Review of Comexim Brigitte

What can I say about a bra that in just looking at it speaks so highly for itself? The Comexim Brigitte is in one word…STUNNING! It is truly one of the most beautiful bras I have ever laid eyes upon. For someone that is a self-proclaimed “girly girl”, this bra checks all the boxes when it comes to aesthetics.  The material covering the cups and band is black paisley over a soft powder pink background, a matching pink ribbon lines the tops of the cups, and (my favorite part) a lacy pink frill with black edging surrounds the bottom of the band. Like I said before, it is absolutely stunning.

image3 (4)

This is my second attempt at Brigitte and I am so happy I didn’t give up on it after the first one I received didn’t fit just right. The first Brigitte I ordered was in my usual size for Comexim, which is a 65J. Though it wasn’t a horrible fit by any means, I found that the cups and gore were just slightly higher (about 1/4 inch) than my other Comexims in 65J. I’m sure I could have kept it and it would have been fine, but I have become a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to how my bras fit, so I ended up reordering it with custom alterations of reduced (lowered) cups and gore. NOTE: When you reduce the cups in a bra, it can cause the cups to become shallower, so if you are on the edge of sizing up in cups and decide to alter by reducing them you may want to go up in cup size as well. I also decided to do something I have been thinking about for a while now, which is to go down in band size. My underbust measurement is 26 inches and I have known for a while that I really should be wearing a 28 band, (and not the 30 that I have been ordering). So I decided to take the plunge and order this bra in a 60K (as a rule of thumb – if you go down in band size but want to keep the same sized cup, you should go up in cup size). NOTE: Keep in mind that when you go down in band size, even if you go up in cup size to compensate, the overall cup is often times scaled down. So a 60K cup will be lower than a 65J, even though they are sister sizes.

image1 (18)

Admittedly, I was a bit nervous as I waited for my bra to be remade. Changing band and cup sizes is enough of a change for me, but to add alterations for the first time too…it was stressful! When my second attempt at Brigitte came in the mail, I was as nervous as I was when I received a Polish bra for the first time! But let me tell you, my gamble paid off and I am ecstatic with the results 🙂 The 60 band fit perfectly on the loosest hooks and the cups and gore were just the right height.

image4 (4)

My only concern with the fit of Brigitte is that the ribbon that lines the top of the cups doesn’t allow for as much give as a bra with lace or no edging, which makes the cups (where the seam toward the top of the cups are) comes in a little sharply. This resulted in the cups being a bit pointier than I’m used to in a Comexim bra. Luckily, after I wore it for a day the cups seemed to mold to my breasts and the pointiness subsided. Something to keep in mind about any bra with ribbon lining is that it’s important to get just the right fit, since ribbon is less forgiving and can cause for a muffin top look if it is even slightly too small. TIP: Depending on how much muffin top you get, you may want to go a cup size larger with ribbon lined bras or you can try to stretch the ribbon gently to add some forgiveness.

image2 (10)
The area that was pointy is shown here.

Overall I’d give Brigitte 9.5 out of 10, as it checks all of the boxes for fit, beauty and comfort! Also, to complete the look, when I ordered my original Brigitte I had ordered the matching stringi to make it a matching set…I thank some of my fellow bloggers for getting me hooked on sets 😉 NOTE: The stringi does not show up as an option for Brigitte on the Comexim site, but you can email them after you place your order and request that any of the undies they have be made in the style you want (stringi, figi or szorty) and they will happily accommodate!

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I hope you enjoyed this review, and if you did please stay tuned for my next review which will be of the spectacular Ewa Michalak CHP Klaudyna!