Comexim Arabella from Zathiya Lingerie

This is my second purchase of the Comexim Arabella. The first was a sizing flop, and was sold on via Bratabase. I usually order a 60L with reduced cup and gore, this bra is a 65K with no alterations. I ordered from Zathiya Lingerie instead of direct from Comexim. I already had the matching panties, so I wanted to get the bra quickly. Zathiya is located in Texas, so shipping in the US is pretty quick. At a cost of $50 (USD) it is priced higher than a direct order through Comexim. Direct through Comexim this bra retails at 130,00zl ($34.30 USD as of July 30, 2105). Shipping through Zathiya is $7, or free for orders over $100. 
Any bra ordered through an authorized Comexim retailer will have a hang tag. Bras ordered direct come new, without tags.

Looking at the online image on the Comexim website, the band fabric looks to be a simple basic band. You have to really zoom in if you want to see the real detail here. The band is a textured floral fabric that coordinates with the cup fabric in pattern. I was surprised to see the texture to this when I pulled it out of the package.  
The cup fabric is also a floral type fabric. The fabric of the band and the cups are not the exact same pattern, but a coordinating pattern. I’m not a floral person, at all. But I am a fan of this. It is almost like a floral/damask/paisley pattern; it works for me.

So lets go on to the fit. Like I said before, I usually do a 60L or 60K with reduced cup and gore. My first order was for exactly that but in a 60K, placed with A Sophisticated Pair. The band was very small when compared to my other 60 bands. The cups were also smaller than any 60K I had.  I believe this is because of the alterations. The 60K was wearable, if I wanted mega cleavage.  The goal for this bra was super sexy cleavage, but I had a bit too much! And the quad boob! Being all implant it is hard for me to quad boob, but that 60K did.  When fellow blogger Tanzilove found Zathiya and I saw a 65K in stock I debated ordering it for a good week. My best fit is with the reduced gore and cups.

Because the gore is not reduced I have an awkward gap going on in the cleavage by the gore of the bra. Hard to capture on photo and hard to explain. Reducing the gore height does the trick for this.  The problem I had is that the gore sits too high to firmly tack on my sternum. Close cleavage with firm breast tissue (that’s most of our ladies with implants!) almost always makes for the need to have the gore reduced.

You can see the unfilled lower portion of the cup in this photo. Really that is an acceptable fit issue for me. I will never have that filled lower cup. Why? Because I have almost zero natural breast tissue, and pre-surgery I had no breast crease. I have self supporting breasts with very little lower pole and no natural hang shape. So I just cannot settle into the bottom of the cup like a natural breast will.

You can also see the low wings on this bra. They are lower than many other Comexim I have, and not altered. You can also see that the wire is slightly shorter than most bras that I wear.  There are no alterations to strap placement or cup height, both of which I could probably benefit from. The straps are a soft material with minimal stretch, but the material is smooth. Some women with heavier breasts may find that their straps easily loosen. The band does fit a bit firm for a 65 band, as indicated by the measurements below. Pleas note- The stretched band measurement is taken to the point of wire distortion. The band of this bra will stretch past that, but the wires will start to distort and bend backwards, widening.

You can find the comparison measurements of the 65K and my original 60K here.  Last but not least, the matching bottoms. I don’t always buy matching bottoms, but this was one I wanted to have. But they are a fail on me. Sizewise, I probably should have gone for a small and not a medium. They are wearable, but the flouncy edges have too much movement. I think a tighter fit would help with that, but I don’t love this style bottom.
This style of bottom looks like a standard bikini brief fit. Which it is, almost. The flouncy edges and cut of this bottom make it less full coverage in the back than a bikini bottom. This does not work for me. These are the type of bottoms that will ride up on you until you pull them down if you have a flat booty like I do. Maybe a lady with a different booty type can weigh in, but I would generally consider these to be a better cut for someone that prefers a cheeky fit to their bottoms. Cheekies and I do not get along, these are not the right cut for me.

Overall, I would give this bra a rating of A-. I love it, but there is some issues that may make it not work for other women. If you need higher/wider wings this is probably not a bra for you.