URKYE Tuba Full Bust Clothing Review

This past August, I noticed Polish full-bust clothing brand Urkye  had a sale code on their  Facebook page for their Tuba line.  If there is one thing I love its a sale, and I had been curious about this brand so it was obviously meant to be that I should place an order immediately.

I chose this black  Tuba Czarna top:


and this printed Kiecka tubowa w lapki Tuba dress:



Urkye’s sizing is unique but they offer a well-explained sizing chart.  Following the chart shown for elastic fabrics, I was able to quite easily determine that I wanted a size 34 (I generally wear a size 2 or 4 in dresses in Canadian stores, and a small in tops).  Urkye’s unique sizing also allows the customer to choose how much bust room they require.  I wear a bra size 65G in Ewa Michalak, 65HH in Comexim and about a 30FF/G in UK brands.  With my measurements of 27″ underbust and 36″ bust, I chose the smaller o/oo Urkye bust size, as the sizing chart indicated.

The dress was on sale even before using the code, from 109 zl down to 69 zl, and actually all of the Tuba dresses are still on sale at time of writing.  My total balance due including shipping came to 146.10 zl which converted into just $52.16 Canadian ($39.29 U.S.).  What a bargain!  As I often tell my husband, it isn’t about how much I spend; its about how much I SAVE!  He loves that one (I think). 😉

My parcel from Urkye arrived to me in Canada just two weeks after ordering.

Here is how my items were packaged:


On closer inspection, I noticed that the printed dress was actually a fun leopard print.  Or is that cougar?  hmmm…


Here is the dress on me:



Its quite a lot of cleavage on show!  The bust area can be closed up somewhat but this isn’t going to be a very modest dress, regardless.  The tummy area is also quite clingy.  My trusty Spanx saved the day, but trust me, if it wasn’t for them, you’d be seeing porn star boobs and a has-been hooker stomach.  Not the best look.  If you are toned, you’re in luck, otherwise, like me, you may be doomed to wearing tummy control undergarments under this dress.   After seeing the dress on Urkye’s leggy model, I had been a bit concerned  that it might be too short for my liking but on my 5’4″ frame it hits below my knees and I am comfortable with this length.

I quite liked the black Tuba top.  It is versatile enough to wear with jeans, shorts, a skirt…whatever you want. Like the dress, the top is quite clingy, but I find it more forgiving since it is solid black and my jeans help to hold my gut in too.




A neat feature of the Tuba line is that the shoulders all have adjustable sliders.  You can pull the sliders up higher and pull the fabric more across the centre of your chest for a less cleavage-y look:


Or, if the mood strikes, you can push those sliders down and show the girls off.


The backs of both the dress and top feature the same low v shape as the fronts.



If you are wondering what bra I am wearing under these outfits, it is Comexim’s Dottie, purchased though Bra Obsessed.  Watch for that review to come!



Have you tried any of Uryke’s clothing?


3 thoughts on “URKYE Tuba Full Bust Clothing Review

  1. I just ordered that tank in wino which kinda looks like my favourite lulu colour black cherry. As well as the dress in a purple from the outlet section my total was $45 Canadian with shipping!! So glad I found this review before my size sold out 🙂 I’ll let you know what I think when they arrive! Thanks Jelz!


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