Ewa Michalak S Grace Multiway

I always knew bra shopping would be a learning experience post-op, but didn’t fully appreciate just how tough certain types of bras are to find for a fuller bust. Can anyone say strapless?? Fortunately this task isn’t impossible, and while I have yet to attempt finding a strapless bra, one style I knew I had to have the moment I saw it was the Ewa Michalak S Grace Multiway (to read more about the S style see Yoomee’s post all about the S here). In my experience, a lot of smaller sized bras come automatically with detachable straps. In larger sizes this seems to be much trickier to find, as the straps need to be securely connected to the rest of the bra for maximum support. So with the beginnings of warmer weather here down under when occasions may call for a halter or racerback style to be worn, I was especially excited to test out the Grace.

I ordered four bras direct from Ewa including the Grace (in a 60HH), which is the most I’ve ever ordered direct in one hit, so had my fingers, toes and everything crossed that they would all work out. And thank the bra gods, they all did! Grace is undeniably gorgeous, with its elegant white lace on the cups and band, and pearl drop gem adorning the gore. The straps are as pretty and comfortable as they would normally be, they are just connected to the bra differently with hooks as you can see below.

Honestly, I was worried that the hooks might slip and I’d find myself suddenly strapless. But I am pleasantly surprised to report that when wearing it in any form – regular, halter or racerback – the straps stay in place without any drama. They are very easy to hook and unhook, yet remain secure. I do get a tiny bit of gaping in the cups which is due to the S style’s subtle peak not agreeing with my rounder shape, and the gore does squish into my cleavage a bit which is the norm for me being close set. Despite these quirks the 60HH works very well for me. The band is actually the firmest 60 band I have yet encountered, which falls in line with what I’ve read about black and white Ewa bands running firmer, while coloured bands seem to run a bit looser. It’s thankfully not unbearably firm though and has stretched to a more comfortable level of snugness with regular wear.

The multiway design is great! I am loving having a readily available option to go racerback whenever I need. It works perfectly at hiding those straps at the back. I will need to wear it in a bit though to help stretch the straps out, as even loosened to the max they feel quite firm across my neck and back.

One slight downside to all this is the beautiful lace on the cups. It’s a stunning fabric, but I’m finding it can appear quite lumpy under a lot of tops. In my humble opinion, smooth cups would work better to make this bra even more versatile under a wider variety clothing.

Another thing I noticed is that while the hooks serve a fantastic functional purpose, if your straps show near your underarms in a tank top, hooks don’t look nearly as pretty as cute bows. This is not a deal breaker by any means, just something to bear in mind.

I don’t actually have a halter top or dress right now to try the halter option with, hence the strapless dress instead, but you get the general idea. I probably wouldn’t use the halter function much to be honest as the band does look a bit distorted without the straps connected to keep it in place, but if I really needed to it would work well enough to get by.

Overall I rate the Grace very highly. It’s both beautiful and functional, what more could a girl want? 😉

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