Review: Comexim Summer Time

In our little group of Polish bra addicts I’m typically known as the one who finds the obscure bras that no one ever paid much notice to before, and my Comexim Summer Time  is no exception.  I found this little beauty when looking for something bright and fun to add to my collection and it certainly didn’t disappoint!


Summer Time is a lined plunge with a spray of small flowers in reds, pinks, corals and sage covering the cups and a bright raspberry mesh that lines the tops of the cups, straps and band.  As far as the type of red, it’s an extremely warm red with pink undertones, perfect for summer!


I ordered this bra in 65J, which is my usual Comexim size.  The band fits perfectly snug on the second loosest hook and the cups encase my boobs at just the right spots giving me a fair amount of cleavage.  So far I have not had to request any special alterations on my bras, finding that the cups, wings, gore and straps all fit quite well without making changes.  One thing I really love about Comexim is their consistency; every bra I have bought from them in 65J has fit the same.  Their lined bras are also a bit thinner than the Ewa Michalak padded bras, so they are great for warmer summer weather when you still want to wear a bra with lining!


Overall there is nothing that I would change about this bra.  It’s smooth cups make it perfect under a tee shirt, and I am never embarrassed if a little of my bra peaks out 😉  This really is one of those bras where girls tell me that they never even noticed it on the Comexim site, but now that they see it, they want one too!

image1 (3)image2 (2)

3 thoughts on “Review: Comexim Summer Time

    • I’m glad you liked the review! And we agree, we always are amazed at how much more beautiful the bras are in real life as compared to the site 🙂 ~Yoomee


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