Comexim Snow- Plain Jane or Simply Sweet?

Meet the Comexim Snow, a seemingly Plain Jane of a bra, fitting in with Jelzzz’s last post on the simple but surprising Ewa Michalak Bezus. While this bra may look pretty plain, it has some details to make it stand out from your basic white bra. In fact, this bra is enough of a wardrobe staple for me that I have purchased it twice now!This post is going to cover both my new 60M Snow, with no alterations and my older 60L Snow with a reduced cup and gore. I usually order a 60L with those alterations, plus now the straps moved in, but lately the sizing just hasn’t been right. I’m not sure if there is a change in things from the company side or a change in my boobs, but something is most definitely different. The 60M is technically a fit, but there are some of my own fit preferences that it does not meet. I definitely prefer my usual requested alterations with this bra. The cups are filled, gore is flat, wire is great, but the top of the cup and strap placement is not ideal for me. It could possibly be solved with just moving the straps in, no reduction in cup height. I’m a short person (5’1.2″) with a small ribcage, but it is wide across the front and narrow from the side. This means I need a wider implant to fill my chest wall width, and with that goes more implant height.
The photo above shows exactly what I mean with the strap and end of the cups. The height looks good in theory, but the strap placement is just a touch wide. In the first photo you can also see how I need to angle the straps inward slightly to maintain their fit on my shoulders. The second photo and the detail photo on the bra strap shows that they are definitely too far into my armpit, I have some wrinkling in the strap. The wings of the bra are nice and low while still being wide. Perfect in my bra world!   The straps themselves are fully adjustable, great for the short torso ladies! But they are stretchy material. Those with heavier breasts may find that they must continue to tighten their straps. Details, on the plain side, white strap hardware with a pretty white bow. Nothing to write home to mama about, but this bra doesn’t need anything flashy.
Like I said before, I have owned this bra twice now. I’ve worn it to the point that it is dingy grey from washing, even though it still has wear left in it. At some point between when I first ordered and my recent purchase the bow in the center gore has been updated. Just a touch of different, again nothing super special. Pretty, basic, fitting with the bra style.   Here is the money maker on the bra!  The bra itself is basic white. But the cups and the front of the band are covered in a leaf print mesh material. Cute, different, and just enough to take this potentially Plain Jane out of boring bra territory. The back band is also a power mesh, but no pattern. The top photo is the new Snow, bottom is my dingy greyed Snow. You can see how the mesh is such a light pattern, it is hard to capture on photo. But luckily my dingy grey Snow shows it better. Makes me wonder how this bra would take to a soak in fabric dye. Suggestions for color?

But no matter how pretty a white bra is, time will take its toll. This bra did get dingy over time, even with careful washing. If you want your Snow to stay white I would recommend a gently sink handwash more often, and on it’s own (or with other white bras). I think with the care I provided this bra and the wear it received the appearance is fitting and well within expectations for normal wear.
We get so many questions about what the alterations on a bra can do for the fit. Now keep in mind that the bottom bra is a 60M, one cup volume bigger than the 60L. Take a look at the Bratabase table so you can compare sizing measurements when comparing how the alterations change the bra. On the 60L the gore is reduced and the cup height is lowered. I definitely prefer the reduced gore, but both bras tack. I prefer the reduced gore because the shape of the cups more closely matches my breast shape. A gore that is not reduced has the cups starting higher on the breast which can sometimes lead to gapping with movement for me. Reducing the cup height also helps solve the strap problem for me. It also reduces the area covering the side of my breast down into the wing. I think that having the straps moved in on their own would be enough to fix the strap issue and may be a more ideal cup height for me, but the reduced cup really benefits me along that sideboob area into the wing.

White bras are a bit of a pariah for many in the fullbust spectrum because before finding brands that offer variety, women are often stuck in a boring plain white, black, or beige bra. I really encourage anyone to take a closer look at these “Plain Jane” bras. Check the details, look closely. You may be surprised that they are not so Plain Jane at all; they are basic and functional while still being pretty and unique. Don’t let a solid color bra pass you by, you could be missing out!

Measurements for the 60M

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