Ewa Michalak BM Landrynek: A Coral Dream

BM front shot


The BM Landrynek is the first BM style bra from Polish lingerie designer Ewa Michalak that I have tried. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the style, because it looks so full coverage on the website. However, Jelzzz, Gogobee  and I agreed to make this a pact bra, meaning we were all going to purchase it and give it a try. Several of my fellow bloggers and I do this often. We are all so different in shapes and sizes, that this is a good way to see what styles work for each of us.

This particular pact came about because we were in love with the colors at first sight, but not so sure about the style. I prefer less coverage, while still getting as much support as possible. I am also relatively new to wearing non-padded or unlined bras. I always felt that I needed that extra padding and lining to get a nice looking profile to my breast shape.

I did some research before ordering this one. The Ewa Michalak website describes this bra as:

An unpadded bra with a higher bridge ideal for medium neckline. 

Gathers the breasts in a way they do not stick outside the contour of the body.

Lifts the bust giving it a rounded shape with a subtly marked peak, which adds a little lightness to your silhouette.

The cups are made of fine elastic lace in neon-coral colour with white underlayering. The tops of the cups are made of elastic lace, thanks to which they adjust to the shape of breasts, even if asymmetrical. Bows on the center gore and straps in turquoise.

The bra is designed for women who prefer fuller coverage, the cups go round the breasts keeping them in place.

Perfect for soft and less firm breasts.

Fully-adjustable straps in turquoise

If in doubt about the size, try the smaller one.

I sized down like the site suggests, and ordered an 80G. When I first tried this bra on, I thought, “Ok, no way did I need to size down.” It was firmer in the band than I was used to, and while I wasn’t exactly getting quad boob, I could tell it was a bit of a squeeze. My breasts felt a bit compressed.  

The first time that I wore this bra for a day, I used an extender, as I did not want to ruin the lace. I found that this made a world of difference in the fit! The shape I got was more rounded, more lifted, and less compressed and minimising in appearance. The next time I wore it, I did not need an extender. The bra had stretched to fit my body. The band was completely comfortable on the loosest set of hooks, the cups hugged my breasts perfectly and this bra feels amazing to wear.

BM Angle


On to the “technical”  stuff: The lace is backed by sheer mesh for extra support in the cup itself. 

BM Inside of Cups

BM Mesh Back


The top of the cup is made of the same lace, but the mesh backing is a stretchier material, therefore allowing for the top of the cup to perfectly mould to your upper breasts. The Ewa Michalak site says that this bra is perfect to help hide asymmetry, and that is absolutely true. The image below shows the lace at the top of the cup being stretched.  The image below that shows the lace unstretched.


BM Lace Stretched



BM Lace not stretched


When this bra first came, I could not get over how gorgeous the coral color was in real life, how exquisite the lace pattern was, and to match it with the teal straps and bows? Perfection!!!  (*as a side note, the straps are the same color as Ewa Michalak’s S Kwiaty bra). *Please note that due to different lighting, some images appear to be more pink in tone. The Landrynek is not pink.


   BM Lace WingBM Straps and bows

BM Full back

 BM flat


I never thought that I would be able wear a gorgeous lace bra without padding and still be able to get this uplifted, round, perky look. Ewa Michalak has made this a reality for me with the 3 part cup construction of this bra. As I understand it, in the larger the cup sizes, there are 4 parts, or sections, to the bra, so that no matter what cup size you are, you are guaranteed to get the classic Ewa Michalak shape that they are known for. This one is a win for me, and I couldn’t be happier with it! I definitely see more BM styles in my future 🙂



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