – A Mix and Matchable Summer Staple

Last week I received a wonderful gift in my mail box.  The Ewa Michalak team had generously sent me the SM Malinowy set for review, and they could not have chosen better for me.  As I’ve mentioned in previous EM reviews, I like to rotate between my two favourite styles, the S and the SM.  On hot days, absolutely nothing beats the comfort of a light, cool and breezy SM for me.

Using Google Translate, the name Malinowy translates from Polish to English as Rasberry.  The colour is indeed a bright, fresh and fun pop of summery raspberry pink.  The gore, straps and even the sides of the band are adorned with little orange satin bows, which the Ewa Michalak site describes as coquettish.  Actually I think the entire set is quite coquettish!   The unlined, lacy cups of the Malinowy  are fairly sheer and I am wearing nipple petals underneath for modesty in these photos.  I received this bra in size 65G and this is a perfect fit for me.  After being worn and washed, this band measures approximately 24″ unstretched and  approximately 30″ stretched, before any cup distortion starts.  I am also pleased to be able to report that there was no bleeding of the colour when I washed this bra.


A side view showing the fantastic rounded, lifted shape I get with SM . . . and check out those adorable little side bows – just a little bit of unexpected fun!


While this bra is very pretty, it is also a very practical addition to your summer bradrobe.  Obviously it is very lightweight and a great summer colour, but there is another reason.  I had previously done a general  SM style review  and you can see there some photos of different styles that I own, but one thing I didn’t mention in that review was that some SM styles will contribute to a slightly smoother clothed appearance than others.  Malinowy is one of those bras that will give a very smooth clothed appearance. The reason for this is because  it is constructed with the seam bindings on the inside of the cups.  When you choose an SM with the seams bindings hidden in the backs of the cups, this allows the bra to appear as smooth  (hidden) as possible under clothing.  When you choose an SM with the seam bindings displayed at the front of the bra, you get a different aesthetic appearance (and I own and love that construction as well),  and those seams may be slightly more visible under clothing.  In my experience, all SM bras lay very smooth, but if I had to pick one, I would say that this particular construction offers the very smoothest clothed appearance.

A look at the seams in the insides of the cups:


I received the  full brief panties for the SM Malinowy in my usual size 36 which make for an adorable set.  I do have to point out however, that these are not my favourite cut of full brief panties.   The finish at the  rear of the leg holes is frilly rather than elasticated.  My personal preference is for full elastic around the leg holes; otherwise, I seem to experience varying degrees of hitching.  These are not terrible hitch offenders and they stay put reasonably well, but this style is not the very best cut for me.  I do have several sets in transit which have similar styled panties so this is definitely not enough of a deterrent to stop me from having my full sets, but it is something that I noted.


Earlier this Spring I had purchased the S Opium set and I mentioned in that review how the colours of that set coordinate perfectly with the SM Malinowy set so that you can mix and match between both sets.  The S Opium set is available with the panties only in brief style.  There is no thong available.  Personally, I believe that all thongs should be banned.   Why would you want to spend all day trying to pick a wedgie?   Butt floss I say!  However,  I must acknowledge, despite my own strong opinions on the subject, that there is a market for both styles.    If you yourself (for reasons unknown to me) prefer a thong and you wish to have S Opium as a set with a coordinating thong, then you can order the thong style panties from the SM Malinowy set and they will look perfect together.    Likewise, the full briefs from Opium pair perfectly with the SM Malinowy bra.

Having both full sets as I do is a great way to be able to change things up with mixing and matching.  Check out this fantastic EM stock photo which actually shows how well the two sets coordinate together:

Opium Malinowy

Speaking of matching, I showed in my Opium review how I had coordinated my nails with Bio Seaweed Gel polish in 67 Passionfruit.


That polish of course also matches Malinowy perfectly, but a new set surely deserves something new to match, does it not?  Which was exactly why I headed over to my local Chanel makeup counter and picked up this beautiful Rouge Coco Stylo stylo in the shade 208, Roman.  We all deserve to treat ourselves once in a while!



* My SM Malinowy set was graciously provided for review by Ewa Michalak. All opinions are my own.




Bra Obsessed’s Exclusive Comexim Jade

I am lucky to live just about an hour and a half’s drive from Bra Obsessed and I recently made the trek out to visit owner Jaimie, to see all of her wonderful stock of goodies and to have a marathon try on.  First off, if you haven’t heard of  Bra Obsessed  yet, please check out my post here.

Of course I loved everything, lots of things took my eye and I left with two swimsuits, three bras and another two bras on order.  One  beautiful bra that particularly caught my eye in Jaimie’s shop was the newly released gorgeous Comexim Jade  which is an exclusive to Bra Obsessed.  We’re talking about a vivid, luxe emerald shade of jade here:


I was so excited when Jaimie generously gifted me a Jade set for review, and I couldn’t wait to share this gem with our readers!


The fabric is truly a rich emerald green with a satin sheen.  The black lace overlay on the cups conceals  the  seam work while giving the bra a sophisticated, sexy vibe.


When I first put this bra on, I immediately noticed that it had that  ‘Anna Pardal quality’ feel to it.  Firm band lovers will rejoice because, like the Anna Pardal bras, Jade has the addition of a supportive fabric liner built into the back side of the bra band, giving the band added firmness and strength.


Under clothing, Jade is very smooth.  The lace work on the cups helps to conceal the appearance of the bra’s seams through clothing.  Pictured below, I’m in a very thin t-shirt and you can barely see any outline of the bra.


I always like to have matching sets.  It makes me feel ‘put together’ somehow.  The man in my life appreciates it too.   And the matching Jade panties are so sexy and pretty!

The panties for Jade are available in three options:

The tap pants are gorgeous with their lace backs:


The panties are also available in thong version:


On a personal note, I’m turning 49 this year (yikes),  and I’m pretty sure  I lost my bum cheeks somewhere back in around 1992, so these days I find I really prefer a full bottom panty with leg elastic the whole way around to keep them from riding up.  Thankfully this style is available upon request, and mine are on order.  I don’t have a picture of them at this time, so you’ll have to use your imagination.

 Since Jade is exclusive to Bra Obsessed and was in fact designed by Bra Obsessed, I asked owner Jaimie about the design process, and her inspiration for Jade:
I’m actually also quite obsessed with home decor.  Of course, home decor and fashion seem to go hand in hand.  I’ve been really inspired by the pops of Emerald and Jade in home decor, as seen in this shameless plug showcasing my insanely talented sister’s artwork for sale on Etsy (you can check out her shop HERE)  😉
I also try to listen to my customers requests.  I have had a lot of customers asking for more rich colours.

So since I am in Canada, and Comexim is in Poland, I expressed all of my ideas to Anna and months later she told me that she found the fabric I had been wanting.  I knew I wanted it overlaid with a wide black lace, and when Anna showed me a couple of options, I immediately fell in love with the lace that we used.  Anna added her talented touch by laying it gracefully in the style of the Comexim Poison Ivy bra.
After speaking to many different customers and store owners, I tried to listen to what everyone is really looking for in a bra.  By far, the most common response was a good strong band that will stand the test of time.  I had also noticed that this was the main reason that Anna Pardal bras felt so solid, so I made sure that this bra was made just as solid.
Of course, I can offer any modifications regularly offered on Comexim bras (higher gore, lower gore, straps moved in, cookie pockets etc.).  There will be no charge on customizations except for when modifying it into a Longline, which would be an additional $10CAD.  It can also be made into a Halfcup, I just don’t have a picture yet of how this would look (although I will in about a week).
 At time of writing, I had worn Jade for one full day before remembering to measure the band.  This 30 band measures approximately 22.5″ unstretched.  At 30″ I could see some cup distortion happening and so I didn’t force it further.  As noted above, the band does have an added liner for strength and support and it does indeed feel firm.
If you’re feeling green with envy over my beautiful Jade, you can order your own either directly through the updated website at Bra Obsessed or by emailing Jaimie directly at bras@braobsessed.com
* This item was graciously provided for review by Bra Obsessed. All opinions are my own.

Panache Sports Vest review

Hello lovely readers!  I have a new review for you today, but I wanted to start with a bit of chit chat.

I’m sure that everyone seen the latest Spring offerings from Ewa Michalak.   Personally, I’ve placed an order for the gorgeous Ewa Michalak Opium set in S cut.  I think it will be the perfect Spring bra.  I’m so in love with the poppy printed fabric and the pink trim.  It is a rare thing when Ewa Michalak releases swimwear and so I’ve also ordered the new  Saint Tropez bikini, although to be honest, I’m really on the fence with how I feel about those high waisted bottoms.  I wish there had been options, but I still went ahead and ordered, so we shall see!   Speaking of swimwear, if you are subscribed to her email updates you will have seen that Bra Obsessed will be releasing two Comexim bikinis which are exclusive to Bra Obsessed and I’ve chosen the nautical bikini.  Can’t wait!  When my order comes in, I’m going to drive out to Bra Obsessed to collect my goodies in person, so stay tuned for that as a future post.  I’ve also recently returned from a Caribbean holiday where I put my last season’s Comexim bikinis to the test and I will report on that in another post.  So lots to look forward to.

But before I have to  review  bikinis for you, I’ve been at least trying to make an effort to get to the gym more often.  And that means sports bras.  I don’t have a huge inventory of sports bras but I thought it would be good to review what I do have, starting with my most recent purchase, the Panache Sports Vest.  I saw this one for a steal of a deal on eBay and grabbed it up in 30G.  The link to the  seller I used can be found HERE  in case you are interested in scooping one up for yourself.  I have used this seller, NatureFigures, in the past and have had no issues at all. Here is a stock picture of the item:


This item also is available in a bright coral/pink colourway but I felt that the black would go better with my selection of black yoga pants 😉

I liked the idea of the bra being built right into the tank top because I often struggle with finding the right match of gym top / bra so that I don’t get bra straps etc. showing out in the open.  I’m kind of fussy about that and I prefer to have my bra hidden, so this seemed like a great solution.  You can see in the picture below that it has a regular hook and eye bra closure.


The hook and eye bra closure is completely hidden by the back of the top that sits on top of it.


I had thought that the built-in bra was the exact same as the very popular 5021 Panache seamed model, which I own and I know it fits well, so this purchase seemed like a no-brainer.   You can see how my 5021 fits me in the photo below.


However, I was surprised to see, on closer examination, that the bra is actually a seamless bra as you can see in the photo below where I’ve put the vest on and then pulled up the vest to reveal the  built-in bra.


The thing I find unusual about the construction of this bra is that the cups continue long after the centre gore construction ends.  In the photo below, you can see the bra inside out.


In the picture below, my finger is touching the point at which the wires end.


While the cups seem to fit me properly and snugly everywhere else, I do have a bit of emptiness right in that upper inner boob part, above where those wires end, which you can hopefully see back in that first picture where I am showing the bra on me.  I would think most women would experience this same issue.  Although this gap must mean a compromise of support in that exact area, at least it is a small area and you can’t see this issue with the vest pulled down over top of the bra.  I’ll add a few shots of other angles of the bra on me.  First is a side view, followed by a bottoms up.  You can see in the side view that the bra gives a somewhat natural shape as opposed to a very rounded shape as I would have expected in  a seamless cup:

 256 257

The shoulder straps contain a hook at the back, enabling you to wear the vest as a racer back, which will give some extra support and stability.


It was a slight struggle to put this sport vest on and I had to do it up with the closure at the front and then carefully wiggle it around to the back.  I did think that the act of putting it on constituted a workout in itself, however, in pursuit of a fair review, I continued on to the gym.


Once at the gym, I joined into a rather intense Cardio Kick-Box class, for which I lasted approximately a third of the class before I thought I was actually going to throw up or pass out or possibly both, and so, in the interests of safety and preserving what little dignity I had left, I sat out in the hall and waited for the beginner Zumba class to start.    I did survive the entire 40 minute Zumba class and so I can safely tell you that the bra did its job quite well.  I felt as secure and bounce-free in it as I do in my Panache 5021, which is my favourite work horse gym bra.

As for the outer appearance of it as a work out top, it is a clingy spandex fabric.  It can accentuate tummy trouble.  I felt that it had a bit of a swimsuit look to it.  In fact, I’m sure it could do double duty as a tankini top if you are interested in using it for that purpose.    I felt that the colourful side panels drew attention to my chest, and made me look extra boobalicious which made me feel a bit self-conscious.  Because the fabric is a clingy synthetic, it did get sweat soaked quite quickly.


All in all though, I thought it worked pretty well, looked fairly decent and has made a good addition to my sport bra collection.  What do you think of the Panache Sports Vest?  And I’d love to know what your favourite sports bra is!

Romance is in the Air – with Comexim’s Rita

I’m sure you don’t need me to remind you that Valentine’s Day is almost upon us.


Whether you are looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day with your love, or Singles Awareness Day with your cat, I wanted to take this opportunity to review for you the beautiful Comexim Rita set, which is perfect for either a romantic evening, or an evening spent watching re-runs of Friends with the cat.


The version of Rita as shown on the Comexim site (as pictured below) is a deep plunge, similar to Comexim’s Ginger.


Many months ago, I had an opportunity to try Ginger, courtesy of the lovely Jaimie at Bra Obsessed  (You can see Bra Obsessed’s stock of Ginger here).  I found Ginger to be too shallow for me, but I know that other ladies have had success with it.  In any event, I wanted my Rita to be in Comexim’s standard plunge style, which works best for me, and luckily this is what was/is in stock at Bra Obsessed.  I asked Jaimie to send me Rita in my usual size 30G with the matching panties in size medium.

Take a look at the close ups of the gorgeous details on this bra:

  288           287

That eyelash lace!  That adorable ‘C’ charm!  Those black velvet bows!  Swoon!

And now for the matching panties:

289            290

The matching Rita panties feature a front panel of the same gorgeous red fabric used on the bra, with the back of the panties being sexy sheer black.  I love that these panties are comfy enough for every day wear.  No wedgies with these babies.

The panties are also available in thong style if you choose and as a final sexy option to this set, you can add the matching garter belt as shown in the stock picture up towards the top of this post.  I really wanted that garter, but in the end practicality won over (I figured they’d probably look weird under my Old Navy track pants which are part of my winter uniform 😛  )

I’ve seen other bras with eyelash lace but not with it right against the skin.  I think that the effect this gives is very sexy but I did wonder if it might be itchy or feel ticklish.  I don’t feel it at all.  This bra gets an A+ for comfort.


Whenever I first purchase a vibrantly coloured bra, I always worry that the colour might bleed.  I can confirm that this one is completely colour stable.

This is a 30 (65) band.  I’ve owned it since early December.  It currently measures approximately 22.5″ unstretched and approximately 30″ stretched hard.


You can order your own gorgeous Comexim Rita set in plunge style, just like mine, through Bra Obsessed because even if you don’t get what you hoped for Valentine’s Day, the good news is that you can always just buy it yourself.

Wishing you all a happy Valentine’s Day / Singles Awareness Day!!!

Too many bras?

Can you ever have ‘too many’ bras?

When you are a certified Polish bra addict like me, the phrase ‘too many bras’ can seem as ridiculous as saying there is ‘too much fresh air’ or I have ‘too much money’. Like a curator of fine art or vintage cars, I collect exquisite Polish bras. When my fiancé and I recently purchased our home, the first order of business in my closet was to figure out where I was going to store these beauties so they would each be able to be hung and displayed in all their Polish glory. With that in mind, I have about five feet of hanging space that is solely dedicated to my collection (I’d have more, but I suppose my fiancé needs a little space for his clothes 😉 ).

image1 (21)
As with any collector of fine goods, I spend (way too much) time admiring my collection. I can remember when I picked each bra out, the excitement I felt when my package arrived, and even when I tried it on for the first time. For those of you who look at bras as mere undergarments, I’m sure you are thinking I need to be committed to the loony bin about now…but for the women out there who are true junkies like me, you know exactly what I’m talking about!

Screenshot 2015-11-12 at 9.55.53 PM

I’m sure you are wondering have I ever let a bra in my collection go. And the answer is ‘of course’! I have sold almost as many bras as I have kept. Typically I have sold bras for two main reasons. The first is when it just doesn’t fit. This happened much more frequently when I was first starting my collection and still not completely sure of my size in the different Polish brands and styles. For me this is (usually) pretty straight forward, if it doesn’t fit then there is no reason to keep it. The second reason can be a little more difficult and falls into the category of when I just don’t necessarily love the bra. This could be due to the look, style, cut or fit. Sometimes this takes me wearing it once or twice to figure out if it’s a keeper or not.

Screenshot 2015-11-12 at 10.01.57 PM

Now comes the question that (I’m sure) every collector has had to ask themselves at least once or twice in their lives…‘can you ever have too many…?’ For some, the answer is probably a resounding “NO”! For me…the jury is still out. I have come to a critical point in my Polish bra collection. I have curated about 20 gorgeous bras that both FIT and that I LOVE. “What’s the problem then” you ask? Two things…one (and most importantly): I’m not rich (haha)! As much as Polish bras are very reasonably priced (especially for the quality), when you have an addiction like mine, the cost adds up. I consider myself very lucky that my sweetie doesn’t complain about my bra purchasing habit, but I still don’t want to run us into the poorhouse (even if I’d be wearing a fabulous bra while we were there 😉 ). And with the new collections that Ewa Michalak and Comexim recently put out, those new bras are just begging me to take them home!  The new Ewa Michalak S Cyklamen and Comexim Charme are TO.DIE.FOR! And two: I’m running out of space! Even with my five feet of closet space, my beauties are getting a bit cramped 😦 .

image1 (2)

Alas, it appears that if I want to add to my collection, I may need to ‘thin the herd’. Now comes the excruciating task of deciding which of my gorgeous bras to part with 😦 I’ve been putting this off for a while now, but new bras are calling my name and I just can’t ignore their pleas any longer. So if you happen to wear Ewa Michalak 65G or 65GG or Comexim 65J, keep an eye out in our Bra Bazaar as a few of my beauties will most likely be up for sale very soon!

Ewa Michalak S Bezus – a Bradrobe Staple

Although brightly coloured, fun printed bras are great to have and work well under many outfits, I think that there is still an important place for simple, beige  bras in all of our bradrobes.

Ewa Michalak’s S Bezus is one of those bras that I had overlooked previously, possibly in my haste to focus on those fun, bright bras instead, but also because I find it more difficult to imagine how a bra will look on me unless I see it on a model who is a similar size to me.  While this bra looks very nice on the model, I had difficulty in visualizing it on myself.   Maybe I just don’t have the best imagination but maybe other readers are guilty of this also?

Stock picture from the Ewa Michalak site:


I recently had an opportunity to purchase  the S Bezus when it came up for sale from another implanted lady who had purchased it in a size too small for herself.  This bra, in size 65GG, is one cup size larger than I normally wear, however, my 65G bras do fit quite snug and I’m unable to wear the ‘cookies’ in them, so I thought it was worth a shot.  I was pleased to see that it does indeed fit, with the cookies in, making it a good ‘oomph’ bra for me.  Band measurement on this one is approximately 23″ unstretched and approximately 31″ stretched hard.  I have a 27″ ribcage and the band felt snug but not uncomfortable and did not ride up, however, if you prefer your bands very firm, you may wish to sister size down with this one.


Lets take a look at the lavish little details which always set Ewa Michalak bras apart from the crowd.


The cups are covered in a shiny beige knit.  The benefit to this is a smooth appearance under clothes; the flip side of that is that the fabric could snag if you don’t treat it with care.  Washing it carefully and keeping grubby man hands away from the goods should take care of those issues 😉   The lace at the gore and sides of the cups is gorgeous and elevates this otherwise quite basic bra to a thing of subtle beauty.  A small satin bow and ‘diamond’ drop detail at the gore gives a pretty, feminine touch.

A close up of that lovely lace:


This insides of the cups are lined with cotton for comfort.


The bra comes with removable ‘cookies’ which can be used to even out asymmetry or to give an extra cleavage boost.


Four rows of three hooks offer extra stability.


Interestingly, I did notice that although moving to the GG cup gave more depth, there was very little difference in cup height as compared to the G.  I checked this out by laying my 65G S Kicia Szalowa  bra over top of the 65GG S Bezus to see what the actual difference was and found it to be very minimal:


Below, I am wearing my S Kicia in size 65G in the top picture and my S Bezus in size 65GG in the bottom picture.  My cleavage is less mashed together in the GG, but the cups are not noticeably higher.


It would appear from this little experiment that when keeping the same band size but going up by a cup size, although the larger sized cups will be deeper, the cup height will be scaled down.

Clothed appearance is predictably smooth.  As the bra is quite close to my own skin tone, this will work well under light coloured / thinner tops as well.


If you are looking to add a beige bra to your own bradrobe, it may be time to give the S Bezus a second look.


50 Shades of You Know… (Ewa Michalak SM Ty wiesz… Review)

Ewa Michalak’s SM Ty wiesz.  It needs no introduction.   The name translates from Polish to English as You Know… but for once I was pretty much at a loss for words!  Pictures from the website are below.


I tried mine on and deferred to my husband for his opinion.  He looked up from his morning newspaper, momentarily speechless, then stammered, “is that b-b-b-bondage?” while looking around somewhat anxiously for signs of whips and handcuffs. (Stars have been added to the pictures below for modesty.)

007 008

As you can see, on my somewhat warm toned skin, the nude mesh fabric of the cups disappears and the effect truly is that I am wearing only bondage straps.  The jewelled circles on the straps at the cleavage are actually adjustable sliders, allowing for a custom fit.  The straps on which the sliders sit  are  elasticated and so it stays put very nicely.

The matching panties are of course elaborately crafted, with no attention to detail spared, as expected.

From top to bottom below, you can see the front and back of the panties.  They feature the same elasticized straps with the same adjustable jewelled sliders.  These are beautiful and very sexy panties.  I love matching sets and the effect of this set together is a good one.



I always say that my Ewa Michalak beauties all go into regular rotation despite looking as though they should be kept for special occasions.  I feel that this set is no exception.  Every day has the potential to turn into a special occasion, especially when you are wearing this! 😉

While you may think that Ty wiesz  looks like a ‘bedroom only’ bra, it is completely functional.

The elastic cleavage straps do come up quite high and could show in a lower cut top but below I am wearing it under a crew neck sweater without issues.



Under a thinner top, you may notice the seams slightly but honestly, how can you nitpick about a bra this special?  If you are looking for an SM style bra which offers a very smooth appearance, I suggest Wanilla (review HERE) or Czarna Mgielka if you are looking for a black (review HERE).

I did wonder though, with those straps being so pretty, perhaps they could also be shown off as another option.  I tried the bra with my Urkye tuba top with good success (review on that one HERE).


I purchased this bra in my usual size 65G.  There is no stretch to the cup fabric on this bra so you do need to have your size nailed down for it to fit perfectly.  The unstretched band measures approximately  24.5 inches.  Stretched, it measures 30 inches before some good wire distortion starts happening.  With my 27″ rib cage it feels comfortable; not too tight nor too loose.  I purchased the matching panties in my usual size 36 and they fit well.


Dear readers, I am happy to report that you need not be a whip-wielding Dominatrix to own this beautiful set.  You may think it to be a little over the top but why not inject a little spice into your life?  Don’t let this one get away.  This bra is currently available on the Ewa Michalak website but why wait when you can also pick this set up very quickly by ordering through   Bra Obsessed. Check to see if your size is in stock.  Our readers can enjoy a special 10% discount at Bra Obsessed with the code bra10 which is good up until and including this Thursday, October 22nd.  Remember, prices shown are in Canadian dollars so you can snag yourself a good deal with the discount.

…and Ms. Michalak?  I am curious as to how you will top this one?!

URKYE Tuba Full Bust Clothing Review

This past August, I noticed Polish full-bust clothing brand Urkye  had a sale code on their  Facebook page for their Tuba line.  If there is one thing I love its a sale, and I had been curious about this brand so it was obviously meant to be that I should place an order immediately.

I chose this black  Tuba Czarna top:


and this printed Kiecka tubowa w lapki Tuba dress:



Urkye’s sizing is unique but they offer a well-explained sizing chart.  Following the chart shown for elastic fabrics, I was able to quite easily determine that I wanted a size 34 (I generally wear a size 2 or 4 in dresses in Canadian stores, and a small in tops).  Urkye’s unique sizing also allows the customer to choose how much bust room they require.  I wear a bra size 65G in Ewa Michalak, 65HH in Comexim and about a 30FF/G in UK brands.  With my measurements of 27″ underbust and 36″ bust, I chose the smaller o/oo Urkye bust size, as the sizing chart indicated.

The dress was on sale even before using the code, from 109 zl down to 69 zl, and actually all of the Tuba dresses are still on sale at time of writing.  My total balance due including shipping came to 146.10 zl which converted into just $52.16 Canadian ($39.29 U.S.).  What a bargain!  As I often tell my husband, it isn’t about how much I spend; its about how much I SAVE!  He loves that one (I think). 😉

My parcel from Urkye arrived to me in Canada just two weeks after ordering.

Here is how my items were packaged:


On closer inspection, I noticed that the printed dress was actually a fun leopard print.  Or is that cougar?  hmmm…


Here is the dress on me:



Its quite a lot of cleavage on show!  The bust area can be closed up somewhat but this isn’t going to be a very modest dress, regardless.  The tummy area is also quite clingy.  My trusty Spanx saved the day, but trust me, if it wasn’t for them, you’d be seeing porn star boobs and a has-been hooker stomach.  Not the best look.  If you are toned, you’re in luck, otherwise, like me, you may be doomed to wearing tummy control undergarments under this dress.   After seeing the dress on Urkye’s leggy model, I had been a bit concerned  that it might be too short for my liking but on my 5’4″ frame it hits below my knees and I am comfortable with this length.

I quite liked the black Tuba top.  It is versatile enough to wear with jeans, shorts, a skirt…whatever you want. Like the dress, the top is quite clingy, but I find it more forgiving since it is solid black and my jeans help to hold my gut in too.




A neat feature of the Tuba line is that the shoulders all have adjustable sliders.  You can pull the sliders up higher and pull the fabric more across the centre of your chest for a less cleavage-y look:


Or, if the mood strikes, you can push those sliders down and show the girls off.


The backs of both the dress and top feature the same low v shape as the fronts.



If you are wondering what bra I am wearing under these outfits, it is Comexim’s Dottie, purchased though Bra Obsessed.  Watch for that review to come!



Have you tried any of Uryke’s clothing?


Ewa Michalak SM Czarna Mgielka Review, SM style bras overview and YES!! A BRA OBSESSED DISCOUNT CODE!!!


Especially during hot, muggy weather, when I really want to wear as little as possible in order to try to keep cool, I always reach for my   Ewa Michalak  SM style bras.  It is comforting to know that I haven’t added any extra layers of hot fabric which will contribute to making me even grumpier than I already am going to be.  Yes, I am a fair weather friend, literally, and for me, comfort is key.   However, while comfort is key, I need to have a bra that delivers good support and I still wish to have a lifted and rounded shape.   The beautiful appearance of these bras is the proverbial icing on the cake.

After I had breast augmentation surgery, almost two years ago now,  I had to re-learn how to shop for bras.  Before going Polish, my efforts at finding a good unlined bra included two somewhat pointy offerings from Freya (the Pollyanna and  Roxanne models), as well as an itchy Curvy Kate Princess.   All of these seemed to lack the level of support that I needed, all had wide wires and none gave me that rounded appearance that I desired.  I assumed that it must just not be possible to have an unlined bra that delivered on every count what I was looking for.

I had enjoyed great success with Ewa Michalak’s S style lined bras and decided that an unlined SM style would be worth a shot.  I was so pleased with my first SM purchase that I now own several SM style bras and will be continuing to add to that part of my collection.

The SM Czarna Mgielka  is a beautiful, sexy sheer offering in a black colourway.  The Ewa Michalak site describes it as follows:

An unpadded bra with a higher bridge, ideal for medium neckline.  Lifts the bust giving it a rounded shape with a subtly marked peak, which adds a little lightness to your silhouette.  The cups are made of stable tulle holding bust at the right level 🙂 The edging made of delicate lace. A bow on the center gore.  Fully-adjustable straps.  The band is quite tight.

I had Jaimie at Bra Obsessed send me the Czarna Mgielka in size 70FF.  You can find this bra in her shop here and you can find the matching panties here.  I actually chose these panties that match the S Szykus bra which I also own.  The Szykus panties are gorgeous and fit me well in my usual size 36.

Below is a front view of me wearing the bra.  The polka dot bows added for modesty are not included 😉




And a side view so that you can see the roundness and lift:



In the interests of disclosure, as I mentioned above I do have implants but they are very natural in appearance, and not super rounded on their own.  I am a combination of formerly sagged natural breast tissue with cohesive gel implants.  I measure approximately 27″ below my bust and approximately 36″ around my bust, with a 10″ perimeter.


The Czarna Mgielka is very similar in design to my SM Wanilla bra, pictured below, which I reviewed here.  The Czarna features the same style of lace trim and has the seams on the inside of the cups to give a very smooth clothed appearance, making it both sexy and very useful – a win/win in my books!  The Wanilla is not available on the Ewa Michalak site but can be ordered through Bra Obsessed at this link.



Other SM bras in my collection to date include the drop-dead gorgeous SM Fiolecik, pictured below.  The beautiful embroidered cups and lilac/black colorways on this one made it irresistible to me.  I must say that the matching panties are also gorgeous and comfortable too!  Sadly, this bra is not being made any longer.  At time of writing there was one lonely bra in size 40DD left on the Ewa Michalak site.  I will be keeping my eyes peeled for similar styles in the future.


The final bra in my personal SM collection is the beautiful limited edition Bailey Bez which unfortunately is also no longer available.



None of the SM bras in my collection shown above have any stretch to the cup fabric, so you do want to have your Ewa Michalak size sorted out so that you can find your perfect fit.  I find the S style bras are more forgiving for size fluctuation as they are lined and have the option of adding or removing the ‘cookie’ pads.  If you are looking for an unpadded Ewa Michalak bra but prefer a bit of stretch, I recommend trying a BM style.   In comparison with my S style bras, my SM bras give a slightly more minimized appearance, but still do provide similar excellent lift and roundness.   All of the above shown bras are in sizes 65G or 70FF and all fit very consistently.

Other advantages to the SM style include that they take up next to no room in your lingerie drawer or your suitcase for that matter, making them  great choice of bra to take on holidays.  They are also fast to dry after washing, since they are so light-weight.

The collage below shows some of my lovely fellow AEE bloggers modelling their own SM bras.  In the top photo, Tanzilove is wearing her Fiolecik, bottom left is Baby in her Czarna Mgielka and bottom right is Tanzilove in her  Walentynka.  Don’t they look fabulous?


No need to despair if you missed out on the Fiolecik and/or the Bailey Bez as there are many other beautiful styles still available, and many more to come in the future. If you would like to try one for yourself,  Bra Obsessed has kindly given our readers another discount code!  You can use code AEE10 and enjoy 10% off  of your purchase on any style bra, for all in stock items.  This code is effective immediately and will end on Saturday September 19, 2015 so be sure to take a browse at all of the lovely offerings  at Bra Obsessed and get your order in.  Although this sale code is limited to in stock items only, I have been told that there is currently a small run of other sizes and styles ordered (with many 60 and 65 bands!) and on their way soon to the shelves at Bra Obsessed including (GASP!) the new, not yet released ‘strappy’ SM which you will have seen a glimpse of if you follow Ewa Michalak’s facebook page.   You can email Jaimie at bras@braobsessed.com and ask if your size is on her soon-to-arrive order list and if it is, she will invoice you so that you can take advantage of this discount.  Enjoy!

I will most certainly be adding the new SM strappy set to my collection.  Will you?


Review: Ewa Michalak CHP Fiołkowy Koktajl

In my journey into the wonderful (and sometimes confusing) world of Polish bras, I really want to try all of the styles available so that I can assess which style work best with my boobs.  I also figure that if I can wear every style out there, I will have that many more options to choose from!  But there is one style that has scared me…the CHP (Ewa Michalak‘s version of the half cup).  Through reviews and speaking with other implanted ladies, the CHP can tend to have more shallow cups than the S style that I am used to and it can cause the gore not to tack properly on women with more projected boobs.  Given that it typically takes several weeks to get my bras anyway,  for the longest time the thought of waiting that long for a bra that most likely wouldn’t work anyway was just too much of a gamble for me to take, so I wrote off the CHP as a style that I just wasn’t going to try.  Then one day I was looking at used bras on one of my go-to sites and I saw a CHP Fiołkowy Koktajl for sale in a 65G.  I was feeling lucky…well who am I kidding, I was jonesing for a Polish bra fix (total addict) and figured “what the heck!”.  It wasn’t full price and I wouldn’t have to wait weeks to get it.  So in a New York minute I contacted the seller and made the purchase.  Unfortunately, not 5 minutes later did I realize that the seller was in the U.K. and the joke was on me, I still had to wait!  To make matters worse, it seemed to get lost in Customs and ended up taking almost 6 WEEKS to arrive!  As any Polish bra addict knows, Customs can be a fickle you-know-what sometimes 😉


After 6 weeks, I actually almost forgot that I had purchased the bra, but boy was it a nice surprise when it finally arrived!  Koktajl is a blueish grape color (sometimes looking blue, and other times looking purple) with a sexy black lace overlay that covers the three-part cups.  It has black straps, a black mesh band and is topped off with a large black bow at the gore.  With the 65G it comes with 2 hooks, but starting at 65GG it comes with (the preferred) 3 hooks.  I was a little nervous about size since I’m typically a 65GG in Ewa Michalak, but when you are buying second-hand, you sometimes need to go a size up or down if you want the bra bad enough!

I slipped the bra on and to my amazement and delight it fit like a glove!  Well, to be honest it fit like a slightly tight glove 😉  In a perfect world it would have been a 65G and a half.  But it still fits well enough, with the gore tacking perfectly and I don’t get any quadboob action going on so I count it as a success!  The CHP fits very differently than the S style in the presentation of my boobs.  As the Ewa site describes, the CHP give my boobs a very “apples in a basket” look with them very front and center but not as much cleavage as the S.  The cups are also much lower and I do notice that my areolas threaten to pop out at any moment, though they never have; but I will say that if you have high set areolas/nipples this may be a difficult style for you to wear. Because the cups are low, they show off much more of your boob…which is probably why this happens to be my fiance’s all time favorite bra on me 😉  I also love that even with the lace, this bra wears seamlessly under shirts and is one that I wear at least once a week.  I would give this bra a 9 out of 10, and the only reason I wouldn’t give it a 10 out of 10 is because I’m a huge fan of cleavage and it doesn’t give quite as much as I prefer.  Overall Koktajl has made me a believer in the CHP and I am so glad I can add it to the options to fuel this Polish bra junkie’s habit!

On a side note, I recently purchased the Ewa Michalak CHP Owoce Leśne and decided to get it in my usual 65GG (since the Koktajl in 65G is a hair on the snug side).  Sadly when it arrived I found that it was too big, with gaping at the top of the cups.  Since the CHP is very open at the top (unlike the S style that tapers in) I found that I don’t have enough upper pole to fill it out all the way.  Luckily I was able to get another Lesne on order in the 65G and it fits beautifully!  Depending on your boobs, how much upper pole you have as well as how much natural tissue you have, some women (including myself) find that they have to size down a cup in the CHP to get a proper fit.  This is all part of what I love about the Polish bra journey, trial and error, taking chances, and learning more and more about my body…what works and what doesn’t!