Ewa Michalaks’ S Kwiaty vs S Eden: The Showdown

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When Ewa Michalak re-released the S Eden, most of us here at An Enhanced Experience pretty much lost our minds. Some of us thought that Eden looked too much like the S Kwiaty, when we already owned Kwiaty. I thought that the Eden was much more of a blue base, and with the lace overlay it was different enough for me to order…Like I need an excuse 😉

A couple of weeks ago, Yoomee posted this comparison shot, and it got quite a bit of attention.


The reality sunk in for a lot of people. These bras were nothing alike. The only things they had in common: 1. Made by famous bra maker Ewa Michalak; 2. both S styles, and 3. Both had a floral pattern to them. Lets break this down further.

The S Kwiaty

One of my favorites. The colors are vibrant, the fabric is luxuriously soft, and the floral pattern is a solid material that covers the entire bra. The straps are made of the same turquoise seen in the BM Landrynek, reviewed here.

Kwiaty is made up of various shades of pinks, blues, turquoise, yellows, oranges, bits of green, all ranging from light in tone to very vivid with darker pinks and darker blues, as well. The gore has a turquoise bow with a rhinestone accent. The top of the cups is adorned with hot pink lace. The hooks and eyes are set on a turquoise solid base. Kwiaty is bright and bold in every way. The inside of the cups is made of white cotton with pockets for removable pads for asymmetry.

                                 Kwiaty Collage 

The next set of lovely photos are provided by fellow AEE blogger and Polish Bra Junkie, jelzzz.

Jelzzz collage

The S Eden:

Another favorite. This one isn’t quite as bright at Kwiaty. The base is a blue/turquoise. The cups have a lace overlay consisting of a beautiful, delicate floral pattern. The base color of the lace is very close to the base color of the bra itself. The lace has pink flowers and green leaves on it, with portions of the lace being shiny, almost silvery in tone. The lace comes up almost to the tops of the cups, leaving approximately an inch of the blue/turquoise cup base exposed, gradually decreasing as it moves to connect to the point where the straps meet the cups. The lace is only on the cups. The gore is made of the same blue/turquoise base material, with a hot pink bow as the center gore adornment. The same pink bows are placed where the straps meet the cup.

Eden collage

Here is where we finally have something that is exactly the same as Kwiaty: the straps. They both have the same turquoise straps. They also both have the white cotton lining on the inside of the cups with pockets for removable pads for asymmetry.

Now here is the question: which is your favorite? I cannot pick my favorite between the two. They offer so many differences that they each deserve a space in your lingerie wardrobe.

I know that Kwiaty has mostly sold out. There are very few sizes left even in the retail locations. Please check our preferred list of retailers here to see if they have any sizes left in stock. I get several requests every week asking where Kwiaty can be found. Unfortunately, this one may be gone. If you were one of the lucky ones to pick this up, cherish it! Maybe one day Ewa Michalak will surprise us with a re-launch, just as they did with Eden. As of the writing of this post, Eden is only available in a 65FF on the Ewa Michalak website, so if you haven’t already, and that happens to be your size, I suggest you grab it up as soon as possible 🙂 Hmmm.. that is my daughter’s size… If it is sold out by the time this is posted, it wasn’t me 😉

Until the next time 🙂


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