About me huh? Tough question! I am… complicated 😉 But you can just call me gogobee! 🙂

I am a lucky little California girl! I don’t have to go far to get myself to a beach, a lake, or even some mountains. I love to be in a bikini, go tubing, play around at the beach, and if we are lucky enough to get some water, snowboarding too! I am a former gymnast, gogo dancer, and what I like to call a retired raver. I could never say former because it will always be a part of who I am! I try to live my life by all the same ideals 🙂 But these days, I usually just dance in my kitchen, tumble around the beach, and listen to music from home. Once a free spirted wild child, I’ve really found my way into boring old adulthood! Just kidding 😛 But I am a bit boring! Probably because I am a serious NERD! I absolutely love to read, learn, discover, explore, and research! I am enamored by anything and everything related to science, medicine, and surgery! My education is very important to me and my major focus in life right now. I am hoping to finally get into a nursing program this year! **fingers crossed** I dream of being able to travel the world someday! There are so many places I want to see and go. So for now, I work hard so I can play hard later! 🙂 I am a bit of a homebody. I would rather spend my nights at home with my computer and my herd of animal children! I am a bit quirky, some may call me weird… actually I even call myself weird, nothing wrong with that! I strive to be myself in a world where everyone wants you to fit into a mold. That is just not me 😀

I was raised to be very open, understanding, kind, and especially, to help others whenever I can. So I absolutely love being able to share my BA journey with ladies who are interested in the same thing. (Plus, its science, of course I love it! 😉 ) I had 2 BA’s within a span of 2 years due to some complications. My biggest issue was that I had bottomed out in leftie and not only was it not so pretty, it hurt! So for my revision, I traveled across the country to a new surgeon! I had an internal bra placed with permanent sutures to help support both breasts better. It was hard enough to find bras after my first BA. After my second, it was nearly impossible! I am a tough fit. I require a lot of things to keep the girls happy and most importantly to me, comfortable! At this point, there isn’t a single UK or US brand that I can wear. I feel extremely lucky to have wandered into the world of Polish bras! They meet all my special boobie needs 🙂 I love to share my obsession with others in the hopes that they will realize those box store bras most likely just aren’t a good fit! I had a serious a-ha moment when I tried my first Polish bra on. A ‘so this is how a bra is supposed to feel’ moment! I want every woman to have that same feeling! And it certainly helps that they are beautiful too! 😉 I sincerely hope my story, reviews, and experience will help ladies around the world, but I will be happy if it even just helps one! 😀

Height: 5’3
Underbust 26.5” super snug, 28” comfortably snug
Bust: 40”
Depth: 11.75”-12”
Ewa Michalak: 60JJ/65J (some 65HH work too)
Comexim: 60N/65M with reduced cup, lowered gore, straps moved in 2 cm
Anna Pardal: 30J with reduced cup, lowered gore, straps moved in 2 cm
*Please note: I am currently testing the waters with sizing up in both Comexim and AP, so these listed sizes may be changing soon*

Fit problems:
Narrow root, extremely projected, narrow shoulders, close set, and very high set on chest wall

Factors affecting my BA:
Mild scoliosis, ribcage torque, and pectus carinatum

If you have any questions, whether it be BA or bra related, please feel free to contact me at gogobee.anenhancedexperience@gmail.com 🙂
(Oh and creepers, don’t even waste your time! Anything inappropriate will be ignored, deleted, and you will be blocked!)

7 thoughts on “Gogobee

  1. Hi gogobee I was wondering if you could help me with my sizing since my professional sizer got it wrong twice. I have done a lot of research I shape, root, height, etc but I am still confused on the bra fitting process especially since I can’t really try them on. I chose you because our measurements are similar and because I believe hi have narrow roots. Thanks



    • Hi Isis! I’d love to help you out if I can! 🙂 what are your measurements? Overbust, underbust, and depth measurements if possible! And it might also help to hear what the fitters sized you at and the bras they put you in that didn’t work! I hope I can help you out! 🙂


      • Ok so I decided that about a month ago I’d get fitted because it’d had been a year since I blindly went to khols to randomly try on bras until I found one that was pretty good. I came up with a 34DD, which was considerably down from my VS 38DD. When I went to the fitter I had on a 34DD and had a good 3in of quads. She didn’t try to loosen the straps and when she took the ob measure she came to a 38, but it was really like a 38.5 for some reason she didn’t want to tell me my #s and I had measured myself at a 32 ub which was correct. So she said a US DDD or US G. Both did not fit so using bratabase I took it into my own hands. Here’s what I got:

        Btt ub: 29″
        C.snug ub:31 (I wear 32)
        Loose ub:33
        Standing ob: 40.5″
        90° ob: 43.5
        L depth: 14″
        R depth: 13.5″
        L vert. depth: 11.5″
        R vert. depth: 11″

        Even/kinda fot (90° apex straight down, lower nipples)
        Narrow roots
        High set
        Center fullness

        Thank you so much



      • Oh my! You went from 38DD to 34DD?! That seems crazy! You definitely have the kind of fitter that just wanted to sell you on something! Thank you for the measurements those are all so helpful! 100% no doubt in my mind that you are far bigger than a 34DD! Are you looking into ideally going polish? I will give you recommendations specifically off that if so! Do you prefer a slightly too big adjust with pads fit (ideal) or a slightly too small extra cleavage look?


      • Well I have close set but I still really love the cleavage look. Since I hav inner fullness this should be relatively easy to achieve with a short narrow gore. Yes I plan to heavily invest in polish bras because they all seem to have narrow wires, but I am also looking for other narrow wires with quite a bit of projection.


      • Sorry for not getting back to you quicker! I just can’t believe anyone ever put you in a 34DD! I conferred with my lovely co-blogger Baby on this, she’s a serious pro. I was thinking you are probably around a 32J UK! So far beyond what they put you in >.< Baby gave a range of 32HH-32JJ! As far as narrow projected brands, I haven't really had luck with anything but Polish. Have you tried Cleo? I know they tend to fit those requirements but I think they will have higher gores than you'd like as they are balconette styles. I know Empreiente is another brand that is supposed to run narrow and incredibly deep. But again the gores probably wouldn't be ideal and they are pricey! As far as Polish goes, Baby suggested a PL style from Ewa Michalak to get you the low gore and great cleavage that you'd like! Probably a 70JJ (maybe 70J) would be the place to start! 🙂 Comexim is great as well but you will very likely need some alterations and not their standard cut. It can get a bit complicated so best to try EM first I think!


  2. Oh that’s ok, it sounds good. I’ve been working with bratabase and slowly but surely I’m getting closer to my base size I was given a range of G-GG, I knew the G was not it and I’ve tried 2 GGs since then, but they were close. They both didn’t fit so I have reordered one in H to see how it fits, your friend is probably really close I measure a 31 so I wear both a 30 and 32 band I’m guessing that I’ll be btwn a 30HH and a 32H as my base size. Later on after all my tissue migrates Baby is probably right that I’ll b a 30J or 32HH Thank you all for all your help.


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