All hope is not lost!

Have you ever had a moment where you read something and your heart catches, your eyes start to build tears, and your inner Polish bra diva dies a little bit inside?  Like three days ago when luxury designer Anna Pardal announced that she would be shutting down. Well all hope is not lost!

Lady Grey.jpg
Lady Grey, a personal favorite

Jaimie, the lovely lady behind Bra Obsessed has a solution for you. I’ll cut to the chase with the details because I know you are all good Polish bra divas and already subscribe to her newsletter. Here’s the nitty gritty:

  1. Existing AP designs can be ordered through Bra Obsessed. The current price is 90CAD (check your current exchange rates). Price on matching bottoms is pending.
  2. Fabrics will run out, so don’t dilly dally! Some fabrics are reorder-able, no word on which at this time. But that means some AP bras may be around for a while still.
  3. You can order through Jaimie in the sizing that works best for you. If you know that you take the Classic fit with certain specific alterations, order that way. If you know you want the AP Sophisticate cut, order that way. Bra Obsessed works in UK sizing, so Jaimie can do any conversions to Comexim sizing for you.
  4. Any customizations you could order before are still available now.

Now my dear Polish Bra Gang, it is up to you to decide. You had these bras taken from you. Some will sell out, others will continue to be available. What will your order be? Do you take the chance on missing out on these limited Anna Pardal designs?

Personally, I’m going for Caramel Latte.


Farewell to Anna Pardal-Sabine Long Line- As Elegant As It Gets

Sabine LL 36GG Doyenne HC

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I am writing this review today. Honestly, I had started this post a few weeks ago when I first received my Anna Pardal order. Due to personal reasons, I had to step away from it for a bit. And now, I am ready to post it, and have received the sad news this morning that Anna of Anna Pardal is closing her business. Originally, this review contained information about Anna Pardal the company, how they operate, Anna moving her company to Poland to be closer to her manufacturer, Comexim, and how much she cares for her customers and making sure that they have a wonderful, gorgeous, properly fitting bra. It discussed the ups and downs that Anna herself had mentioned in her newsletter. The ups and downs no longer matter. What does matter is that Anna Pardal was a company known for their high end fabrics, stunning designs, and sweet, caring, eloquently spoken creator, Anna.

So, on to the review. I am in LOVE with this bra. It is the Sabine Doyenne Half Cup, Long Line. Yep, all of that. With Anna Pardal, you were able to customize to your hearts’ content. I requested pocket inserts for cookies and the straps moved in 2 cm. I tend to get some gaping of the material at each side of the gore in Anna Pardal and Comexim styles, so I request that the material be reduced there as well. I wish that I was lucky enough to be able to order everything standard. It would make my life so much easier! If you didn’t know already, the talented Anna of Comexim provided the manufacturing of Anna Pardal styles. The 2 Anna’s worked well together and have created some amazing pieces. 


Anna describes the Doyenne Half cup as:

With a low profile and a wider wire base, the Doyenne offers a new take on sophisticated sensuality.  The cup provides support from below, a wonderful option for a more spacious decolletage, and intelligent pattern adjustments are incorporated throughout the size range. Relative to the Classic Plunge, we bring the straps closer in on G+ cups. For 28 to 32 bands we reduce the center gore, and for 38+ bands we raise the gore.

Doyenne Half-Cup is available in either a standard or longline shape and with any of our fabrics.”

From the Anna Pardal Website: Doyenne Half Cup shown in Hibiscus

Anna Pardal Doyenne Half Cup

The Sabine bra has a red base, with black mesh lace overlay. There are light red/pinkish flowers on the material and the vertical seams are made of black stitching. Red bows at the straps and the gore (my pictures make them appear pinker than what they truly are), and black lace trim along the tops of the cups. The inside of the bra is lined with soft red cotton. This Long Line is so comfortable that I could sleep in it. There are 3 rows of 5 hook and eye closures, for the utmost comfort. It is exceptionally supportive, and beyond beautiful. So beautiful in fact, that I wish I could wear it on its own. It is the kind of bra that you want to show people. You want the detail and craftsmanship to be seen, not tucked away under clothes. Luckily, I have AEE to use as my platform 😉

2016-09-1--15-28-16                               2016-09-1--15-29-15



2016-09-1--15-27-03                                                                         2016-09-1--15-25-36       2016-09-1--15-24-16                                   2016-09-1--15-23-13



I wish that I had every Anna Pardal style in a Long Line version. I am in love with half cups, and the combination of styles that you could order with just one fabric made for a number of different bras. After reading Anna’s Newsletter this morning, my first thought, ‘I hope she is ok”. My next, “I wish I had ordered everything.”

An Enhanced Experience wishes Anna Pardal a very fond farewell. We were very lucky to be able to interview Anna early on in our blogging careers. You can read that post here. Anna has a passion for her lingerie, and we hope all the best for her, her family, and her future endeavors. The world of Polish Lingerie lovers has lost a brilliant company today. If you ever decide to come back, we will be waiting for you. 

Please feel free to show Anna how much she will be missed on her Facebook page, and ours.

Below, you can see some of our favorite pieces from Anna Pardal.

Until next time,


Jelz in Hibiscus Classic Plunge:  Hibiscus 32FF Classic Plunge Jelzz


MsDizz in Emeline Reduced Plunge: Emeline 320G Plunge, reduces cups, straps moved in 2 cm Mz.Dizz


Baby in Lady Grey Sophisticate: Lady Grey Sophisticate 28J Baby



Yoomee in Typhoon Classic Plunge Long Line: Typhoon Long Line 30GG Classic Plunge Yoomee

Gogobee in Caramel Latte Plunge: 2016-09-1--15-35-36

Polish Bra Junkie- The Beginning

Hi All!

                                   Nostalgia WM ready

I thought I might go a little more into my Polish Bra background for you. I am one of the newer converts of our group. I was so tired of being disappointed trying to shop for bras that fit properly in normal stores. Even if I found something that was close to my size, it was so unattractive, and did not appeal to me in the slightest. There were some that could have worked, and they were pretty, and lacy, and very expensive. I knew that there had to be better options out there somewhere for me!

I had heard about a social group in a  forum that I belonged to, of women that were buying the most gorgeous bras, that fit like a dream, and these beauties came from Poland. I immediately thought that there was no way I was going to order bras from a country where I did not speak the language, had no clue how to figure out my size, and what happens if it doesn’t fit? Then what? Ship it all the way back to Poland and wait for a proper sized bra? Nope. That was not for me. I am not a patient person. I like instant gratification. If I pay for something, I want it in my hands, right now. Please and thank you!

My bra shopping adventures proved to be a complete waste of my time. I had already measured myself, and knew what I was looking for size wise. I googled that size, and didn’t like what popped up at all. Those horrible things couldn’t be my only options? More on my pre-Polish bra shopping adventures in another post 😉

I went back to the social group and started asking questions: how does this work? How do you determine your size? What do all of the different letters mean? What styles are for what purpose, breast shape, desired look? And finally, how do I order these beauties and from where?

The ladies in the social group were beyond helpful, knowledgeable, and sweet. (They eventually became my fellow bloggers ;)) They helped to answer all of my questions, gave me some suggested sizes to try based on the measurements that I gave them, and that my friends, is when it was a wrap. I placed an order with Ewa Michalak for the SM  Wróżka  and S Szykuś, and an order with Comexim for the Snow and Ingrid Plunges, in two different sizes to narrow it down. Once the orders arrived, I could not believe how well made they were. The fabrics and laces were nothing short of luxurious. While none of them were a “perfect fit”, they gave me enough to know which direction to go with each brand.

Geisha WM           Neonek

I placed my first Polish bra orders at the end of May, 2015. As of today, September 1, 2015, I currently have 29 Polish bras in my collection. These are the bras that are a proper fit, and are in my regular rotation. I have had some heartbreaking disappointments as well, but they are far less than my successes. I am currently waiting for my first Anna Pardal order, which literally has me nervous and giddy at the same time. I am so excited to have another Polish brand to be addicted to 🙂


I don’t feel the same about ordering my bras and having to wait for them to arrive. I know that they are being made for me, and once they come home to me, will most likely be pure perfection 🙂 While I am waiting for them, I am plotting my next purchase. My fellow bloggers and I look forward to “Bra Day”. At least one of us is getting a package that day, and we love it.

The designers of Polish lingerie have a distinct style across the board, offering many options within each brand, making them all valuable to me for different reasons. I am not willing to give any of them up. I want more of them. I want to try more brands and see what else is out there in this new wonderful world for me 🙂

I am a Polish Bra Junkie, and I am proud of it. I cannot imagine my life without them. I am pushing my addiction… I mean help, enthusiasm and advice on my friends, family, pretty much anyone who will listen to me talk about them.

Malibu              Emanuelle

Until next time 🙂


Review: Anna Pardal Emeline

AP  emelineside3


Anna Pardal Emeline Classic Plunge

On my search for an everyday black bra I found a stunner!  Emeline is far from any ordinary black basic bra even though it can pass for one easily.  The first time I saw it on the Anna Pardal website I was in love and decided I had to order it ASAP and luckily for me Erica from A Sophisticated Pair happened to have a 30g in stock…in stock!  Do you know how rare that has been for me, a bra ready to ship in my size is pretty much non-existent.  I emailed her immediately and she sent it quickly (Erica provides amazing customer service btw).   When I opened the package, just a few days later, it was even more gorgeous in person but unfortunately for me it was a tad too tall and a tad too large.


Since Erica didn’t have a different size for me to try and the new Anna Pardal styles were soon to be released I decided to reach out to Anna W. of Anna Pardal directly to ensure I got an Emeline thinking it would soon be discontinued and of course Sabine made it into my cart as well since I have no self-control lol.  I decided to try a 30ff and hoped that the unaltered size would work….sadly it was too small.  So I decided to send Anna pictures of the bras and ask her advice on what I should try next to get that perfect fit.  After telling her I loved the narrow gore and that the strap sort of dug into my narrow shoulders, she suggested I try a 30g with reduced cups and straps moved in 2cm and requested that the gore be made as narrow as possible and I also asked her to please add a pocket for an asymmetry pad to be inserted since I have one breast slightly smaller than the other.  Emeline arrived a few weeks later and you know that sound in the movies when the sky opens and you hear aaaaahhhhh, yep that’s what I heard as I tried it on and fell in love with this piece of Heaven.


The fit is exactly what I needed and it is my most comfortable bra I own,  but that isn’t even the best part.  Emeline is a sophisticated, elegant and rich looking work of art and I feel amazing wearing it each and every time I put it on.


Nothing can compare to feeling beautiful and comfortable at the same time and let’s face it there have been plenty of occasions when as a woman we’ve had to choose beauty over comfort….darn heels!


The Emeline Classic Plunge is a lightly lined molded cup bra and while it holds its shape it isn’t stiff like other molded bras I’ve tried.  The 30 band is firm and perfect for my 26.75 inch ribcage measurement on the loosest of 4 hooks and the reduced cups are the perfect depth and height.  The fully adjustable straps sit perfectly on my narrow shoulders and are stiffer then other bras I own but once I found the correct adjustment they haven’t budged and feel amazing.  The narrow wires and projected cup give me the most amazing lifted shape and the perfect amount of cleavage, nothing over the top.  Thanks to the narrow gore I don’t have any problems for my close-set breasts and it tacks perfectly without pinching or digging.  So for fit, dare I say perfect…Absolutely!


The bra is exquisitely made with high quality fabric and precisely stitched, even the bows are beyond elegant.  The antique peach flower print is subtle yet beautiful against the deep black background reminiscent of an oil painting.


I feel incredible wearing this amazing bra, the shape is fantastic and is nearly seamless under a fitted tee.  It has become my favorite bra and I reach for it at least a couple of days per week.  If I want to dress up or just hang out in shorts and a tank top I feel beautiful knowing Emeline is underneath.


I just can’t say enough about how impressed I am by this bra,  I love it so much and Anna has perfected her designs to suit all women of different shapes and sizes.  She is a true artist and even though she must be extremely busy she takes the time to respond quickly to emails and is so kind in her replies,  she truly cares about a perfect fit.  Somehow she created the most elegant, sophisticated and comfortable black bra that I have ever owned.  If you have been on the hunt for perfection, look no further…Emeline is still available in 4 news cup styles with the option of additional alterations for a small fee and if you subscribe to the Anna Pardal newsletter you will receive 10% off your first order at  If you are anything like me once you look at the site Emeline won’t be the only item in your cart.  Have you tried Anna Pardal yet?  I would love to hear your thoughts!






Anna Pardal. Lux Lingerie For All Women.


As you may know by now, in my quest to find the perfect fitting bra, I was thrilled to find Polish made brands like Ewa Michalak and Comexim.  I love them both equally, for different reasons.  It’s like my kids.  I could never choose one over the other.  Well, apparently my bras imitate life, and I have a 3rd Polish bra child to cherish and adore.


Anna Pardal is a luxury line of Polish lingerie that has teamed up with Comexim to bring high quality bras and panties to women of all sizes.  They use only the finest Spanish and Italian fabrics and lace to produce some of the most beautiful undergarments I’ve ever seen.  The marriage of the Comexim fit to Anna Pardal’s beautiful fabrics and designs are an absolutely perfect union!

I recently interviewed Anna Wroblewska at Anna Pardal to get more insight on this wonderful collaboration.  I learned so much about her (we share a love of Sophia Loren!) and her business.  Put on your sexiest bra and read on!




  1.  What influenced you to get into the lingerie business?
    It all started hunched over a friend’s laptop in her apartment. She walked past me and said, “Anna, your bra is way too big.” I was totally confused, and that was when she opened the door for me into the magical world of bra-fitting. It was an instant passion. Discovering the perfectly-fitting bra was like a magic cape for me, something that made me feel like the most fearsome, sexy, and self-assured version of myself, someone who knows who she is, how valuable she is, and what she wants. I thought, “There is no way that so many women out there don’t have this.”
  2. How did the brand, Anna Pardal, come to be?
    I came to a moment professionally when I knew I wanted to build something of value, and as I started sifting through the things I loved and what my mission and goals in life were, lingerie presented itself as the obvious answer. As the concept took shape, it became apparent that what I had on my hands was a global boutique with far-reaching positive consequences for both myself and others, a place to where one can find gorgeous lingerie and discover the beauty, sophistication, and sense of luxury that comes from perfect fit (and staggeringly beautiful Southern European fabrics!).
  3. How long have you been designing bras?
    I started in 2012! It’s just a few years, but I feel like it’s been a lifetime. It’s impossible to express how much you learn when you just dive into your dream and learn how to swim.
  4. Where do you find inspiration for your designs?
    I am a huge quote collector (you’ve probably noticed this on the website and newsletter!) so I am very often inspired by the wonderful things that other people have said — especially people who have made it their business to craft beauty from the world. For this collection, I kept coming back to this particular photo of Sophia Loren. She is the picture of elegance, sophistication, and good humor. sophia
    I also take a great deal of inspiration from the people around me and the people who I work with, namely my family, customers, and colleagues. Individual customers email me with wonderful wish lists and colors they love, and retail partners like Erica Windle of A Sophisticated Pair provide a sharp eye and the kind of good humor and partnership that makes you excited to get to work every day.
  5. What makes you stand out from other lingerie designers?
    We listen. There are no preconceived notions at Anna Pardal, and I seek out as much feedback as I possibly can from our customers, working constantly to adjust our designs, our fit, and our styles to meet those needs.
    We’re also unique in terms of style and fit. Our patterns are very unique compared to everything else on the market, in terms of the luxuriousness of our Italian and Spanish fabrics, the sophisticated and yet approachable styling of our collections, and the immense sense of comfort that I want people to feel when wearing our designs. This is all about tireless efforts to improve fit for every customer. I think too much of lingerie is focusing on “fixing” or patently ignoring the immense and wonderful variety of human forms — it is my mission as a person and as a designer to bring an unshakable appreciation of oneself to every Anna Pardal customer.
  6. How often does your company come out with new designs? Between our first and second collection we waited TWO YEARS! This was actually intentional. It’s very important to me to grow a sustainable and wonderful business that represents the ideals I care most about, and to get to the point where we could release the second collection — in a way that felt right — took some time. But from here on out we want to do two per year minimum 🙂
  7. Are you the sole designer in your company, or do you have other designers in your company that help with creating new styles as well?
    I work closely with Anna Matczak of Comexim, who manufactures our bras. She is an absolute wonder woman when it comes to fit, styling, and tailoring, and she has an amazing eye for beauty and detail — all of which make her an inspiring and wonderful colleague! I also lean heavily on my partner in love, life, and business, Ronald Oliver. He’s a menswear designer and the force behind the brand Oliver West, and we influence each other’s work quite a bit.
  8. How many people work for Anna Pardal?
    Aside from our suppliers, agents, etc., we are officially two Annas, not including Anna Matczak of Comexim! (Anna is a very common name in Poland 🙂 ) The “other” Anna is the person who makes it possible for me to focus on nurturing the business. There is also a huge sphere of unofficial partners and collaborators — from fabric manufacturers to agents, customers, and advisors, there are many minds involved in the making of a beautiful product.
  9. Where do you find the materials and fabrics that you use to make your bras and lingerie?
    All of our fabrics are Spanish and Italian. Being in Poland is wonderful on this front, as it’s so close (I was based in South Africa before)! We are actually going to a big textiles trade show in Milan next month — I can’t wait to see what we come back with.
  10. What is your favorite thing about your job?
    I absolutely love it, LOVE IT, when women say to me that they’ve never felt more comfortable, more beautiful, and more sophisticated in a bra. I always think back to one of my very first customers, a wonderful young woman who I fitted in person. She felt so self-conscious about her full-busted figure and was struggling with back pain, and when she put on the perfect sized Anna Pardal Milk & Honey she actually started crying with happiness and relief. I get chills just thinking about it! It was so incredible to see her stand a little straighter , walk a little taller, and really take ownership of herself as a woman. I always tell people: “If something doesn’t fit, it’s not your fault. It’s the garment’s fault.” And yet it’s so easy to think that it’s us, not them. We must never believe that we need to tailor ourselves to fit our clothing in order to be beautiful. No. Our clothing must be tailored to us so that we can truly relish in and express our individual beauty and light.
  11. What is your favorite thing about the lingerie industry?
    I have a very romantic notion of lingerie. It’s not just underwear and it’s not just about being sexy or providing a structural foundation for your outfit. It’s a metaphor for so many ideals that I think are wonderful and important — self-care, confidence and self-assurance, mastery and knowing thyself. The idea of relishing in yourself and seeing yourself as the work of art that you are.
  12. What is the most common question that your customers ask regarding bra fitting? The most common questions I see typically revolve around the cup. Determining whether a cup fits or not can be a complicated task, as you have not only the shape of the wire to take into account but the shape and size of the cup and how it relates to the size of the band. A bra is a subtle piece of engineering! It’s important to remember that you should essentially breathe a sigh of relief when you’re wearing the perfect fit. No tugging in the band, no weird pressure points, no difficulty breathing and nothing smushed or gapping. The band should be smooth and straight, the breast tissue fully encased but not trapped. And it’s always a good sign when you see yourself in the mirror and say, “Wow!” 🙂
  13. What is the most common problem that you see when you are trying to fit someone for a  bra?
    It’s a bra-fitting proverb at this point that most people wear too-large bands and too-small cups, and it is indeed common. This is not the customer’s fault of course — historically speaking, options have been very limited! But the bigger problem is the effect that those limited options have had on us as people: we tend to walk into lingerie purchases with this horrible sense that there is something wrong with us, that finding something beautiful and perfect and comfortable is an impossible task. Not true! It is so important to me that women experience the opposite feelings when buying Anna Pardal — empowerment, delight, and true self-appreciation. Like I say again and again: If it doesn’t fit, it’s not your fault. It’s the garment’s fault. And we’ve built our business on the belief that garments can and should be tailored to the customer.
  14. Where can our readers purchase your products?
    We sell our collections online through our website,, and through third-party retailers. You can see a full listing on our site!
  15. How do you find the majority of your customers?Most of our customers come to us by way of lingerie blogs, our retailers, and bra-fitting forums. We have been fortunate to develop wonderful relationships in the industry that make it possible for us to always meet new people and get more and more perfectly-fitting bras into the world.
  16. What is the best way for potential new customers to find or contact you with any questions they may have regarding your products?
    I can be reached directly via email on I get a lot of emails so it can take a few days reply, but it’s very important to me to help each individual customer find that perfect bra.
  17. What is your favorite thing about the bras that you design?
    I love that they are beautiful and unique without being overwhelming. When I think of our designs I think of a subtle, sophisticated aesthetic. I design to highlight and underscore the beauty of the wearer, and I think the restraint and subtlety of our styles provide the perfect supporting act to each individual customer’s light.
  18. What is your personal favorite design that you have created?
    Oh that’s a tough one. For styling, I am totally mad for Hibiscus and every time I see Florence I go into a tizzy. But what I’m most proud of is our cup styling. It took a lot of hard work to get an understanding of fit throughout our formidable size range (work that continues every day!) and developing that knowledge into the Nuance, Sophisticate, and Doyenne cup styles was a labor of love and devotion. I am so proud and excited to be offering them.
  19. How many bras do you have in your personal collection? (Are they all your own line?)Oh dear, that’s a hard one to answer. I usually wear a pretty edited number of bras day to day, but I keep many on-hand. I had a baby last year which completely sent my sizing into a whirlwind, so I learned to keep the “perfect fits — for now” in the drawer and the backups nearby. Our bodies are living and breathing, and we must accommodate their shifting tides! Everything, however, is Anna Pardal.
  20. Do you have any hot, up and coming tips or advice for our readers regarding the Polish Bra/Lingerie industry?
    It might be because I live under a mountain made of bras, but the most exciting thing for me right now is our new cup styles. By incorporating common size and fit requirements at different points in the size range, I’m hopeful that we can make perfectly-fitted bras more accessible and easier to buy. Can you imagine? A few clicks, and the perfect fit being made to order just for you! This is my dream.

Is there anything else that you would like our readers to know about you and your company that we have not already covered? [please feel free to add any additional information that you would like to be included in your feature]
As I mentioned, for me lingerie is a metaphor for all of the ways in which we can truly relish in and care for ourselves. One thing I’m doing on that front is our new weekly newsletter, where I’m sharing interviews, stories, and experiments in how we can build beauty, nourishing rituals, and a timeless sense of glamour and presence into each and every day. I’d love it if you would join us! You can sign up here — and get 10% off your first order!


As Anna said, what makes them different is that they listen to what their customer wants and needs.  In answer, they recently launched a new collection of fits and fabrics that have all of us at AEE so excited!  Some of the changes include:  G+ cups see a narrower-set strap and reduced cups; 26-32 bands feature a lower gore; and 38+ bands a higher gore.  Check out all the new styles here and order some immediately.  You won’t regret it, but you will be hooked!

xo Treschic

Bra Obsessed – Ordering Polish Bras in Canada (and an exclusive discount for you!)

So, you’re Canadian, eh? There are lots of great things about this great country of Canada.    We have Timbits.    We invented hockey.  We get our milk in bags.  We keep Canadian Tire money in our kitchen drawers.  We know what a touque is and we own them and wear them sometimes too.   – and that was just my short form joke list of great things about Canada.

What I want to talk about today though is how to get a fabulous Polish bra right here in Canada.    Of course you can order direct  from Poland, but be aware of a few things first:  our customs limit, meaning the value of the product that you are entitled to receive before duty charges can be levied, is only $20.00.  Obviously, you need to know your bra size in whichever Polish brand you are looking at (it isn’t the same as your non-Polish size and it is even unique to each company and sometimes even each style within each company).    And finally, return postage charges to mail a non-fitting or unwanted item back to Poland aren’t cheap.    It all seems pretty risky and daunting.  Which is why I’m so happy to let you know that you can actually order your Polish Ewa Michalak, Comexim and Anna Pardal  bras and panties right here in Canada, with free fit advice, hassle-free exchanges and no customs woes  through Canadian based Bra Obsessed.  I have had the pleasure of using  the services of Bra Obsessed since my own Polish bra obsession began.   In fact, I have even been so lucky as to have had Bra Obsessed’s lovely owner Jaimie over to my house on a few occasions and have had the privilege of in-person fitting services, marathon try-ons and sneak peeks at up and coming releases!   In this blog piece, I am giving our readers an opportunity to get to know Bra Obsessed via the following interview with Jaimie.

What influenced you to get into the retail lingerie business? In short: Polish bras!  I have always been obsessed with finding a great fit.  I have also always been obsessed with pretty things that make you feel great.  I have tried hundreds of bras for myself (literally, I really am Bra Obsessed!), but was never truly satisfied with them.  When I discovered Anna Pardal, Comexim and Ewa Michalak there was no going back.  The fit was exactly what was missing for me and they were so gorgeous.  I wanted them all!   I would no longer put up with my sad, droopy or boring bras when I could wear these beauties. I was so excited about them that I started telling all of my friends.  Soon I was ordering bras for my friends, helping with sizing advice and walking them through the process.  They were all so happy with the bras and I was amazed at how women of all sizes really loved them.   It wasn’t just my “hard to fit size” (I know, I know, insert sad violin sound here) that worked great with these bras, they worked great for everyone!  After a while, word was getting around, and I had people approaching me to help them order a bra.   I loved every moment of this. I was, however, frustrated with how expensive it was to send bras back to Poland when they didn’t fit. It was also hard when one style could fit so different than another.  I discovered I was very impatient and hated waiting for the bras to be made and shipped.  So I decided to follow the advice of my friends and family to jump in and make these brands readily available for Canadians.  My goal was to make the whole process quick and easy.  Easy to order and get sizing advice. Easy to return or exchange.  Also quick to ship because I would keep many styles in stock.

How did Bra Obsessed come to be? Along with the above answers, I credit the support of my husband and friends to push me into this.  It was already my passion but I had to hear “you really need to do this for a living!” from several different people before I was confident enough to take the plunge.  I was already spending my evenings analyzing fit requests and researching brands, so it seemed right (and exciting) to make my obsession my job.  I had seen the need, and I filled it.

How long has Bra Obsessed been open? Bra Obsessed is brand new, having just opened about 8 months ago.

Do you have a storefront, or are you strictly online? I do have a store.  At the moment it is very small, and attached to my home but eventually I plan to grow.  In the meantime, since much of my job is mobile it works great.

How do you find the majority of your customers? Being brand new, most of my customers I get through word of mouth.  I find  that if I put in the extra effort, and let my customers know that I really care, they will tell their friends. I also get many new customers through my bra parties.

What is the best way for potential new customers to get in contact with you? Emailing me is always best (  Much of my job (and my life) is on the go but I usually see my emails right away and try to respond as soon as I can.

What makes you stand out from other lingerie retailers? This is a tricky question.  First of all, I’m new in the market so who am I to question retailers who have been in business for decades?  I would never want to put any retailers down.  Honestly though, I really love what I do.   I have seen how people light up when they look in the mirror and like what they see.  I want every customer to experience this boost.  And I work hard to get the perfect fit so that customers can feel this great.  I will not sell something to the customer just because they may be willing to buy it.  I really do talk customers out of certain purchases.  After all, how can they trust me if I let them buy something I know won’t work for them?

What is your favourite thing about your job? Hands down it’s helping people gain confidence.  I mentioned this on my website, but time after time I see people put themselves down when they do not fit into their bras.  But nothing is wrong with them!  Everybody is beautiful in their own way!  Most people do not fit into the mainstream sizes sold, and that certainly does not make them weird shaped or misfits.  It means that something is wrong with the mainstream lingerie companies! Some of the feedback I have received has really touched me.  I have customers tell me how instantly their back and neck problems disappeared when they wore the right size.    The ones that touched my heart the most though, are the customers that say they never felt pretty or sexy.  Wearing the proper size though, has helped them to love themselves, even to the point of being comfortable calling themselves pretty or sexy.   Nothing beats helping people see their own beauty.  It is so satisfying! Secondly: If you asked me years ago what my dream job would be, it would be to design lingerie.  So to now be heard from Comexim and Anna Pardal in design choices and fit adjustments is FUN!  Eventually I would like to design my own line of bras, panties and bikinis, but… baby steps. Third: (I know, I know you asked for one thing, but I seriously love so much about my job!) I now have a legitimate reason to buy all the bras. “I need to sample them all so I can know how they work.  It is really for the customers Hun”.   I know you fellow Bra Obsessed are a bit jealous of being able to use that reasoning on your husbands, sorry!

What is your favourite thing about the lingerie industry? A  whole industry devoted to secret pretty things.  How exciting is that!  I think wearing a sexy or pretty bra and matching underwear when no one else knows leaves you feeling powerful. It’s your little secret that makes you own your day.

What is the most common question that your customers ask regarding bra fitting and if you are answering online, how do you help to answer the question? What is my Polish size? This is a tricky one because they all fit so differently, even within the same brands. The information I need to help people is the following: What is your snug and relaxed ribcage measurement? Do you prefer a very snug band or a bit more relaxed? What is your overbust measurement while standing up? What is your overbust measurement while leaning over at a 90 degree angle? What are your best fitting bras (size make and model)? What style and colors do you prefer?  Bold or Neutral?  Lined or unlined? Also any pictures of people wearing their best fitting bras helps a lot too.  I completely understand if people are uncomfortable with this.  If they do not want to send a picture that is absolutely fine, we will work around it. It really does help me to figure out their size though.  The picture helps me to see if their current bras have any fit issues, what shape breasts they have, and what styles would be the most compatible for them.

What is the most common problem that you see regarding bra fitting and again, if you are responding online, how do you help to fix the fit problem?  First and foremost I see too large of bands, meaning the customers are carrying the weight of their breasts on their shoulders.  I also see people  bubbling over the cups.  People really need to swoop and scoop, jump around, lean over and shake while they are trying the bra on.  Many people after doing this realize that they need to size up one or two cup sizes from what they would initially buy. These are tricky things to fix online as I need to trust the customers that they are truly testing the bras while they try them on.  That is where it helps when people send pictures of the fit as well.  A picture both from the front and from the side help me to assess.

Tell us about your bra parties and how they work. They are a blast!  They are much different than an average sales party.  They end up just being a fun girls night out.  I start off explaining the basics of fit.  Everyone at the party can come to me one at a time and have a private fitting in a separate room.  Most of the time they can leave with their bra in hand, and the other times I will special order it for them. I offer the host 50% off one bra and 10% of the nights sales towards any other items.   The host will invite 5 – 25 of her friends over who are interested in getting fitted.  I travel anywhere within 1.5 hours from London, Ontario.  Many people come to these parties having no prior education about proper bra fitting and leave feeling much better about themselves and fully supported in their new bras.  This is what I really love about these parties, I get to help so many who would never have asked for bra fitting help in any other situation.  Did I mention we usually also drink wine?  Like I said, these parties are relaxed and above all fun!  (Again, my job is to talk bras while sipping wine???  Pinch me, I must be dreaming!)

What is your favourite thing about Polish bras? The shape of course.  I can’t even put on my old droopy east/west facing bras anymore.  I am comfortable, I am really uplifted, I have great cleavage, and let’s not forget they are so pretty!  No more boring beige domes for me!  Here are a couple of before and after photos to compare the shape of a Polish bra (in this case it is a Comexim in both) vs. the shape of an average UK bra sold at specialty lingerie stores.  The difference is astounding.

before and after clothed.2                                before and after picture

Do you have your own personal favourite Polish bra? If so, who makes it and what is it? Oh that’s so hard to choose.  They all have their own benefits in different ways. Anna Pardal has the rich and beautiful fabrics.  For Anna Pardal I love my Hibiscus, that fabric is just so beautiful! Comexim is the most comfortable by far.  For Comexim I am still partial to my Pantera.  It’s been around a while but I still love it. Ewa Michalak padded bras give the highest uplift, and the SM cuts have some very sexy options.  For Ewa Michalak I would have to say that it would be a tie between the sexy SM Czarna Mgielka and the new and super fun S Przeplatanki.

Do you have any hot, up and coming tips or advice for our readers? Rats, I wish I had a hot tip!  Comexim has some amazing new bras coming out this fall, but you readers probably already know that. Some advice though: Be aware of size fluctuations.   It is common for breasts to fluctuate even a cup size or two throughout the month.  If this is true of you, it may be beneficial to own a bra in a larger size for these times.  Nobody wants to be stuck with the dreaded quadboob at these times. Also, most people do not have perfectly symmetrical breasts.  It is common to be a whole cup or two bigger on one side.  Again, there is nothing wrong with you, this is normal!  Buy the bra that fits your bigger side and use cookies on the other (not Oreos silly, I knew we were both thinking that!).  Ewa Michalak has quite a few bras that come with asymmetrical pads, and Anna Pardal is now offering bras with inserts to put pads in for this very reason.  So be aware of your size differences, and use the cookies when needed.

What would you like our readers to know about you and your store? Most of all that I really care about finding my customers a great fit.  My bras are shipped from Canada so if you are ordering from Canada you will not be charged any duty and if they are in stock you will get them fast.  I usually ship out the same or the next business day. The more information my customers give me the more I can help them.  I currently have a small run of sizes of the Anna Pardal Hibiscus Classic and the Florence Sophisticate Balconette being made for the store.  So there will not be long waits for Anna Pardal bras either.  If you want to special order a size I can easily add your size to my current order as well.

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