Review: The Dark & Mysterious Ewa Michalak S Kleks

I remember the day that I spotted BM Kleks on the Ewa Michalak website.

It is described on the site as follows:

What’s left after Ink run out in the inkwell? – blot of ink => Kleks ūüėČ
Do you happen to like dark-coloured underwear but feel fed up with black bras? …so there’s a bra ideal for you.
Bra made of fine elastic lace in deep navy blue with black knitwear underlayer will definitely meet your expectations.


I was intrigued. ¬†That colour! ¬†That perfect, mysterious shade of midnight blue. ¬†As dark as the night sky, as deep as the darkest secret. ¬†I was hooked. ¬† I wanted it. ¬†Except that Kleks is currently offered in BM style only. ¬†The BM style, in case you don’t know, is an unpadded balconette bra with stretch lace on the top section of the cups. ¬†If you are unfamiliar with the various styles, click HERE and read our blog post on this subject. ¬†I have a thing for S and SM style bras, but I don’t have a thing for BM style bras. ¬†So, I tried to just not look at the BM Kleks but oh that colour! ¬†As dark as my very heart! ¬†It was calling me. ¬†I needed it. ¬† So I did what any reasonable woman would do. ¬†I wrote to Kaska who takes care of emails at Ewa Michalak and I begged to have Kleks made as an S style ¬†….and my wish was granted! ¬†Note: ¬†style change requests are at the sole discretion of Ewa Michalak, cost an additional 40 PLN and will make the item a final sale (not returnable). ¬†


You might notice that the stock picture of this bra in BM style shows bows on the shoulder straps and mine has only the bow at the gore. ¬†They are described on the site as ‘bows with bijou pendants just like stars in cloudy sky brighten this murky colour.’ ¬†I wanted those shoulder stars so I was a bit sad to see that they had not been included on my S Kleks, but beggars can’t always be choosers and when you deviate from the original, sometimes there can be changes. ¬†I will try to survive without my shoulder stars.

My custom S Kleks is in size 30GG. ¬†The cups fit me well and in typical fashion for S style in that size. ¬†The band measures approximately 25 inches unstretched and approximately 30 inches stretched without cup distortion and feels comfortable on my 27″ rib cage. ¬†I will say though that I can stretch it to 32 without much trouble although there was wire distortion present. ¬†Ladies who like their bands extra firm may want to take that into consideration.

If you read my blog posts regularly you will know that I am a sucker for a matching set. ¬†I only like full brief style panties and I really prefer elastic around the leg band. ¬†That style has been in short supply lately in the newest EM offerings but I have to admit that the appearance of these panties with the black tulle peeking out from beneath the blue lace is pretty much to die for. I ordered the Klek full briefs in my usual size 36. ¬†They fit well and I love this look, even though it isn’t my top style for comfort.

Here is the stock picture:


And here is a close-up of mine. ¬†See what I mean about that black tulle peeking out from under that navy lace? ¬†Just beautiful. ¬†‚̧


Kleks is a welcome addition to my collection with its unexpected and unusual dark colour combination.  I do adore it, even without all of its stars, and am looking forward to wearing it once the weather cools.  (In hot weather, I prefer the cooler, unlined SM style bras).



At time of writing, Kleks is still available on the Ewa Michalak site as a BM style bra.  The matching panties are currently available as well, offered in both full brief and thong styles.  Have you made this pretty set part of your collection?