Ewa Michalak’s New Autumn Collection- Letnia Noc


I think it goes without saying that when my fellow AEE bloggers and I were given the opportunity to receive Ewa Michalak’s latest collection early, we were beyond ecstatic and grateful. I chose 4 of their new styles: Letnia Noc, Colette, Pantera (all S styles), and Klaudyna (CHP). I am in love with all of them, and am reviewing Letnia Noc first.


As usual, this bra is so much prettier in person. The floral print is a nice contrast of bright and deep, with pinks, whites, greys and greens on a navy base. The lace trim along the tops of the cups is a bright royal blue, and the straps have brillant blue ribbon stitched onto the navy base. There are pink bows at the straps and on the gore. It is a 3 hook and eye closure, and the cups are nice and smooth. The floral print extends around to the bands. The inside of the cups are white cotton with inserts for removable pads. I love that Ewa Michalak offers this option. Some days, you may want that extra bit of oomph, and others, you may want to play it down a bit. The removable pads also help with minor asymmetry that you may have, or during hormonal fluctuations.

20151012_191804 20151012_191735 20151012_191657

The band is true to size for me: not too stretchy, and not too firm. In other words, it is perfection. The band curves upwards a bit at the gore allowing for extra comfort. The wires are comfortable, and do not dig in under the armpits, on my ribs, or at the top of the gore.


Before being introduced to Polish brands, my bras consisted of solid colors. No prints, no patterns. No adorable, gorgeous, decadent decorations at the gore; no little ribbons, bows or other extra pretty things. Now, I couldn’t imagine not having those things. With every new Polish bra I receive, there is always something to discover that you cannot see in the stock photos. This is not a bash on the stock photos at all. They give you a great idea of what the bra looks like, obviously. However, once you actually have it in your hot little hands, there is always something there that you couldn’t see in the stock photos. The attention to detail is never forgotten here. The way that the royal blue ribbon is stitched onto the straps, in a rippled/wavy way, is a wonderful example of this.


The new releases will go fast, so make sure that you order your favorites now 😉 We will have reviews of all of the new bras and sets coming out soon, so stay tuned 🙂


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12 thoughts on “Ewa Michalak’s New Autumn Collection- Letnia Noc

  1. I just ordered this one! Ugh I’m so excited for it now! It looks lovely on you 🙂 Super jealous of your chance to get first grabs at the collection! I’ve come to terms with missing Kwiaty, so I knew I had to have this one as soon as possible! :p

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    • Petitecollegiate, sorry for the delayed response! Life has been getting away from me lately. I promise to get back on track though 😉 I still love this one. The colors are just perfect 🙂 I am sure you have this one by now? I will be catching up on your reviews over the next couple of days 🙂

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      • It’s absolutely fine 🙂 I completely get it! I’m a first year teacher and everything is crazy all the time 😮 I haven’t actually gotten mine yet because it took Ewa a month to make it and shipping to the DR is a bear. I finally got a Kwiaty though, but of course it doesn’t quite fit.


      • Ehh, I don’t really think so. The cups are just big on me and too wide set. The gore is too wide, the edges of the cups are in my armpits, and the band is huge. I think I’ll just have to let it go 😥 It’s in the same size as the other S bras I have, but this one definitely doesn’t fit at all.


      • I mean, my order I placed in 55G, so some of the wideness is probably the wrong band size. But I feel like the cups should fit and they just don’t. Sigh… it’s a heartbreaker. I’ll probably hang on to it for a while and hope I magically grow.


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