Ewa Michalak Kwiaty: All the Colours of the Rainbow

“Ewa Michalak Biustonosz S Turkusowe Kwiaty”

Or more commonly known simply as “Kwiaty”. If bras are works of art then this one is a masterpiece by a God. I’d been drooling over it for ages as I recovered from my BA, dreaming of how it would look on, but never quite believed I’d ever be the proud owner of such a glorious bra. Thankfully I didn’t miss the boat and ordered last month through Brava Lingerie. I was very lucky indeed to get my hands on a 60HH. I didn’t actually know my offical Ewa Michalak size when I ordered but from a lot of previous trial and error with second hand bras I had figured this to be pretty darn close. And thank the bra Gods I was right! Kwiaty arrived wrapped carefully in Brava’s signature pink tissue paper and ribbon bow, complete with a note from Becky wishing me well. I absolutely love personal touches like that! But sadly for the beautiful wrapping, it didn’t last long, because there was something much more beautiful within.

Drumroll please…


And a close up of the detail on and around the gore…


See what I mean? That floral! Those colours! Gorgeous! I own three Ewa S styles to date, each in a different size. Out of all of them the Kwiaty is by far my favourite fit. I’m absolutely loving the 60 band, I won’t be buying 65’s again. I’ve discovered I really do prefer my bands as snug as possible, and I’m already wearing this on the second set of hooks. The HH cups are as close to perfect as I could hope for. Because of my mild tenting the gore is unable to fully tack so I do get a tiny bit of gaping, which is the norm for me. The fabric feels so soft and supportive and moulds around my boobs so comfortably. I get a great round front and centre shape thanks to the narrow wires and deep cups seen in pretty much all Ewa Michalak designs. The cups encompass all my breast tissue and the wings end at the perfect height below my armpits (not in them!). One issue with the straps, which is also quite common in Ewa bras, is that they sit quite wide and close to the armpits. They’re not uncomfortable or itchy at all, but it can cause problems when wearing singlets (tank tops for my American readers). Luckily for this bra, the vibrant shade of blue is so pretty I don’t actually mind if they show!




The stand out for me with this bra is how it makes me feel when I put it on. I feel immediately happy. I smile. I’m confident. There’s something about that stunning floral that wakes me up and reminds me I’m alive and that the world is beautiful. And I don’t think you can say that about a lot of bras. This one has definitely become a firm favourite of mine, and I know that even as I add to my collection, it’s going to be a hard one to beat. Long live Kwiaty! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ewa Michalak Kwiaty: All the Colours of the Rainbow

    • That is a total bummer Lindy! I feel so lucky to have mine. Hopefully EM will release more beautiful bras like this one sometime soon!


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