CHP Summertime

WM 7

Today is all about Ewa Michalak’s CHP Summertime. This is a style that is offered by Bra Obsessed. Summertime is a revival of the original SM style. While I do love the SM, the CHP is my BAM bra. I absolutely love the lifted, rounded appearance that I get with CHPs.

While CHP Summertime is a padded bra, the colors and design give it the look of being light and airy. The warm tones perfectly reflect the season it is named after. It is a light caramel color, with mesh overlay in the same color on the cups. Three part vertical seams help create the amazing lift. The mesh has exquisite floral embroidery focused mainly along the tops of the cups, and also draping vertically down. The embroidery is satiny shades of peach flowers  and silvery white leaf designs. Because of the tones of this one, I think it would make a nice, spiced up version of a nude bra for some skin tones. When I first saw this bra online, I was afraid that the embroidery would be bulky under a top. Luckily, it’s relatively smooth.

The straps are fully adjustable and the clasp has four rows of three hook and eye closures. Even though the bow at the gore appears to be peach in the pictures, it is actually white, and looks great with the silvery white embroidered leaf detail. The cups are lined with soft cotton and have removable pads.

WM 10

I have gone through some recent size changes, and have gone up just about a cup size. I had ordered this before the increase in size, in an 80G, which was perfect for me in the CHP cut. Unfortunately, with the pads in now, as they are in the images, you can see some quadding. With the pads out it fits perfectly.

WM 9

This is another one that will be a great addition to your bradrobe, and not only for the summertime. 🙂

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Comexim’s Absolute Beauty

2016-18-6--15-36-54The lovely Anna of Comexim gifted me with her Beauty Half Cup, and I could not be happier with it. The name says it all. There is something about this bra that is reminiscent of a time gone by.

The base of the bra is cream with the prettiest black lace overlay.  There are vertical seams in the lace, aligning with the vertical seams of the cups, which add another level to the overall gorgeousness of the bra.  The lace is across the gore and covers the wires, to bottom of the front of the band. It extends to the wings and ends in the most delicate eyelash lace. The remainder of the band is a cream nylon-like material with black trim. Along the tops of the cups is about 1.5 inches of a different black lace that compliments the overlay perfectly. There is a dainty bow at the gore made of black and a creamy gold satin. It adds just a little extra glamour to the bra, but doesn’t take away from the main focus: the lace.


The black straps are fully adjustable with a black satin overlay. The inside of the cups are lined with cream, soft  cotton.


Let’s talk about my customization. Straps moved in 2 cm, reduced material at the gore to prevent gaping, reduced gore and pockets for cookie inserts. Half Cups are my favorite style from Comexim and so far I have been very lucky that Anna has been able to make the majority of my orders into the Half Cup model. In my size (80J), half cups are a three part cup construction, which allows for the projection that I need for my best fit. The cups have a very thin amount of padding. I think of it as more lightly lined, but definitely not heavily padded. Even without padding, as you can see, Beauty provides an excellent shape and uplift. If I want some extra oomph, I just add some cookies.


The band is firm in Beauty, lying flat measuring at 27.75, and stretched is 35.5. This is for an 80 (36) band, so you might want to keep that in mind when ordering. Speaking of ordering… if you don’t have Beauty you should 😉


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* This item was graciously provided for review by Comexim. All opinions are my own.

Ewa Michalak’s SM KanKan


In the limelight today we have  Ewa Michalak’s SM KanKan. This bra came out in Ewa’s Winter collection. While the dark bold colors scream Winter, and a little of bit of sexy time naughtiness, 😉 the lightweight material makes it perfect for summer months. The SM style as a whole has no padding and all of the SM bras that I own from EM are constructed of thinner materials, allowing the girls to breathe and avoid the dreaded “boob sweat” that some of us experience during the warmer months. It gets to above 110 degrees where I live, so a nice light, cool bra is much appreciated! Ewa Michalak calls the SM their Un-paddded Balconette. The best thing about the SM style though, is that even with the lighter material and no padding, you do not give up any of the support. You get light, airy, lacy gorgeousness. and don’t have to sacrifice the things that you actually need your bra to do.

This is a 3 part cup in my size (80GG). I find the that band runs true to size. The bottom 2 parts are a satiny, shiny, sheer red material. The top portion of the cup is a sheer black mesh with a floral lace pattern that extends to cover the entire cup. The seams on the inside of the cups are black, while the vertical seam on the front of the cup is the shiny red.


The gore is black with a black satin bow that has red in the center with rhinestones in a circle, surrounding the red. Pure perfection! The straps are black with some red stitching and are fully adjustable. The wings are thicker black mesh with what appears to be small diamond stitching accents…. Just noticed that as I am writing the review. Lol. The band is black with red lace trim along the entire bottom and red stitching along the top.





This is a show stopper. And so comfortable. It truly feels like I am wearing nothing at all with the KanKan, and all of Ewa’s SM styles. They provide the perfect amount of lift and support.

Additional photos from the Ewa Michalak website of the matching panties and the 3DM style:

Ewa Michalak still has this one available in what looks to be all sizes, and it sells for 179,000 zl. There are matching high briefs, regular briefs and a thong, so you can choose the style and look that you prefer. This would make the perfect bedroom ensemble, or your “just because you want some sexy in your lingerie” set. This also comes in the 3DM style, and there appears to be several sizes in that style as well. Ladies!!  Why haven’t you bought this yet???  Get on it!!  You won’t regret it, I promise! Summer is coming, and we all need as many SM styles as we can get our hands on, and this one shouldn’t be missed.  Tell Ewa and Kaska that I sent you 😉


**I really wish that my forward facing camera didn’t distort the colors so badly !!

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Comexim-Rose Long Line



I know it has been awhile since you have heard from us, and for that I apologize. Life happened, for a lot of us, but we are back, and promise to get back to posting regularly. 🙂

I am in love. I may or may not have said this about a few other bras that I have. Who am I kidding? If I have written about it, chances are, I am in love. 😉 But this one. Ahhh. This one is stunning. The Rose Long Line by Comexim. As usual, pictures do not do this bra justice. The black base, with the soft floral pattern are perfection. The fabric itself is very soft, and at first glance, is reminiscent of corduroy. Not the thickness, but the soft ridged texture. It is not textured enough to show under clothes, but adds enough to the fabric to really make it stand it out as not your “every day” bra.

  2016-13-3--16-47-26                                                  2016-13-3--16-50-13


The roses are soft shades of a deep pink, mid tone and light pinks, with various shades of green leaves. There are also shades of yellow, gray, white and blue.




The lines that come up through the fabric are a shimmery black and reflect the color that lies underneath. If the strip is over black, it reflects back. If it is over pink or green, it reflects those shades as well, further adding to the luxuriousness that is the Rose Long Line.


There is a black bow accent at the gore, and lining the tops of the cups are two pieces of black elastic, with the sheerest black mesh like material connecting the two. A panel of the floral print extends to the bottom of the band, down the center of the bra.


The back of the bra is solid black, as are the fully adjustable straps, that extends to meet the floral print in the front. There are three rows of 5 hook and eye closures. Mine is constructed of three-part half cups, allowing for the projection that I need. Rose is beyond comfortable, and extremely supportive, offering a delicate rounded lift.  The inside of  the bra is lined with black cotton.


This bra is so gorgeous that I am trying to come up with ways to wear it so that is can be seen, without looking like I am trying to show off my bra. Any suggestions? I’m thinking a black button up, not buttoned all the way with a black pencil skirt. Yes, I think that could work 🙂 Rose sells for 160,00 zl on Comexim’s website. This is definitely one that you should consider adding to your collection if you haven’t already. Tell Anna that Tanzilove from An Enhanced Experience sent you. 😉


Farewell to Anna Pardal-Sabine Long Line- As Elegant As It Gets

Sabine LL 36GG Doyenne HC

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I am writing this review today. Honestly, I had started this post a few weeks ago when I first received my Anna Pardal order. Due to personal reasons, I had to step away from it for a bit. And now, I am ready to post it, and have received the sad news this morning that Anna of Anna Pardal is closing her business. Originally, this review contained information about Anna Pardal the company, how they operate, Anna moving her company to Poland to be closer to her manufacturer, Comexim, and how much she cares for her customers and making sure that they have a wonderful, gorgeous, properly fitting bra. It discussed the ups and downs that Anna herself had mentioned in her newsletter. The ups and downs no longer matter. What does matter is that Anna Pardal was a company known for their high end fabrics, stunning designs, and sweet, caring, eloquently spoken creator, Anna.

So, on to the review. I am in LOVE with this bra. It is the Sabine Doyenne Half Cup, Long Line. Yep, all of that. With Anna Pardal, you were able to customize to your hearts’ content. I requested pocket inserts for cookies and the straps moved in 2 cm. I tend to get some gaping of the material at each side of the gore in Anna Pardal and Comexim styles, so I request that the material be reduced there as well. I wish that I was lucky enough to be able to order everything standard. It would make my life so much easier! If you didn’t know already, the talented Anna of Comexim provided the manufacturing of Anna Pardal styles. The 2 Anna’s worked well together and have created some amazing pieces. 


Anna describes the Doyenne Half cup as:

With a low profile and a wider wire base, the Doyenne offers a new take on sophisticated sensuality.  The cup provides support from below, a wonderful option for a more spacious decolletage, and intelligent pattern adjustments are incorporated throughout the size range. Relative to the Classic Plunge, we bring the straps closer in on G+ cups. For 28 to 32 bands we reduce the center gore, and for 38+ bands we raise the gore.

Doyenne Half-Cup is available in either a standard or longline shape and with any of our fabrics.”

From the Anna Pardal Website: Doyenne Half Cup shown in Hibiscus

Anna Pardal Doyenne Half Cup

The Sabine bra has a red base, with black mesh lace overlay. There are light red/pinkish flowers on the material and the vertical seams are made of black stitching. Red bows at the straps and the gore (my pictures make them appear pinker than what they truly are), and black lace trim along the tops of the cups. The inside of the bra is lined with soft red cotton. This Long Line is so comfortable that I could sleep in it. There are 3 rows of 5 hook and eye closures, for the utmost comfort. It is exceptionally supportive, and beyond beautiful. So beautiful in fact, that I wish I could wear it on its own. It is the kind of bra that you want to show people. You want the detail and craftsmanship to be seen, not tucked away under clothes. Luckily, I have AEE to use as my platform 😉

2016-09-1--15-28-16                               2016-09-1--15-29-15



2016-09-1--15-27-03                                                                         2016-09-1--15-25-36       2016-09-1--15-24-16                                   2016-09-1--15-23-13



I wish that I had every Anna Pardal style in a Long Line version. I am in love with half cups, and the combination of styles that you could order with just one fabric made for a number of different bras. After reading Anna’s Newsletter this morning, my first thought, ‘I hope she is ok”. My next, “I wish I had ordered everything.”

An Enhanced Experience wishes Anna Pardal a very fond farewell. We were very lucky to be able to interview Anna early on in our blogging careers. You can read that post here. Anna has a passion for her lingerie, and we hope all the best for her, her family, and her future endeavors. The world of Polish Lingerie lovers has lost a brilliant company today. If you ever decide to come back, we will be waiting for you. 

Please feel free to show Anna how much she will be missed on her Facebook page, and ours.

Below, you can see some of our favorite pieces from Anna Pardal.

Until next time,


Jelz in Hibiscus Classic Plunge:  Hibiscus 32FF Classic Plunge Jelzz


MsDizz in Emeline Reduced Plunge: Emeline 320G Plunge, reduces cups, straps moved in 2 cm Mz.Dizz


Baby in Lady Grey Sophisticate: Lady Grey Sophisticate 28J Baby



Yoomee in Typhoon Classic Plunge Long Line: Typhoon Long Line 30GG Classic Plunge Yoomee

Gogobee in Caramel Latte Plunge: 2016-09-1--15-35-36

Ewa Michalak- Rose Mist

Rose Mist WM

We really need to talk about this bra. This gorgeous, sexy, sheer, blush colored bra. The Ewa Michalak Rose Mist. You won’t find it on the Ewa Michalak website. This is one of those special, you can only find it if you know where to look bras. Don’t worry, I will give you all the info 😉 I picked this beauty up from Brava Lingerie, out of Australia. Their customer service is top notch. They want their customers to be happy, regardless of the country they live in. Becky, my wonderful contact at Brava is so amazingly sweet, helpful, patient and knowledgeable. Becky’s email is The bras on their website do show in Australian sizing, but she can help you figure out the size that you need if you know your Ewa Michalak size. Feel free to stalk the website for your next purchase 😉

On to the bra!

This is the most beautiful shade of blush pink. It is an SM style, and the cups are made of a single layer of sheer mesh which offers amazing shape and support, as all Ewa Michalak SMs seem to manage.

20151127_231114 20151127_231644

What sold me on this bra? The seams. They are a delicate pink satin. In my size (80GG/14GG AUS) this is a 3 part cup. The seams do not show through clothing and provide a nice smooth shape. The top of the cups are adorned with pink lace and the same lace is stitched onto the straps which are fully adjustable.

There are pink satin bows at the gore and at the straps. Where the cups meet the straps, there are two layers of mesh for added support. There are 4 rows of 3 hook and eye closures. 20151127_230748        20151127_230823 20151127_230735

As far as Ewa Michalak bras go, you would think this bra is almost plain. There are no bold patterns, no contrasting colorways that make up a beautiful piece of artwork. But this bra is still very much stunning. It is sheer, subtle sexiness, and it deserves a place in your bra wardrobe.

Rose Mist WM 2

Until next time


Ewa Michalak’s New Autumn Collection- Letnia Noc


I think it goes without saying that when my fellow AEE bloggers and I were given the opportunity to receive Ewa Michalak’s latest collection early, we were beyond ecstatic and grateful. I chose 4 of their new styles: Letnia Noc, Colette, Pantera (all S styles), and Klaudyna (CHP). I am in love with all of them, and am reviewing Letnia Noc first.


As usual, this bra is so much prettier in person. The floral print is a nice contrast of bright and deep, with pinks, whites, greys and greens on a navy base. The lace trim along the tops of the cups is a bright royal blue, and the straps have brillant blue ribbon stitched onto the navy base. There are pink bows at the straps and on the gore. It is a 3 hook and eye closure, and the cups are nice and smooth. The floral print extends around to the bands. The inside of the cups are white cotton with inserts for removable pads. I love that Ewa Michalak offers this option. Some days, you may want that extra bit of oomph, and others, you may want to play it down a bit. The removable pads also help with minor asymmetry that you may have, or during hormonal fluctuations.

20151012_191804 20151012_191735 20151012_191657

The band is true to size for me: not too stretchy, and not too firm. In other words, it is perfection. The band curves upwards a bit at the gore allowing for extra comfort. The wires are comfortable, and do not dig in under the armpits, on my ribs, or at the top of the gore.


Before being introduced to Polish brands, my bras consisted of solid colors. No prints, no patterns. No adorable, gorgeous, decadent decorations at the gore; no little ribbons, bows or other extra pretty things. Now, I couldn’t imagine not having those things. With every new Polish bra I receive, there is always something to discover that you cannot see in the stock photos. This is not a bash on the stock photos at all. They give you a great idea of what the bra looks like, obviously. However, once you actually have it in your hot little hands, there is always something there that you couldn’t see in the stock photos. The attention to detail is never forgotten here. The way that the royal blue ribbon is stitched onto the straps, in a rippled/wavy way, is a wonderful example of this.


The new releases will go fast, so make sure that you order your favorites now 😉 We will have reviews of all of the new bras and sets coming out soon, so stay tuned 🙂


Until the next time


Ewa Michalaks’ S Kwiaty vs S Eden: The Showdown

                                       collage 1

When Ewa Michalak re-released the S Eden, most of us here at An Enhanced Experience pretty much lost our minds. Some of us thought that Eden looked too much like the S Kwiaty, when we already owned Kwiaty. I thought that the Eden was much more of a blue base, and with the lace overlay it was different enough for me to order…Like I need an excuse 😉

A couple of weeks ago, Yoomee posted this comparison shot, and it got quite a bit of attention.


The reality sunk in for a lot of people. These bras were nothing alike. The only things they had in common: 1. Made by famous bra maker Ewa Michalak; 2. both S styles, and 3. Both had a floral pattern to them. Lets break this down further.

The S Kwiaty

One of my favorites. The colors are vibrant, the fabric is luxuriously soft, and the floral pattern is a solid material that covers the entire bra. The straps are made of the same turquoise seen in the BM Landrynek, reviewed here.

Kwiaty is made up of various shades of pinks, blues, turquoise, yellows, oranges, bits of green, all ranging from light in tone to very vivid with darker pinks and darker blues, as well. The gore has a turquoise bow with a rhinestone accent. The top of the cups is adorned with hot pink lace. The hooks and eyes are set on a turquoise solid base. Kwiaty is bright and bold in every way. The inside of the cups is made of white cotton with pockets for removable pads for asymmetry.

                                 Kwiaty Collage 

The next set of lovely photos are provided by fellow AEE blogger and Polish Bra Junkie, jelzzz.

Jelzzz collage

The S Eden:

Another favorite. This one isn’t quite as bright at Kwiaty. The base is a blue/turquoise. The cups have a lace overlay consisting of a beautiful, delicate floral pattern. The base color of the lace is very close to the base color of the bra itself. The lace has pink flowers and green leaves on it, with portions of the lace being shiny, almost silvery in tone. The lace comes up almost to the tops of the cups, leaving approximately an inch of the blue/turquoise cup base exposed, gradually decreasing as it moves to connect to the point where the straps meet the cups. The lace is only on the cups. The gore is made of the same blue/turquoise base material, with a hot pink bow as the center gore adornment. The same pink bows are placed where the straps meet the cup.

Eden collage

Here is where we finally have something that is exactly the same as Kwiaty: the straps. They both have the same turquoise straps. They also both have the white cotton lining on the inside of the cups with pockets for removable pads for asymmetry.

Now here is the question: which is your favorite? I cannot pick my favorite between the two. They offer so many differences that they each deserve a space in your lingerie wardrobe.

I know that Kwiaty has mostly sold out. There are very few sizes left even in the retail locations. Please check our preferred list of retailers here to see if they have any sizes left in stock. I get several requests every week asking where Kwiaty can be found. Unfortunately, this one may be gone. If you were one of the lucky ones to pick this up, cherish it! Maybe one day Ewa Michalak will surprise us with a re-launch, just as they did with Eden. As of the writing of this post, Eden is only available in a 65FF on the Ewa Michalak website, so if you haven’t already, and that happens to be your size, I suggest you grab it up as soon as possible 🙂 Hmmm.. that is my daughter’s size… If it is sold out by the time this is posted, it wasn’t me 😉

Until the next time 🙂


Polish Bra Junkie- The Beginning

Hi All!

                                   Nostalgia WM ready

I thought I might go a little more into my Polish Bra background for you. I am one of the newer converts of our group. I was so tired of being disappointed trying to shop for bras that fit properly in normal stores. Even if I found something that was close to my size, it was so unattractive, and did not appeal to me in the slightest. There were some that could have worked, and they were pretty, and lacy, and very expensive. I knew that there had to be better options out there somewhere for me!

I had heard about a social group in a  forum that I belonged to, of women that were buying the most gorgeous bras, that fit like a dream, and these beauties came from Poland. I immediately thought that there was no way I was going to order bras from a country where I did not speak the language, had no clue how to figure out my size, and what happens if it doesn’t fit? Then what? Ship it all the way back to Poland and wait for a proper sized bra? Nope. That was not for me. I am not a patient person. I like instant gratification. If I pay for something, I want it in my hands, right now. Please and thank you!

My bra shopping adventures proved to be a complete waste of my time. I had already measured myself, and knew what I was looking for size wise. I googled that size, and didn’t like what popped up at all. Those horrible things couldn’t be my only options? More on my pre-Polish bra shopping adventures in another post 😉

I went back to the social group and started asking questions: how does this work? How do you determine your size? What do all of the different letters mean? What styles are for what purpose, breast shape, desired look? And finally, how do I order these beauties and from where?

The ladies in the social group were beyond helpful, knowledgeable, and sweet. (They eventually became my fellow bloggers ;)) They helped to answer all of my questions, gave me some suggested sizes to try based on the measurements that I gave them, and that my friends, is when it was a wrap. I placed an order with Ewa Michalak for the SM  Wróżka  and S Szykuś, and an order with Comexim for the Snow and Ingrid Plunges, in two different sizes to narrow it down. Once the orders arrived, I could not believe how well made they were. The fabrics and laces were nothing short of luxurious. While none of them were a “perfect fit”, they gave me enough to know which direction to go with each brand.

Geisha WM           Neonek

I placed my first Polish bra orders at the end of May, 2015. As of today, September 1, 2015, I currently have 29 Polish bras in my collection. These are the bras that are a proper fit, and are in my regular rotation. I have had some heartbreaking disappointments as well, but they are far less than my successes. I am currently waiting for my first Anna Pardal order, which literally has me nervous and giddy at the same time. I am so excited to have another Polish brand to be addicted to 🙂


I don’t feel the same about ordering my bras and having to wait for them to arrive. I know that they are being made for me, and once they come home to me, will most likely be pure perfection 🙂 While I am waiting for them, I am plotting my next purchase. My fellow bloggers and I look forward to “Bra Day”. At least one of us is getting a package that day, and we love it.

The designers of Polish lingerie have a distinct style across the board, offering many options within each brand, making them all valuable to me for different reasons. I am not willing to give any of them up. I want more of them. I want to try more brands and see what else is out there in this new wonderful world for me 🙂

I am a Polish Bra Junkie, and I am proud of it. I cannot imagine my life without them. I am pushing my addiction… I mean help, enthusiasm and advice on my friends, family, pretty much anyone who will listen to me talk about them.

Malibu              Emanuelle

Until next time 🙂


Comexim: Tropical Garden


Comexim. Comexim and Tropical Garden. What a perfect combination! I love Comexim for several reasons, and one of them is their willingness to alter your bra so that you have the perfect fit. The owner, Anna is a joy to work with, and she will customize a bra to fit you perfectly.

Something for those new to this brand: When you scroll through the size drop down menu, don’t worry if you do not see your size. They have limited sizes on the website, however you can email them with your order if your size happens to not be listed.  With that said, if the piece you are looking at is on clearance,  chances are that what is listed on the website is all there is. I have found that using a language translator to email Anna is the best way to communicate with her. I write my order and any special instructions in Polish at the top of the email, and then in English below that. I highly suggest that you keep your correspondence to the point, for lack of a better phrase. Unfortunately, Google Translator has proven to be somewhat of a joke at times. One word in English could be several different words with different meanings in Polish, and can cause quite a bit of confusion. Luckily, Anna sees a lot of the same alterations being requested, so between the Polish version and the English version, things tend to turn out pretty well. 🙂

Tropical Garden came in my second order with the following alterations: reduced cups, and a fix for some gaping material at both sides of the gore. This gaping was not noticeable under clothes but I knew it was there, and I didn’t like it. In order to explain what I was talking about, I sent some pictures to Anna, and she knew right away how to fix it. I have no idea what she did, so I call it the “Magic Trick”. 🙂 I ordered this bunch (5 bras in this order, and yes, they are all lovely) in an 80K, after my first order of an 80K and an 80L, both in standard cuts, to determine size.

This bra runs very firm in the band. I have noticed this with my Geisha as well. I think it has to do with the black material used for the band. I have read several blogs and comments under reviews that reflect the same thinking. I did have to wear an extender the first couple of times I wore this one, but it has stretched to fit firmly, yet comfortably on the loosest set of hooks. I have several  (ok, 26) Polish bras in my rotation currently, so this band will stay firm for awhile. The band currently measures 35 in. stretched, and 24.5 in. un-stretched.

The floral pattern is a wonderful, bright contrast to the black base of the cups. This is a plunge style, and gives a nice, rounded shape. These are considered to be “padded”, however, I think of them more as lined than padded. 


The top of the cup is made of a black satin, which accentuates the black material and colorful floral print. I love bras that have more than one texture to them. I love bras that have all of the same fabric throughout. I love bras, who am I kidding? 😉 The inside of the cups is made of a black cotton lining. 



Tropical Garden is currently listed at 120,00 PLN on Comexim, which roughly converts to $31.84 USD, depending on the exchange range, and not including the PayPal increase for the currency exchange.

Shortly after I received this order, Comexim went on vacation. I took that time to carefully plot my next purchase, and the alterations to the cup styles that I wanted. Also during this time, I noticed that my size has changed a bit. My latest order is in an 80J for the plunge styles, and 80K for the half cup styles. I will let you know how they work out once they get here 🙂

Until then, stay tuned for the other amazing reviews and posts that we have planned in the near future. 😉